Karin Ström – Silent Night [VIDEO]

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Karin Ström – Silent Night

OK. I don’t even know where to begin but I’m so sorry for the silence. The past few days have been rough and exhausting. I’m so backlogged, backblogged and currently swamped with emails, work (I know you’re rolling your eyes now because in essence my blog is my ‘work’ but tbh, there’s more to it really), endless meetings, projects, etc.  Also, my family’s going on vacation today and one of my best friends from Australia came here for a visit so I had to see her. Look at me — it’s already 7:12AM and I’m still effing awake from going through all my incoming  communications.

And I wish that you would scream and shout and say baby please just hear me out. But you don’t…and you won’t. so I keep on protecting myself from my hopes, no you don’t. And you won’t. So I keep on protecting myself from you, oh. Just look the other way.

I think I’m gonna hire an assistant soon because quite frankly, it has
come to the point where I can’t manage it ALL. SuperBryan no more, I’ve
had enough of me trying so hard to be a one-man circus/operation. In order for me to be better at whatever the hell it is that I do (and whatever it is that I’m good at — this I don’t know — haaaah), I need to delegate petty tasks that occupy so much of my time. We’ll see how it goes. But for now, I hate to say this but y’all are gonna have to bear with me.

Oh and I love Karin Ström!

How does Vladimir make you feel?

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How does Vladimir make you feel?

Have you been checking out the ferocious The Contributing Editor recently? They’ve been busting out these videos like there’s no tomorrow. So tell me my dear readers, how does Vladimir, who is sooooo flawless, make you feel? Get a normal person to do all that posin n’ jazz and they’d end up looking like a freak!

Click HERE to watch the video if the player doesn’t work.

I remember speaking to a friend a few weeks ago on how I need to get over my “fear” of male models. It’s interesting because he’s a male model himself, however, we were friends wayyy before he got into modeling so it’s all cool.

I dunno. I appreciate male beauty and all but there’s something about the male modeling world that kinda makes me feel uneasy. While most people would beam with delight when they see their fave male mo half-naked or in their underpants, I’m the type who would look at the pics for a second or two, squirm, then purge it all from memory. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way? I’m not sure. It’s different with female models though. I could stare at their photos and look at their vids for HOURS and not get an uncomfy vibe.

Bah. I think I need to spend more time with these male models in real life. *wink*

Oooo project! Hushhh.

Non-Fashion People Have Fashion Feelings, Too

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Non-Fashion People Have Fashion Feelings, Too

It’s been quite a while since I last did a social experiment involving fashion so here’s another one for sheeeeeez and giggles.

I trolled around teh interwebs earlier today and asked four heterosexual American males of different backgrounds to give me commentary based on fashion-related images I sent them. These are your “average joe”-type of people who have no idea what is Laura Hollins’ stage name or who designs Ungaro or where the hell Carmen San Diego, I mean KASS, is.

The results are effing hilarious. Click the first link to begin. I’m warning you — it’s a long read!

On my next installment, I’m gonna do them Brits! I’ll also turn the tables and ask fashion people to give me commentary based on images submitted by non-fashion people.

Ooooo project!