From The Marc Jacobs Barracks

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My main man, Marc Jacobs, has been killing it (and mind you, killing my finances) lately. His spring summer 2015 collection is all about the idea of a uniform.

This isn’t your typical gun-totting, standard supply from the army general store. In true Marc Jacobs fashion, the pockets are huge, the buttons are big AND extremely shiny. The fabrics are of the highest quality; thick, heavy and rich, rich, rich!

It might be a little extreme (and very military) to wear a total runway look like I did, but if you take some of the pieces on its own, whether it’s a shirt, jacket or trouser, you know you’ll be wearing them for a long, very long, time.

Wanna know what I need to serve as an exclamation mark to this lewk? The olive green ostrich leather bag Marc named after me. Such a shame that bag is in the Philippines at the moment. I’ll make it my priority to get it the next time I go back to visit family.

Olive green wool shirt and olive green cargo pants by Marc Jacobs

Bryanboy in Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015

Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015 worn by Bryanboy

Military uniform inspired collection by Marc Jacobs

Olive green wool shirt by Marc Jacobs
Olive green wool cargo pants by Marc Jacobs
Sandals by Tory Burch

Shot in the Upper East Side, New York City
Photos by Luke Meagher

Coach x Gary Baseman

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I’m not gonna lie… spring is my second least favorite season. I don’t understand why most people in the northern hemisphere are obsessed (not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter). Between you and me, spring is the trickiest and most misleading. It’s the shadiest time of the year! It’s basically autumn with sunshine and the trees and the flowers are blooming instead of, well, “fall-ing” (is that a verb?). Hah!

Spring is beautiful alright, I have to give it to the powers that be. I love all the blossoms around me — I know they’re NOT gonna last very long but man oh man, spring in New York City is bitter cold this year. I don’t know how I managed to wear short shorts but y’all know me… if there’s sunshine and a car, I’ll do anything as long as I see fit.

I’ll forever associate Stuart Vevers’ spring summer 2015 Coach collection with his massive, faux shearling and faux fur pastel furs. His pastel green coat situaton kept me warm in February. However, it was only until now, believe it or not, that I (thanks to one of my instagram followers), I found out that he collaborated with California-based artist Gary Baseman on his collection. I LOVE the creepy-yet-absolutely-playful creatures Gary made for Stuart.

Gary Baseman for Coach collaboration as worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy

Gary Baseman for Coach sweater

Coach x Gary Baseman sweater

Coach and Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman x Coach collaboration

Gary Baseman Buster Le Fauve sweater for Coach

Coach spring summer 2015 sweater

Gary Baseman x Coach “Buster Le Fauve” sweater by Coach
Python shorts from Bali
White leather backpack by Gucci
White shoes by Marni

Shot in Battery Park, NYC
Photos by Luke Meagher

Prabal Gurung

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One of the shows I thoroughly enjoyed during New York fashion week this past February was Prabal Gurung. Click HERE to watch the show. I thought it was his strongest collection to date. After the show, I dragged my NYFW partner-in-crime, my friend Tina Craig to go backstage to greet Prabal. I told him I love his knitwear.

As soon as I came back to New York after the European shows, I went to Prabal’s office to re-see the collection. I had the chance to play with most of the clothes! I tried many of the coats and the sweaters — his knits are to die for! I placed a personal order for some of the fall/winter pieces and I can’t wait for them to be delivered in a few months time before they hit the stores! For now, this cool asymmetrical sleeveless knit piece that I got a couple of weeks ago from his spring/summer 2015 collection will last me for the next, hopefully warmer, months to come.

Bryanboy in a Prabal Gurung sleeveless asymmetrical knit top

Bryanboy wearing Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung top worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy

Asymmetrical sleeveless knit top by Prabal Gurung
Black PVC pants by MSGM
Gold perforated cut out sandals by Chanel

Shot in Financial District, NYC
Photos by Luke Meagher

Sacai Moment

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Chitose Abe needs no introduction. I’ve been keeping track of her stellar rise over the past few years. With her much-lauded label Sacai on every cool girl’s IT-list, a new book that was published by Rizzoli AND a collaboration with Nike under her belt, Chitose is the toast of the town. She’s everywhere!

I was at Barney’s in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago with my best friend Rumi and I asking her whether I should buy some of the cute, striped short-sleeved sweatshirts thinking they would be perfect for Ultra. She flat out told me “NO” so I left the floor empty-handed. Fast forward to last weekend, I finally threw the towel and got my first Sacai piece — a blue and white pinstripe and eyelet playsuit that is the perfect outfit for spring. It’s fabulous.

