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Kid Prince sent me a message saying he’s a fan of my blog, I inspire him and he started making videos because of me.

All I have to say is GURL YOU BETTA WERQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for cheering me up. Loving you!

Rihanna in Balmain [PICS]

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Rihanna in Balmain

I love Balmain and all but this Balmain-mania has to stop. First you’ve got Team Vogue Paris as in Emmanuelle & Co. sporting the goods fresh off the runway. Then you’ve got the boatload of fashion bloggers recreating the Balmain look for less with their bleached ripped jeans and now the celebrity brigade have joined the bandwagon too. There’s Michael Jackson in that swarovski-studded t-shirt, Beyonce in that black Balmain jacket and now Rihanna in the denim military jacket. This is too much. Wayy too much. Perhaps it’s just me but I feel like the universe is shoving Balmain down my throat. 

How does Rihanna (who, btw, is TOTALLY channeling Michael Jackson with THAT hair) make you feel?

photos via denimology

Not safe for work.

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Not safe for work.

I don't know about you but I like to think I'm desensitized to everything that goes online. If you record a "reaction video" of me looking at every imaginable internet meme out there (from 2 girls 1 cup and 1 guy 1jar to meat spin and chances are, the most you can get is a flat face and the words "ok, next".

Until now. Well, yesterday because that's when I got the email.

Warning: please be 18 and over when you click THIS link to see the video. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Average Joe vs High Fashion Fall/Winter 2009 Collections Part 2

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Average Joe vs High Fashion Fall/Winter 2009 Collections Part 2

I know this video is approximately 10 minutes long so it can be a pain to watch (or should I say listen) but trust me when I say you’ll burst into laughter towards the 2nd half and until the very end of this video. Twenty-year old Brandon from Brandon, Florida is highly opinionated and boy he has some interesting comments about Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and Missoni.

Lanvin apparently went overbudget and bought belts from Target’s sales racks. Olga Sherer is a “microchip” model. Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 is a Mickey Mouse look-a-like contest and Missoni is Lord of the Rings meets King Arthur.

“It’s a raincoat over a bra. It looks like this was pitched to the lonely girls who like, she can’t find a boyriend but she still wants to feel like a guy gave her a coat.”
– Brandon/20/Florida

Oh and one last thing: your new word of the day is TARGETY.

More to follow in a few days…

PS. I *LOVE* this project! It’s soo refreshing to talk to non-fashiony people about fashion to be honest.