Giardino Givenchy

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Ania and I went to the Giardino dell’Orticoltura in Florence. For our first look, I made her wear this gorgeous, super soft velvet jacket from Antonio Berardi and a dress from Givenchy. It’s funny how during the course of our photo-taking session, I saw a gardener (in full overall regalia) walk by. Apparently he just finished lunch. My knowledge of Italian is almost slim to none so Ania asked if we can take a photo and he gladly obliged. You’ll see it after the jump. It’s hysterical!

Givenchy dress at Giardino dell'Orticoltura, Firenze

Velvet jacket by Antonio Berardi, dress by Givenchy, shoes by Sergio Rossi, cocktail ring by Iosselliani.

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A Good Challenge

Published by bryanboy

Bryanboy humping a bear at Luisa via Roma store in Florence, Italy

I think it’s comical, almost insulting to a certain extent, how easy it is to judge images that we see on magazines or websites when these same exact images took months of preparation, days and weeks of work and endless hours of manpower. Photographers and subjects (models, celebrity, etc.) aside, you’ve got everyone from hair and make-up, stylists, assistants, sitting Editors, location s light people… the whole caravan if you must.

When online superstore Luisa via Roma invited me and several bloggers to Florence last month for their semi-annual Firenze4Ever event, I cringed at the prospect of me styling a shoot. The concept was relatively simple — they wanted us bloggers to pick our favourite items from the latest collections to create a few looks and take photos either on a model or ourselves. We had three to four hours to complete the task.

Sounds easy and simple, right? Not quite.

Most bloggers used models the store provided or shot their favourite pieces by personally wearing them. The latter was too easy, I thought.

My model was a no-show because she got herself involved in a minor car accident the same morning of my shoot. No problem. I improvised by asking one of Luisa via Roma’s super chic womenswear buyers, Ania, to be my model. Afterall, who best represents the store other than the same people who work there? She’s also one of the most beautiful young women I’ve known over the years.

People usually expect me to be flamboyant or over the top so for this mini-shoot, I’ve decided to challenge myself go for something totally opposite. I want clean, I want green, I want minimal, I want luxury. In other words: KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. I love a good challenge so in an effort to push my own personal envelope, why not dabble into new territory?

I’m currently on the last stages of editing the photos I took. To call it a shoot is kinda pretentious because it wasn’t a shoot “shoot”. It was just me and my desperately-waiting-to-be-upgraded camera, an assistant who carried paper bags and Ania who was a total badass and didn’t mind changing clothes in public space.

Anyway, even without the usual resources, I’m amazed at the results. Ania looks beautiful.

You’ll see a ton of images I took in the next blog entries.