Boss Women: Anna Wintour

Published by bryanboy

This video is a must-see. In 2000, the BBC profiled my beloved Anna Wintour. Very ‘September Issue’-esque, if you ask me. There’s a lot of similarities on the way they edited the documentary. Keep an eye out for the John Galliano cameo. TONNE GOODMAN LOOKED LIKE TILDA SWINTON NOW and Plum Sykes (“The clothes that people wear here during the day are the clothes that most people would wear on their most glamorous night of the year! Who else would wear a Dolce & Gabbana chiffon skirt like THIS to the office? Only me or only someone who works in Vogue, you know!“), god I love her, was hysterical! I also love how Anna wore a lot of trousers (vs her now-trademarked printed shift dresses) back in the day. Fashion and styles have changed dramatically over the years but her passion and dedication to her work and the fashion industry remains the same. She’s a visionary woman.