US Vogue May 2009 Cover – The Faces of the Moment by Steven Meisel

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US Vogue May 2009 Cover

OMG STUNNING! The highly-anticipated May 2009 cover of American Vogue featuring models is out. It’s so huge I had to resize it. The front cover went to two of Anna’s favourite old pets, Liya Kebede
and Natalia Vodianova and *shock* Anna Jagodzinska, who came in as a
surprise. Congratulations to HER!

scan credit: luxx via tfs

Heidi Montag – Look How I'm Doing [VIDEO, LYRICS]

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Heidi Montag – Look How I’m Doing [VIDEO]

My dear reader, I think I’ve entered the other (darker) side. I know I’m shooting myself in the foot with this blog entry but say hello to my latest obsession and guilty pleasure: the trashy, talentless vapid hack Heidi Montag’s new song, “Look How I’m Doing“.

I just bought her latest single on iTunes and I LOVE it! Yes, I know she can’t sing; she talks with voice enhancers. But this track is so catchy and I’ve had it on autoplay for the past two hours now. Listen to it twice or thrice and tell me what you think.

Sing after me: Your excuses just got better, you couldn’t give me time. Always got some distraction more important on your mind. Strikes me kind of funny the way the tables turned. ‘Cause now it’s you who’s sweatin’ and it’s me who’s not concerned.Look at me baby how I’m doing, just drop like ahh when I’m moving. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah. Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.

The $64 million question is — how am I EVER gonna redeem myself from this temporary lapse in judgment? Answers on a postcard….