How The First Clown Was Created

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I’m currently watching music videos on YouTube and after several dozen videos of all these made-up girls, I asked myself this question — what happens when a single girl, in full make-up, think eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, blush, lipgloss, lipstick, etc., goes out, meets a hot guy and makes out with him?

That thought sparked further questioning in my head.

What about all these girls who enhance the appearance of their bossoms using chicken cutlets?

What about all these girls who wear spanx before wearing their tightest, skimpiest Herve Leger dress? When a guy takes her home for sexy time… who’s gonna unwrap the mummy?

BTW I for one love spanx. I wear them myself only for the sole purpose of being able to fit clothes, not for the purpose of looking a certain way to get laid or to attract somebody. I’m in a relationship and my partner had seen me in my naked glory many times over, at night or in broad daylight.

I have no problems with people altering their appearance, whether temporarily or permanently, for whatever purpose. I do the exact same thing except I use clothes and accessories!

I’m really just curious about the reactions of people who meet people who alter their physical selves. Case in point, girls who use chicken cutlets! I mean, they give the illusion they have something up there but when a guy and that girl gets naked, what do you think goes on in the guy’s head? HOLY AGENT PROVOCATEUR BATMAN, IT’S NOT A HE OR A SHE IT’S A SHIM!

Anyway, I just find it all fascinating.

MissAJBuron sent me the best reply to my original question via Twitter.

“And that’s how the first clown was created.”

What say you? Care to contribute?

All You Need Is A Good Dagger

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Four our third and final look, I fell in love with Stefano Alinari’s “Star of Time” necklace made out of gold, diamond, opal and lemon quartz so I made Ania wear this super chic black number from Calvin Klein Collection. I originally wanted to take photos of her outside the American Embassy in Florence (where a military truck was parked) but alas, the guards told us no photographs allowed. Disappointed, Ania asked me what else do I have in mind so I said well, let’s find somewhere old world to highlight the modernity of Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein’s dress, somewhere very European, somewhere indoors with lots of natural light. I wanted to smack my head after saying that… a bit stupid of me, innit, because we’re in Florence and everywhere we we go is European and old! Ania then told me her house is just across the road from where we stood (as in right in front of the American Embassy) so she graciously invited me in. Lo and behold her house is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve been to in my entire life!

Calvin Klein Collection dress from fall winter 2011

Dress by Calvin Klein Collection, necklace by Stefano Alinari, shoes from Georgina Goodman..

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