Average Joe vs High Fashion Fall/Winter 2009 Collections Part 1

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Average Joe vs High Fashion Fall/Winter 2009 Collections Part 1

Non-fashion people have fashion feelings, too” is back! My obsession with the Average Joe and their commentary about today’s fashions continues. I had an interesting conversation last night with a heterosexual non-fashion guy about Balmain, Balenciaga and Givenchy.

“My knowledge of the fashion industry as far as that goes, is that the uglier it is, the more expensive it usually is.”
– Sal, 21, New Jersey

Coming up, a conversation with this guy…

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy [VIDEO, LYRICS, MP3 DOWNLOAD]

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Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy

Enough Heidi Montag. I just bought this track on iTunes and I’m obsessed! I’m a fan of Friendly Fires and their track Skeleton Boy is such a feel-good song! I’m gonna play it on my iPod the next time I mince down the streets.

I close my eyes on the dance floor…I forget about you. I lose myself in flashing colors, I’ve gotta see it through.

You’re too much, I take it that we’re over. Should we even care at all? Too much, too much. Let’s shake hands and say goodbye. Your love is out… believing despite the loss. Give me your hand… let’s face this night and see it through. Your love is out… believing despite the loss. Give me your hand… let,s face this night and see it through.

Click HERE to download the track.

I know I *sometimes* provide mp3 download links I gathered from the net as a courtesy to internet freeloaders but I leave it to YOUR conscience (if you have one) to support the artist by buying their tracks on iTunes. I know I do so don’t be such a cheapskate. GO!

You’re welcome.

Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary – The Look

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Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary

There’s Lagerfeld Confidential. There’s also Signe Chanel and the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton documentary by Loic Prigent. But have you seen the documentary produced in 1992 (yes, that’s seventeen years ago — I was two years old) about Yves Saint Laurent’s extraordinary, colourful and dramatic life? It’s a must for any fashion lover out there.

If you do not watch this emotional and tear-jerking film in its entirety now or later, I have one thing to say: YOU. ARE. DEAD. TO. ME.

And yes, I love you Suzy Menkes!!

“While other little boys played with tin soldiers, Yves busied himself with paper dolls. Ridiculed by schoolmates, the delicate child swore that one day that he would be famous. At the age of 18, indications of things to come: first prize at a sponsored Parisian fashion competition beating the 19 year old Karl Lagerfeld into second place where some would say he has remained.”

Click click click!

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Life on the road

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Life on the road

Yes I know. I’m so backlogged (or should I say backblogged). I have lots of work to do but it’s summer here in the flips and the heat is atrociously unbearable to stay in the house. I’ve been taking quick jaunts here and there with the good ol’ family so my internet access has been limited the past week. I know my recent blog entries have been limited to CPR (copy/paste/regurgitate) from other sources but it’s better to post what tickles my fancy than not blog anything at all! By the time I get home, I’m too exhausted to even go to the computer….

In other news, I think one of our very old cats died while we were away. The last time I saw him was Monday morning and he was very, very frail. I don’t see him anywhere in the house now. I’m starting to think 2009 is a clusterfuck of a year. Life is a rollercoaster indeed.

BTW, I need to stay away from damn eclairs. I had about half a dozen of these.