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Cryanboy, Love Me, Video Surprise, Stockhome Excess

11/12/2005, Copenhagen, Loneliness, Love Life, Scandinavia, Stockholm



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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I have never felt soo stupid.

I did cry for a little bit on my way back from the train station (where I dropped Jakob off cause he has to go back to middle of nowhere, Sweden) to the hotel. Thank god I had my brand spanking new Gucci sunglasses to conceal my tears.

(God I look awful on that picture.)

I’ll be honest. I haven’t cried in a long time.

Heck, I didn’t even cry when my grandfather died last year.

I don’t even know why the fuck I’m sobbing like a little bitch. 

It seems soo petty and shallow, you know.

I bet you he’ll probably laugh it off (or feel embarassed) when he reads this post. Am I right, Jakob? Hah! *kiddin*

Nah, he’s a really cool guy. I’m glad that we met. I have to admit though, the chances of me and him seeing again are pretty much slim to none. History repeats itself and it’s ***ALWAYS*** been like that whenever I go on holiday.

I told him yesterday when we were walking around Copenhagen, "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday."

Here’s a funny pic taken on Friday (thanks Sebastian!!!!)


I look like a midget compared to all those guys. Ugh! Someone just make me 6 foot 3 already. Please? All I want for christmas is to be 6’3… or 6’4.

Love Me

While true love comes in the form of a Hermes croc birkin bag or a Vacheron Constantin watch, looking at some of these pictures will suffice when I’m feeling shit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for loving me.

(Bryangirl in the making. She’s only 16 months old. Thanks Sharon!)

(Here’s some Swedish lovin’ lovin from Ola and Linn… they’re some of Jakob’s friends.  The left sign says "Go for it Jaqy" aka Jakob.)

AL from the Philippines even had their maids do the Bryanboy pose. I love it! (Hello to JS!!)

I love girls from the land of kangaroos and gorgeous surfer boys.


Here’s a big one from Singapore. Bryanboy LOVES EACH AND EVERYONE of you.


Keep those pictures coming. A lonely, sobbing bitch like me can never have too much love. True love comes in the form of a photograph. Email prima facie evidence of your unconditional love to

Anyway, I need to get my head fixed. I’m gonna roam around Copenhagen for a bit, stock up on Georg Jensen and see more Danish people.

I need a good kick up my ass so I’ll *snap* *snap* back to reality.

Video Surprise

I have a little gay video surprise for you all.

I’m cleaning up my digital camera and came across this small video of me posing in a club. Niklas must have pressed the wrong button and took a video instead of a picture.

Click here to download/view it. It’s quite dark though. Oh well.

Stockhome Excess

Here’s more Stockholm pics for you to look at. Some of the pics were taken at Sturecompagniet. I’m telling you, that FOX goes everywhere!!!!










Ok, ok, I know she’s gorgeous. Her chinchilla is better than mine though. I love you NAOMI!



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Holiday Fling

11/12/2005, Copenhagen

Holiday Fling

Don’t you just hate them? Anyone who is single and have travelled (solo) somewhere who had a holiday fling (hahahahahahahaha) knows what I’m feeling right now.

Jakob and moi got up early in the afternoon. Imagine waking up to this.


I went to the shower after getting up and when I came out of the bath, he served breakfast – 2 red Danish hotdogs.


Isn’t he sweet? Imagine him getting out of the hotel (and walk 2 – 3 blocks) to go to a hotdog stand, just for me to try these hotdogs.

We spent about 2 hours walking around Copenhagen. We were determined to see the Little Mermaid, rain or… rain.




You know where I stand and how I feel about walking (read my previous post about it). This guy, for some strange reason, made me appreciate walking – see sights, hear sounds, smell scents, etc. Walking with him was effortless; I didn’t feel tired and I didn’t even sweat a single bead, inspite of my 2-inch cowboy boots and heavy Birkin bag.

The Little Mermaid was worth it.




We walked for a little bit before having dinner at a Sushi place.

Oh I don’t know what to think/say anymore.

He’s a really nice guy and I wish him the very best. It’s a shame he’s leaving for Sweden tomorrow morning. It’s 8:47PM here in Copenhagen.

God knows whether we’ll meet again or not. Maybe not in the longest time. Who knows.

BTW, he knows his labels too. I’m very impressed. Nothing can beat a young man in a Gucci polo t-shirt and a Hermes Twilly.


Awwwwww I’m REALLY gonna miss Jakob. He’s really cool.

I’m at a loss on what to say. We’re gonna drink the night off. We’ve got a lot of vodka.


Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll most definitely have tears… perhaps not on the outside, but definitely inside.


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Cool Copenhagen

10/12/2005, Copenhagen

Cool Copenhagen

Yes, I made the flight yesterday. I’m here in Copenhagen all safe and sound. In fact, I just got up from a good night out.

Meet Jakob, the "sick, Swedish kid" I was talking about.


He got here by train about an hour after I did. I guess that’s what nice about these Nordic countries, they’re all connected to each other by various means – train, plane, slow boat etc.

Rememeber Sebastian from my November 20, 2005 post?