Bryanboy wearing a pinstripe playsuit from Sacai Luck

Sacai Luck pinstripe playsuit worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy

Bryanboy in a pinstripe Sacai playsuit

Blue pinstripe and white eyelet playsuit by Sacai ($800)
Spring Summer 2015 leather men’s sandals by Prada ($895)

Shot in Financial District, NYC
Photos by Mr Sweden

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015 Diary

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When you gotta go, you got to go. That’s exactly what I did this past weekend. I’ve been planning to go to Ultra Music Festival in Miami for such a long time and lemme tell you — I’ve NEVER had so much fun in my entire life. I’ve always been an EDM fanatic since day one so going to Ultra is like the equivalent of going to Mecca. Or the Vatican! You’ve got to do the whole three days at some point in your life.

What I liked about Ultra is that it’s a huge festival in downtown Miami and it’s not located in the middle of nowhere like Coachella in Palm Springs (really not for me), EDC in Las Vegas or Creamfields in the UK or Tomorrowland in Belgium.

Most of my friends are, unfortunately, not into EDM like I am so I didn’t even bother asking any of them to come with me. I told myself a few months ago that I’m going to the festival alone no matter what. Ultra Music Festival ain’t cheap. General Admission tickets run at $499 while VIP is $1,200. Add the cost of flights, hotels and what have you. One must be an EDM fanatic to be invested into going to Ultra. I bought a VIP ticket early on but I’m truly, truly super grateful to my magic elf who gave me an all-access artist pass in the last minute. I told myself a few months ago that I’m going to the festival alone no matter what.

As you all know, I’ve been traveling nonstop the past few months. I’m always surrounded with people, I’m always going to events, I’m always working. I needed some time off away from work, away from emails, away from people I know (and know me). I was desperate for the reset button. Going to Ultra was the perfect mini vacation. While Julia Roberts’ character went to Bali, Indonesia for an “eat, pray, love” moment to find herself, I thought I’d do a little “eat, sleep, rave, repeat” moment in Miami to clear my mind.

There’s something liberating about going SOLO (as in by YOURSELF) to a music festival with almost 200,000 people from over 100 countries. With the exception of very few followers who asked me for a selfie here and there, I totally felt anonymous which is fantastic and rare in this day and age of social media. OK fine, I bumped into a number of people I know but I made sure my interaction with them lasted no more than a “hi, goodbye, see you later”. It felt therapeutic. Seriously!

I might have been alone but I certainly didn’t feel lonely. Most of my friends gave me funny looks when I told them I’m going to Ultra alone. First and foremost, I was there to see my favorite DJs — the one who I listen to religiously day in and day out, the ones whose podcasts I subscribe to, the ones whose music I buy on Beatport, the ones whose YouTube videos I play in the background while I’m working on my laptop. Second, how is it possible to feel lonely when, in spite of being solo, you’ve got a sea of humanity around you? Everyone’s happy, smiling and dancing? Talk about good vibes all around — everyone and I mean everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, sexuality or where they came from, is dancing with you?

I’ll never forget Friday — it rained and I mean it rained hard. Very hard. Especially during Afrojack and Alesso’s set. You’ll see it in one of the videos below. But rain or shine people danced. Music unites people. Everyone’s in it together. It was beautiful and magical at the same time seeing people dance hard against forces of nature.

I can’t wait for next year! Ultra Miami announced their 2016 dates (March 18, 19 and 20) which is like right before my birthday. I guess you now know where I’ll celebrate next year. By the meantime, see you again in Ultra Europe this summer fingers crossed. Croatia, here I come!

Bryanboy and Curtis Lepore at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015 Day 3

Ansel Elgort and Bryanboy at Martin Garrix Main Stage Ultra Music Festival 2015 Miami

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015 three day all-access artist passes

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015 VIP area

DJ 3lau (Justin) and fashion blogger Bryanboy after 3lau's set at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015

Bryanboy at Artists' Bar at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015

Curtis Lepore, Lele Pons and Bryanboy at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2015

Indian flag held by Bryanboy

Colombia flag held by Bryanboy

Brazil flag held by Bryanboy at Ultra Miami 2015

Philippines flag

Prada legwarmers and Nike sneakers worn by Bryanboy

cute twink at Ultra Music Festival 2015 Miami

DJ Snake at Ultra Music Festival 2015 Miami Main Stage

Swedish flag at Ultra Music Festival 2015 Miami Main Stage