Martell Tricentenaire Versailles

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300 years is a very long time so a Tricentenaire calls for something extraordinary. A series of events will take place around the world to celebrate Martell‘s legendary history. To kick off the festivities, the French cognac house invited me to an unforgettable visit to Paris and of course, the palace of Versailles to celebrate their 300th anniversary.

Arriving at Versailles was an experience itself; tourists were still coming out of the gardens as the palace was taken over by 300 guests (including Solange Knowles, Olivia Palermo, Naomie Harris) in tuxedos and evening gowns. We were welcomed by Philippe Guettat, CEO of Martell who introduced us to Martell’s Ambassador, actress Diane Kruger, who looked stunning in my beloved Jason Wu.

A private tour of the palace followed. The Hall of Mirrors during sunset is a truly magnificent sight. After our tour, we went to the gardens to witness an excellent fly-past formation of the Patrouille de France (French Air Force).

Martell commissioned world-renowned French chef Paul Pairet to prepare a seven course dinner representing different stages in Jean Martell’s journey to Cognac 300 years ago. All courses were served with a suitable cognac while screens encircling the room changed sceneries to enhance the experience. My personal favorite? Martell’s rare blend, the Premiere Voyage!

The end of the dinner and start of the party was marked, as one could expect in such a place, by a delightful display of fireworks in the gardens.

It’s not every day I get to wear my tuxedo and celebrate in Versailles. Thank you very much to Martell for this incredible privilege!

Fashion blogger Bryanboy in Versailles, France for Martell Tricentenaire 300 Year Anniversary

Bryanboy in Versailles for Martell Tricentenaire

Fashion blogger Bryanboy visits Versailles

Martell Tricentenaire Versailles 300 Year Anniversary

Martell Cognac

Guests at Martell's 300 Year Anniversary Celebrations in Versailles

DIY Lobster Roll by Paul Pairet for Martell Tricentenaire 300th Anniversary Versailles

Martell Dinner in Versailles

Dinner at Versailles for Martell Tricentenaire

Martell CEO Philippe Guettat speaks to Martell Ambassador, the actress Diane Kruger

Master The Light With Hugo Boss

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I’m very excited to finally share to you the new BOSS eyewear campaign featuring myself, my best friend Rumi Neely and Mariano di Vaio. I certainly had a blast at the shoot! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

Click HERE to watch more videos and to explore the range of sunglasses and opticals. I actually love the opticals when I’m not using my contact lenses!

From The Marc Jacobs Barracks

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My main man, Marc Jacobs, has been killing it (and mind you, killing my finances) lately. His spring summer 2015 collection is all about the idea of a uniform.

This isn’t your typical gun-totting, standard supply from the army general store. In true Marc Jacobs fashion, the pockets are huge, the buttons are big AND extremely shiny. The fabrics are of the highest quality; thick, heavy and rich, rich, rich!

It might be a little extreme (and very military) to wear a total runway look like I did, but if you take some of the pieces on its own, whether it’s a shirt, jacket or trouser, you know you’ll be wearing them for a long, very long, time.

Wanna know what I need to serve as an exclamation mark to this lewk? The olive green ostrich leather bag Marc named after me. Such a shame that bag is in the Philippines at the moment. I’ll make it my priority to get it the next time I go back to visit family.

Olive green wool shirt and olive green cargo pants by Marc Jacobs

Bryanboy in Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015

Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015 worn by Bryanboy

Military uniform inspired collection by Marc Jacobs

Olive green wool shirt by Marc Jacobs
Olive green wool cargo pants by Marc Jacobs
Sandals by Tory Burch

Shot in the Upper East Side, New York City
Photos by Luke Meagher

Coach x Gary Baseman

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I’m not gonna lie… spring is my second least favorite season. I don’t understand why most people in the northern hemisphere are obsessed (not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter). Between you and me, spring is the trickiest and most misleading. It’s the shadiest time of the year! It’s basically autumn with sunshine and the trees and the flowers are blooming instead of, well, “fall-ing” (is that a verb?). Hah!

Spring is beautiful alright, I have to give it to the powers that be. I love all the blossoms around me — I know they’re NOT gonna last very long but man oh man, spring in New York City is bitter cold this year. I don’t know how I managed to wear short shorts but y’all know me… if there’s sunshine and a car, I’ll do anything as long as I see fit.

I’ll forever associate Stuart Vevers’ spring summer 2015 Coach collection with his massive, faux shearling and faux fur pastel furs. His pastel green coat situaton kept me warm in February. However, it was only until now, believe it or not, that I (thanks to one of my instagram followers), I found out that he collaborated with California-based artist Gary Baseman on his collection. I LOVE the creepy-yet-absolutely-playful creatures Gary made for Stuart.

Gary Baseman for Coach collaboration as worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy

Gary Baseman for Coach sweater

Coach x Gary Baseman sweater

Coach and Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman x Coach collaboration

Gary Baseman Buster Le Fauve sweater for Coach

Coach spring summer 2015 sweater

Gary Baseman x Coach “Buster Le Fauve” sweater by Coach
Python shorts from Bali
White leather backpack by Gucci
White shoes by Marni

Shot in Battery Park, NYC
Photos by Luke Meagher