I rang him up yesterday, rescued me and Jakob from getting lost and introduced me to his roommates and friends, who are mostly German and American.


Just because I’m surrounded by straight boys it doesn’t mean I have to stop posing.


We went to 2 places yesterday – Pan Club and Heidi’s (not sure of the spelling).

I LOVED Heidi’s. It’s very cozy, VERY German, VERY packed and they play the cheesiest tunes ever – think 70s/80s/early 90s pop.

They even have this foam machine OUTSIDE the bar that spits out fake snow.




All I can say is, it’s nice to wake up with someone beside you, not just empty paper bags and the stench of room service leftovers.

More updates later.


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09/12/2005, Stockholm


Kicked off my night with dinner at Berns Hotel. Had an amazing time last night at Stureplan. Went to Sturecompagniet (there was a pajama party) and Koket.



I ended up drunk, got home at around 5AM/6AM.

Thank god I didn’t have a headache.

I’m late for my flight to Denmark. I’ll update later when I arrive.


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Glam It Up! Sayonara Stockholm.

09/12/2005, Uncategorized

Glam it up! Sayonara Stockholm!

It’s my last night in Stockholm today. Did my last minute shopping, got my chinchilla fixed (again), after some damn coat check person mishandled my fragile little thing. Can’t believe the repair was cheap though… it was just minor sewing on the pelt, cost me about US$40. Gotta love Nordic countries and the wide availability of fur repair shops.


I also went to Gucci and bought a pair of sunglasses. Love, love, love them. Gorgeous.

My skin looks hideous though. It’s been a month now since I last had a facial and microdermabrasion. I also need a haircut, color and highlights.


After Copenhagen I’ll hit Berlin. For 2 days. December 12 – December 14. If you’re from Berlin or know anyone from Berlin, hit me up! Email

I’m gonna get ready. I’ll update later.


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Welcome to Stockholm

08/12/2005, Stockholm

Welcome to Stockholm

God. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Many people have told me NOT to post on this blog when I’m drunk because god knows what I’ll say and what will come out of my pussy flaps. I don’t give a flying fiver though; I’ll post when I want to post.

(view from my window)

Fuck it though, I had about 4 gin tonics and 3 vodka red bulls. I’m as tipsy as a row of pink tents.

Before I continue, let me just tell you that my dad has been worried about me because my eyes looked FUCKED on my pictures. Dad, if you only knew what I’ve been up to, I’ve been SOBER and CLEAN as FUCK; I haven’t had an ounce of alcohol in my system in ages let alone do something that would endager species of the rare kind.

(Hi dad! Hi mom! Hi everyone in the household. I know I haven’t called you guys in the past few weeks but I’m doing good, I’m ok and I love and miss you all.)

Today’s been good. I’ve been roaming around the city, have been shopping (again) and been meeting people from all walks of Swedish society.

I went to ACNE jeans first thing in the morning (finally) and ended up buying a shitload ( a ton of pairs) of denim jeans.

Note to self and others: when in Stockholm, be sure to wear the tightest pair of jeans possible; DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear anything flared; make sure your jeans are tight and VERY slim.

I **LOVE** ACNE jeans. Ugh. Words cannot express my love for them. Even went to Filippa K, bought up the usual basic, black button-down shirt, a bow-tie and some underwear. I also bought some souvenirs for the familia de horreur.

I went around "Old Town" on my own aka Gamla Stan. It’s this tiny little island filled with small shops; all the streets/alleyways are made of bricks that could put the quality of your high-heel shoes to the test.


It would have been nicer to take pictures when the sun is up but we’re in Stockholm; the sun rises at 11AM and sets at around 3PM. Bah!

I also met up with my Swede buddy Nikolas for a snack and some light shopping. We went to this "Culture House" with one of the FANTASTIC views in the city.



After eating, Nikolas and moi went to buy speakers for my ipod then we went to my room (hint hint… don’t be silly). LOL. He even declared his undying love for me.

(love his jawline, love his eyes, love everything about him. he’s a looker! loves it.)

I also met up with Eli again and we went to this place called "Torget" in Gamla Stan (again). This is where the insanity began.



BTW, isn’t it hilarous that I talked about moving house to the no-logos-allowed village (on my previous post) and then here I am, wearing my IN-YOUR-FACE-LV-LOUIS-VUITTON woollen scarf? Ugh. I guess it will take time to get rid of bad habits.

(those are skin-tight ACNE jeans, BTW)

Eli and I first went to Torget, followed by Cafe Connection. We had like 1 or 2 drinks at Connection then we decided to go back to Torget.

Upon arriving at the entrance, there were a shitload of people there, including this VERY, VERY friendly Swedish lady, who has an anorexic daughter (like me) and a "beautiful" 19 year old son. She shared all her lovely stories about Brazi. She’s insane at the same time lovely. She’s quite an eclectic character. Her boyfriend is from Amman, Jordan. I love it!


She’s with her friends, a lesbian, a gay guy and a presumable straight girl.


After a couple of drinks at Torget, Eli and I decided to go home. His tube station is quite far from mine so we parted ways at muy tube station.

