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And just like that, summer is now on its final leg. It’s almost autumn, you guys! I thought I’d spend the last few days of summer with my partner. I haven’t seen him in almost three months. People often comment on how crazy long distance relationships are but when you’re in love, you have to do what you have to do in order to preserve your relationship. If you have to talk on the phone and skype a couple of times a day then so be it.

Bryanboy after a concert in Stockholm

Moving along, I went to my first classical music concert last night. For real. My man, don’t laugh now, likes to sing as a hobby and he was invited to perform at the choir. Sweden’s greatest conductor, eighty five-year old Herbert Blomstedt, conducted Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 in D Minor.

My partner bought me 2nd-row tickets and boy, what a delight. These classical concerts, I’m telling you, are major. Sitting there made me feel like my ears were on a roller-coaster ride. Imagine your ears and your brain playing a game, guessing where the sound is coming from. Is it the violin on the left side of the stage? The right side? Wait, there were 500 violins and little wooden musical instruments with strings etc. It was intense. And brilliant at the same time.

I honestly thought I’d fall asleep after the first five minutes but I survived the whole duration of the concert. And I loved it! OK, fine, I initially felt I stood out like a sore thumb because I’m young (compared to majority of the silver-haired guests), and I probably was the only Asian in the entire concert hall.