Who handled Project Blue's PR? Barneys and Elle, anyone?

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Who handled Project Blue’s PR? Barneys and Elle, anyone?

Earlier this morning, I read a tweet from Timothy Elliott, Men’s PR Director of Barneys New York, pointing his followers to a charity auction on eBay.

Timothy Elliott, Barneys PR

This ought to be interesting. How is it possible for a custom, one-off
Bottega Veneta dress end up fetching a paltry $306 at an auction? 

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Reflective Sunglasses (Agyness Deyn and Jack McCollough)

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Reflective Sunglasses

Speaking of hideous “Duty-Free Spectacular Specials”, please don’t tell me this is the new trend in eyewear: reflective sunglasses

I first spotted it on Ms. Laura “Agyness Deyn” Hollins last month…

Agyness Deyn sunglasses

and earlier last week, I saw them on Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough after that whole Kiefer Sutherland head-butting saga. Here’s a pap photo of him wearing a pair of Oakley (shock horror) sunglasses.

Jack McCollough Oakley sunglasses

I am begging y’all do not, under any circumstances, bite into this
reflective glasses trend or else — marc my words — a baby unicorn
will die somewhere.

photo credits: fabsugar uk, splashnewsonline via tmz

Natalia Vodianova's Moscow on CNN My City My Life

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Natalia Vodianova’s Moscow on CNN

After that adorable feature on Carine Roitfeld, CNN features another character from the fashion world. This time it’s Russian model Natalia Vodianova. Although she’s not necessarily my favourite model, I think it’s great (baby steps y’all) that an enormous international news organization is showing interest with some of fashion’s key players. I’m just disappointed that they don’t have a dedicated fashion or style-oriented show. I remember speaking to a journalist friend about this a few months back and it seems that a lot of these networks still consider fashion as “fluff” when it reality, the fashion industry generates billions and billions of dollars of revenue and employ tens of, if not, millions of people around the world. Ah well. Enough rambling from me. Watch Natalia give a quick tour of one of my favourite cities in the world. Moscow. Russia silly, not Idaho.

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