Balenciaga Cocoon Coat

Published by bryanboy

Bonjour. Greetings from Paris! After enduring in New York what perhaps was the most bitter winter I’ve ever experienced in my life, I’m happy to report that spring definitely arrived early here in Europe. I didn’t even get the chance to wear my fur coats in Milan during Fashion Week!

Anyway, I went to the Balenciaga store on George V to see what’s new and I picked up a few spring essentials. I bought a number of tops, a short-sleeved top with an asymmetrical hem is one of them, and also a few pairs of shorts that should last me all summer. However, this black crepe cocoon coat with four metal bar closures on the front is my favorite item from that afternoon’s shopping exhibition. I love a good coat and cocoon-shaped ones, as pioneered by Cristobal Balenciaga, are so easy to wear.

Bryanboy at Palais Royal in Paris

Balenciaga cocoon coat worn by Fashion Blogger Bryanboy

Bryanboy wearing a Balenciaga cocoon coat

Crepe cocoon coat by Balenciaga
Top with asymmetrical hem by Balenciaga
Shorts by Balenciaga


Published by bryanboy

I’m pretty sure y’all know how addicted I am to my phone. I usually have two — one for “work” and another as my personal, “friends and family” type of situation. Where I draw the line is almost irrelevant because one is always missing (or stolen at a Paris show afterparty like what happened last week), and usually the other phone’s battery is at a panic-inducing 8%. Now I have another reason to never have my phone at more than a selfie stick’s distance reach. A friend just got me on WEAR last week (you know, always the early adopter) and I’m starting to get hooked!

WEAR an app that pulls together fashion addicts to share and shop their favorite looks. It’s like, you see a gorgeous striped top in a photo – and you think, it would be perfect for that long weekend in Ibiza – you want to buy it, stat. WEAR knows where to find it, and it’ll take you there all at lightning speed from your phone.

Download the app and follow me HERE. I’d love to see your looks on WEAR!


Bryanboy wearing an Alexander Wang jumpsuit in Milan

Coat by Hugo Boss
Jumpsuit by Alexander Wang
Boots by Marni

Photo by Simon Sandor
Shot in Milan