Welcome (Back) To The Jungle

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I’m finally back in New York! “Welcome Home” is what my friends tell me every time I set foot in JFK.

Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show Invitations

After spending 21 hours traveling from Cape Town, South Africa to Manila, Philippines, I had 7 hours to go home from the airport, pack for Fashion Month, go back to the airport to catch a flight (a 19-hour journey) to NYC. Four continents in four days if you count the stopover in Doha, Qatar. This, my friends, is my life at the moment. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the verge of a meltdown because of the sheer insanity of it all but I love it. I really do.

It’s Fashion Week once again. Are you excited? I’m gonna step up my coverage this season. Gonna use the new camera to my advantage. Can’t wait!

Coffee Runners Are The Future Of Fashion Reporting

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Sometimes I feel like a broken record every time I answer interviews on this whole blogs vs traditional media hocus pocus. I always cringe whenever I get asked questions pertaining to this comparison. I’m quick to point out that most bloggers, at least the ones who had their blogs for quite some time, started as a hobby, only with the mere intention of sharing life experiences online. Of course, many people now want to be “bloggers” and present themselves as “critics” or what have you. It just happened that people were quick to pigeonhole bloggers as the new journalists when this whole blogging phenomenon exploded no wonder they now carry this unwarranted, heavy burden of being the future of fashion reporting.

What can one do to abolish this way of thinking? That us, bloggers, are shadows of our beloved fashion reporters? That we all want to follow their footsteps? To lump everyone in this basket is somewhat disheartening. Why do we have to impose the same pressures, standards and expectations to the people we respect and admire for years to everyone with a blog? We all know that not all blogs are created equal. To compare different channels is not only a waste of time or space but it also belittles people who spent dozens and dozens of years honing their craft. For instance, I think it’s more insulting to compare an industry veteran to a narcissistic blogger who posts pictures of her outfits online than calling out why a blogger, who has very limited industry knowledge,  is not capable of critical thinking. Is it fair to force critical thinking from people whose intention is to keep personal diaries on the interwebs? Just a thought. Of course your teenage blogger has a different perspective than someone with a set of jaded eyes. I’d rather have experts do it.

In twenty, maybe thirty years, the Hilary Alexanders, the Cathy Horyns, the Anna Wintours and the Suzy Menkes of the industry won’t be around. Who should we look up to when it comes to the future? Let me tell you one thing — don’t look at pesky bloggers. Easy target, if you ask me. Don’t look at me either — I’ve always said I’m the Snookie (aka Horse & Hound) of blogging! The future of fashion reporting doesn’t rest on the hands of a laptop-wielding blogger who likes to share portraits to an interested and addicted audience on the internet.

What fashion needs to do is to look closely on the skinny fashion chain. How many university graduates are reduced to fetching coffee or doing sample returns at 1AM while their Editors flirt with the latest Brazilian himbo or sip 30-euro vodka tonics at the Principe? Or what about that nubile, young thing (whose family spent tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars in a college education) giving up the dream of having a byline and now spend his or her time writing emails with “MEDIA ALERT” on the subject line, hawking the latest accoutrement sported by oh, I dunno, Lauren Conrad?

Ok enough rambling from me. I could go on and on and on and make very little sense. I hope you get the picture.