Get your balls read – I take back whatever I said on how "I don’t take public transport."

I NEVER DO, usually. But this time I had to make an exception cause my station is just near. Cabs are quite rare and going to the tube is really convenient.


I think that’s all for now.

Oh, one last thing.

Imagine havig a threesome with these 2 swedish guys for Varberg.

As to who is cuter, you decide. I love them both… because they love me!




If you’re going for aryan looks (and true blue Eurotrash old rich, go for the one on the left, wearing a Burberry thing… though my Brit friends would consider him as a chav…). But if you’re after a dark-haired hottie, then go for the one on the right.

Either way, imagine me having a threesome with both of them.


But fun.


That’s it. I’m glad I managed to create this post without any visible typos whatsoever – cut me some slack, I’m tipsy.

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is my last night in Stockholm. More stories to tell and more pictures to come.

I love you all, as always.


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Protected: Russian Incompetence, Emancipation of BB

07/12/2005, Fashion, Moscow

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Awesome Alex

07/12/2005, Stockholm

Awesome Alex

I’m finally having some serious fun in Stockholm.

I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s been lonely the past few days. I barely know anyone here and I’m the shyest person ever – gone are the days when I can just strike a conversation with a stranger.

Anyway, Alex is one of the first Swedish people I’ve spoken to. In fact, we talked online back when I was in the Philippines. Little did she knew that I was going to Stockholm – I called her out of the blue like a couple of days ago and said "hey sweetie, I’m in Stockholm!".

(that’s Alex doing the infamous Bryanboy pose)


We had lunch at Cafe Baresso and shopped for a bit. There’s a cool shop here in Stockholm called "MTWTFSS Weekday" that sells the BEST jeans ever (Cheap Monday). I bought 2 pairs of tight jeans (same style… they’re SOOO gorgeous), a t-shirt and 2 vintage clutch bags. The clutch bags are soo fabulous and so are the jeans – they’re very tight. Gorgeous!


We also went to Ordning & Reda, my favourite, favourite stationers in the world… well, next to Smythson (they are the only store that I know of that sells BLACK-coloured paper, notecards, envelopes and WHITE pens.) I’m so addicted to them that over the past few years, I’ve been ordering my goods from their London stores and have them shipped to me via Fedex.


Ordning & Reda is a MUST-VISIT when you are in Stockholm.

We also paid a visit to Hennes & Mauritz, also known as H&M. I know, I know, they’re cheap, but they make really good accessories. I’m not gonna post what I bought cause I want to give them to some of my family members as goodie bag loot. LOL.



(me in my cheap monday jeans. the pictures don’t do it justice!)

Overall, it was a good afternoon out!

Alex even gave me a gift. I’m touched!!!!!!!


BTW, I was supposed to meet these 2 Swedish guys afterwards but to hell with them. Don’t you just hate timewasters? They’re all talk but no action. I was brutally honest with them yesterday – if you want to meet then let’s meet up. If you don’t, then tell me. My god, I **HATE** drama queens. I’m supposed to be the fag here, not them. Alex even talked to those 2 guys over the phone – one of them was saying he wants to see me (in the background) and the other one was saying he doesn’t.

I say screw em. It’s not my loss anyway.

Once a timewaster, always a timewaster.


Do I look like I’m someone who will bite?


Oh oh oh oh oh. On a different note, the guy I’m meeting in Copenhagen even made a "I <3 Bryanboy" picture. Sooo cute. I’m touched. I can’t post it here. Yet.


I will.

Cause I’m a nasty bitch.

(Sorry babe. jag älskar dig, too)




More updates soon.

If you’re in Stockholm and would like to rescue me from chronic boredom and loneliness, please send me an SMS or call +46-073-736-5861 or email I’ll be here until Friday afternoon.


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06/12/2005, Fashion


Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Ooooooo Fashion! We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town. Beep-beep!

I picked up a copy of a old W magazine (November) with Kate Moss on the cover. I love, love this photo. Chanel couture (probably) and gorgeous handbags on prepubescent boys.


I’m sooo bored and I got inspired to do this.



Obviously my long distance fag hag (who was about to quit on me for sleeping with an old man… BTW, she only wants me to sleep with true blue ARYANS) can do it good.




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Goodbye Milan.

05/12/2005, Uncategorized

Goodbye Milan.

There goes my trip to Milan. I’m sooo fucking gullible.

I’m supposed to go to Milan, Italy this Friday for a splurging trip of a lifetime yet I got persuaded by some sick Swedish kid (ok, not really a kid, he’s like 6-foot-whatever-giant) to hang out in Copenhagen.

Oh I don’t know.

I’m scared… and excited at the same time.

Why am I doing this?

Why have I chosen to meet some Swedish kid instead of hitting Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Sant Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito?

All it took was a couple of hours of talk and this guy (who has the same Chanel sunglasses as I do), changed my mind about Milan.

Why oh why oh why?

I’m crazy. That’s why.

I went to NK, this Swedish department store today and took a look at Hermes. I ended up buying a nice bracelet (this color is very rare).


Copenhagen, here I come!