White Knight

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White Knight

Zara to me is the land of no return. It’s temptation island right there! Every time I go to the mall and see the Zara store I always, always, ALWAYS tell myself to avoid it simply because it’s the vortex of evil. Especially when you’re trying to save money and when you’re on a very tight budget. Don’t get me wrong — I do LOVE Zara like everyone else but it’s so bloody hard to walk out of the store empty handed. You tell yourself you’re just gonna get one basic top, perhaps one of their v-necks, because you need it… next think you know, you’ve got a whole caravan’s worth of clothes on your arm to take you to the dressing room.

Basic tops aside, I got this cute cream-coloured jacket which is totally inspired by the house that Coco built.

photo credits: glenn perez

A Trip to Theodore's

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A Trip to Theodore’s

When it rains, it pours. We had a storm here in the Philippines this week but the rain didn’t stop me from getting out of the house. I have so much work on my plate at the moment if I don’t dedicate a whole day to myself then who knows when I’m able to accommodate basic necessities in life such as getting a haircut.

Theodore's Store Denim Markdown Event

Before going to a shoot in the afternoon, I popped by the store Theodore’s where they’re having a huge denim markdown sale going on. Get any two pairs of jeans from their stock for about P6995 (roughly around $150) for both pairs. I thought it was a good deal. I think it was last year when I enforced a personal policy of not paying more than a hundred bucks for a pair of jeans. That’s why I love Cheap Monday. I mean come on, it’s denim!  Also, I get more compliments from people around the world when I wear my cheap-ass jeans. You know those black jeans I ripped using a box cutter? $20 from Folded & Hung!

Anyway, click click click!

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