Sorry to see you go…

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Sorry to see you go…

After two weeks of painfully dealing (or should I say ‘negotiating’) with the worst customs in the whole world (they refuse to budge and insisted on charging an arm and a leg in duties and taxes… for a pair of shoes!!), the Lanvin sneakers I bought finally arrived. 

Lanvin men's Sneakers

But alas, they are the wrong size.

What a beautiful pair of sneakers… I saw the knock-off version at Zara a few weeks ago and it pales in comparison to the real deal.  Now I’m gonna have to send them back and wait for another pair to be sent to me. I’m soo sad. I honestly feel like I’m parting away with a child!

It’s alright. At least it gives me time to find black grosgrain ribbon to use as shoelaces.

Net-a-Porter USA End-of-Season Sale 50% Off!

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Net-a-Porter USA End-of-Season Sale 50% Off!

Fans of Net-a-Porter rejoice! If you live in the USA, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere in Central/South America, Net-a-Porter's end of season sale begins today. Enjoy up to 50% off on ChloƩ, Matthew Williamson, Fendi, Halston, Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin and many more.

Click HERE to visit the sale.

For those of you international folks (Europe, Asia, Middle East whatever), the International site sale will be announced shortly.

*photo credit: netaporter

Aliona Doletskaya on CNN! [video]

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Aliona Doletskaya on CNN!

It’s not just Anna Wintour racking up precious television airtime but my beloved Aliona Doletskaya (Russian Vogue Editor-in-Chief) is on CNN!

I’m not 100% sure about this but a friend who is a stylist told me that as far as circulation count is concerned, Vogue Russia is one of the top three, beating Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia. The other two are British and the American editions.


Anna Wintour on CBS 60 Minutes Video Watch Online

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Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes Video

My love for Anna Wintour was reinforced, thanks to her feature on last night’s 60 Minutes. I would love to embed the video but CBS has a bloody problem with autoplay. I tried to modify the code by disabling it but it didn’t work for some strange reason.

Anna Wintour 60 Minutes CBS. Watch video online.

There are two things I dislike about this feature. First, I don’t like how Morley somewhat made a mockery out of the characters in fashion. Was it REALLY necessary to point out the outsider’s view of the fashion world? I found it so offensive how he used terms such as “part rocky horror show” (cue Gareth Pugh), “clothes fit for a cadaver” and “campy followers” (cue the iconic Anna Piaggi). It’s funny alright but I don’t think he’s doing the industry a favour by mocking them. I’m sure he could do a better job making the American public understand what the industry is about: to inspire, to dress outside your comfort zone, to think outside the box, to express ourselves creatively…

Second — I find it so tedious that the media ALWAYS, ALWAYS references The Devil Wears Prada when doing something on Anna. So a former Vogue staffer wrote a book based on her experiences and the movie became a hit, yes. But any Editor, or boss for that matter, could be as (or even be MORE) demanding or hardcore as the character portrayed. Can’t Anna get a reprieve for a change?

Anyway, I think I’m alone in saying this but I really do have this voice at the back of my head that says Anna is truly a nice person. She may look tough on the outside (as part of her job) but in reality, I’m sure she’s a real softie. Again, maybe it’s just me. What do y’all think?

Click click click to watch Anna Wintour at 60 Minutes.

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Solefood Canal Street Air Force One

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Canal Street Air Force One

What is it with everyone doing “designer” mash-ups these days? Remember those Slow & Steady Wins the Race hybrid bags? Well, ladies and gays, meet the ultimate in men’s sneakers: SoleFood’s custom sneakers named “Canal Street Air Force One”. How many brands can you spot in one photo? I spy with my Fendi Spy… Rolex, Chanel, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

This has got to be the worst pair of sneakers on the face of the planet.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

How does it make you feel? I betchu five dolla Rick Ross owns a pair.

photo credits: kicksonfire