Over-excitable Fashionese

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Over-excitable Fashionese

Vassup Simon Mills?

Portrait of a mother and her child

I found (one of my old entries) myself quoted in a hysterical article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday without proper attribution.

Then there’s the Japanese fashion journalist and consultant Yu Masui, who is so obsessed with the designer Balenciaga that he regularly purchases and wears items from the women-only collection – handbags included. Such audacious and spendthrift bravery has furnished Yu Masui with a heroic status among internet fashion groupies. “I’m totally jeliz,” comments one, in fluently over-excitable fashionese, under a picture of Yu Masui wearing a fetching (if slightly undersized) Balenciaga floral top. “He’s fierce and ferosh to the highest levels.” (“Ferosh”, in case you didn’t know, is the fashionese abbreviation for “ferocious”, ferocious being a good thing, in the same way that “fierce” is also compliment.)

In other news….

  • The Los Angeles Times published an article about fashion bloggers and me, Tavi and Rumi made the footnote.
  • Thank you Elle Germany for the lovely mention.
  • Tausend Dank Vogue Germany for the brief plug in your July 2009 issue.

Lusso Restaurant Greenbelt 5

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Lusso Restaurant Greenbelt 5

I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who always go to the same ‘tried, tested and trusted’ restaurants every time I eat out. It’s not unusual for me to have gone to a place like 10 or more times. I know it’s not good and I’m trying to change that. 

Lusso restaurant, Greenbelt 5

Click click click!

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Chanel Cruise/Resort 2010 Venice [video]

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Chanel Cruise/Resort 2010

I’m sure y’all have seen the Chanel Resort 2010 collection in Venice. Here’s part 1 of the show.

It’s been a few weeks now and I still can’t get the soundtrack out of my head. It’s amazing! In fact, one of my readers in Estonia identified the song as “Something ala Mode” by Rondo Parisiano Ft Karl Lagerfeld.

I can’t for the life of god find an mp3 copy online… there has to be a way to rip tracks from Youtube videos, no? I *need* this song for my ipod.

Big, big, big special thanks to Justin, McKenneth and József who sent me a copy of the file. Woohoo! You guys can download the full soundtrack by clicking HERE.

Yesterday Afternoon

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Yesterday Afternoon

Here's what I did yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, I was made to sign a confidentiality agreement. I'm gonna have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to the tune of 6 million pesoses (approx. US$130,000) if I squeal anything so my lips are sealed.

I guess you'll find out in a few months. Oooh the hilarity!

As for the rest of the night, let's just say I passed out in the car, got home at 4AM and woke up at 10AM today with a massive hangover. I haven't had a night out in months — I was supposed to be home by 10PM — but I had so much fun. Thanks to all of you! :-)

PS. OMFG I saw Jolina!

Herbivore Men in Japan

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Herbivore Men in Japan

Man I love Japan!!! Is this what they call them nancy boys with the effeminate touch? Herbivore men?

From CNN:

They are young, earn little and spend little, and take a keen interest in fashion and personal appearance — meet the “herbivore men” of Japan.

Typically, “herbivore men” are in their 20s and 30s, and believe that friendship without sex can exist between men and women, Fukasawa said.

Watch this video. First one to spot the Margiela t-shirt shall win a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

If these boys are ONLY interested in personal appearance and NOT interested in sex or money, what does that make me, someone who is interested in ALL three, you know, a sleazy internet perv who wants you to show da cashmoney to buy a boatload of bags and clothes and hats and shoes and gloves?

Gay Asians Herbivore Men in Japan

Just sayin’.

PS. I bet you most of those herbivorous men log on to Superfuture…

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