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7:00 am

Moscow Fashion Week

31/10/2004, Moscow

Thanks to my friend Simon, I was able to go to the last day of Moscow Fashion Week (October 30).

I didn’t do anything there really. He gave me a press ID/card, met with his straight Latvian friend (see photo below), and we watched the Gaspard Yurkevich show.

9:32 pm

Anorexia Nervosa

27/10/2004, Fashion

Just got my room service.

I’m currently enjoying my mango & chicken salad, tom yang soup and tiger prawns.

I lurve food!!!!!!

9:17 pm

Meet the throne

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

This is where I’m typing this from.

Say hello bitches! ;)

8:53 pm

Protected: Fresh scent of New Money

27/10/2004, Fashion

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5:40 pm

Fat old men… how common

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

Bang cock in Bangkok eh?

Enough rambling on the blog.

I’ve got several hours to kill. I’m bored and I’ve got nothing to do.

For all of you who actually care about me, yes, I’m doing great. Yes, I’m fine — thanks! :)

Here’s a semi gratitious pic. Nekkid fat man sunbathing on the hotel pool… he’s the first thing I saw when I looked down below from my window.

I’m off to take a poop… and shop. At Dior. I love you all and I’ll see you when I get back.

Here’s to the simple life!

God how original. I can’t believe I stole someone’s lines.


5:28 pm

Gorgeousness! My hotel in Bangkok

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

I’m a loyal Starwood Hotels fan. Well, sort of.

I usually stay at boutique hotels but ever since I discovered Starwood… and their brilliantly fantastic Starwood Preferred Guest program, I told myself I’ll only stay at Starwood whenever posssible.

At the el cheapo room rate of a regular room, I was instantly upgraded to an Executive Suite. Massive bathroom, private living room, separate bedroom… and a luggage room, it’s well worth being loyal to Starwood.

If you are a Starwood Platinum member, they automatically upgrade you to a suite. Instantly. At all Starwood properties. Just book the cheapest room possible and you get upgraded. It’s as simple as that.

5:02 pm

Excess Baggash – Karma hit me hard this time.

27/10/2004, Fashion

Sometime last week, I told the bunch at bulletin boards that I have never, ever paid for excess baggash coz I usually charm my way out.

Imagine the shock and horror I got earlier when I checked in at Manila airport for my flight to Bangkok.

I *only* have 5 pieces of check-in luggage. One hardcore Samsonite to protect my fur and cashmere things and my Dior snow boots, A Vuitton hardcore suitcase to protect my ‘valuables’, also known as my tops, pants and bags, a large Prada nylon suitcase for my casual clothes, a Prada nylon weekend bag for my shoes & toiletries, and lastly, another Vuitton suitcase for miscellaneous stuff.

So off I went to the check-in counter. The guy even had the nerve make a joke at me, asking me whether I have intentions of returning to the country. "Hello," I said. "This is literally nothing – I literally have filled 2 cars just for my baggage on my previous trips."

Then he gave me a mini sermonette that they can only accept 30 kilos free of charge for business class. The guy weighed my bags and the numbers (of which I usually ignore…) flashed right in front of my eyes on the digital thing. 95 kilos.

"Oh that’s nothing," I thought.

"Sir, please go to the excess baggage counter and pay for 65 kilos. Then go back to me with the receipt and I’ll issue your boarding pass."

"Say what now?," I thought again.

Then I told him: "you mean I’m paying for this stuff, yes? Can you please pretty please at least minimize the thing, like 30 kilos, instead of me paying for 65?"… with matching twinkles on both my eyes… and high voltage pearly whites.

"Ok, I’ll declare 45 kilos… but that’s the most we can do. Next time please pack sensibly… or pay the charge."

The bitch. I *hate* Philippine Airlines.

Bastard cunts charged me approx. $420 in excess baggage.

Think of how many segments I’m doing on my trip. I should’ve just fuckin paid for another god damn ticket and get my luggage business class seat for fucks sake.

So yeah. Karma bit my arse crack… and balls, this time.