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If These Walls Could Talk! My Old My Manilllllllla!

09/06/2006, Current Affairs, Manila, Travel

If These Walls Could Talk!

I would like to say "thanks" to the Pied Piper of Manila, Carlos Celdran (and his fabulous & highly-recommended walking tours) for NOT BEING AVAILABLE on a bloody Thursday. Carlos!!!!!!! I hope you’re listening to me reading this… it’s about time that you clone yourself! I was gonna send a fellow blogger over to you but you don’t have any weekday tours available. Thanks to you, I lost soo much weight from an hour’s worth of walking. I burned so many calories I think I might have reached my exercise quota for the entire year!

I went to Intramuros and Fort Santiago yesterday afternoon with Gareth and my younger sister.


I got up at 10:30AM yesterday after my little KFC extravanganza. I wanted Gareth to see one of Manila’s top tourist attractions (other than myself, of course) so I picked him up at around 2:30PM.


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I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (and Today’s Youth)

08/06/2006, Clubbing

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night


Even though the guys are crazy, even though the stars are blind, if you show me real love baby, I’ll show you miiiiiiine. I can make it nice and naughty, meet the devil and angel too, gotta heart, soul and body, let’s see what this love can doooooo… maybe I’m perfect for youuuuuuu!


(Shirt by Kenneth Cole, sunglasses by Dior, jeans by Acne Jeans (Sweden), bracelets from Christian Dior and Hermès, belt from Hermès, shoes from Chanel, bag from Mulberry)

It’s been 2 days and I still have that stupid song on autorepeat. Ugh!

I went out yesterday night… the first time I went out on a Wednesday in the lonnnngesssst time.


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Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

07/06/2006, Random Cheesemax

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – I LOVE PARIS HILTON’S NEW VIDEO ("Stars Are Blind")!!! Oh my god all my anal hemorrhoids are flaring up just by watching it. Loves it. That’s hot! Ugh.

#2 – Bryanboy loves people from Malmo, Sweden, Athens, Greece, Irvine, CA, Busby, Alberta Canada, Rome, Italy, Bremerton, WA, Vevey, Switzerland, Worcester, MA, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bridgetown, St. Michael Barbados, Goleta, CA, Del Viso, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lerster, Sweden and all the people in the small town of Mietinkyl, Southern Finland. Gimme a shout y’all. Say hi, don’t be shy!


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Protected: Back to regular programming… Today’s 6/6/6! Camwhore Time! Bryanboy does Lunch! Yes, Lunch!

06/06/2006, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Grooming, Life, Manila

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EXPLOSIVE! Bryanboy at his rawest: The picture that will CHANGE the way you view Bryanboy

05/06/2006, Current Affairs, Fans, Fashion, Grooming, Health

Bryanboy At His Rawest

People seem to have this impression that everything about me is fabulous. I don’t blame them because that’s the image I project: my life is fabulous, I love beautiful things, I drool over beautiful people, I go to nice places etc. Flaunt it cause you have it. Show it while you have it. Work it like you own it. Fake it till you make it. I dress like a princess but in reality I’m just a pauper.

In the past few months I’ve received no less than a dozen emails from people (shit, I dropped my cigarette on my crotch as I typed that sentence) with questions like "what does Bryanboy wear when he’s at home?" etc. I also get compliments from many, many people complimenting me about my skin, which I don’t really understand cause I have terrible, terrible awful skin. Hah!

It’s Monday afternoon and I just got up less than an hour ago. I’m dead bored so I figured, why not surprise you lot with what the OTHER SIDE of BRYAN looks like.


Take note of all that excess flesh… now you know why I’m promoting my watermelon diet… oh and all that stubble on my face. You probably don’t see it now but you will, later.

Anyway, all I wear at home is a plain ol tee and boxers. It’s all about comfort clothes here. No juicy couture sweats whatsoever. Sometimes I’d even roam around the house wearing nothing but some y-front briefs on.

Get your own blog at Typepad, just like mine! Free trial.

Now, If the image above isn’t shocking enough, the photo you are about to see will HAUNT you for the rest of your life and change the way you think of me — Le Superstar Fabuleux my fuckin asshole.


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Excessively Preppy. Office Worker Chic. I mean Shit.

05/06/2006, Clubbing, Food and Drink, Friendships, Life, Manila

Excessively Preppy. Office Worker Chic

Boy oh boy, what an unbelievable weekend I had. It rained cats and dogs on Saturday night and it was pouring parties left and right. The awful H2O that fell from the sky didn’t stop my preppy-wannabe ass from hopping from one party to another.

I left the house at 7PM and it wasn’t even raining. As soon as I crossed the territorial borders of the big city with the bright lights, it started to pour. A friend called and even suggested that I should unleash the fur and the Jacket-a-wheelers cause it was pissing down with rain. Thank god I brought a Dior Homme dinner jacket with me.

Super super drunk but I still look fierce. And fugly. Look at the face. Hahaha!

Too bad she called in late. I friggin wore a white top and beige trousers. Eeek! My dry cleaners will have a ball as soon as I send in my shit. LOL.

Hat by Chanel, top from Neil Barrett, fish necklace from Chanel, pearl belt (worn as necklace) by Chanel, faux pearls necklace from a flea market, B bag from Fendi, bracelet by Hermès, trousers by Prada, shoes from Louis Vuitton.


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Celebrity Schmelebrity. Fuck the Haters. Eat Your Fucking Hearts Out.

03/06/2006, Press Coverage

Celebrity Schmelebrity. Fuck me. I’m Famous.

I wish. Hah!

Ohhhhhhhh Where the fucking hell are my haters when I fucking need them most? I’m currently on a roll because my sheer existence on this planet has been validated once, I mean, twice, again.

Let’s face it, everyone seeks fucking validation and acceptance. Some people aim to be accepted by a certain crowd, some people seek validation from their friends, some people want to be accepted by their families & love ones and some people… are struggling to accept themselves. I, on the other hand, being the geek that I am, seek acceptance AND validation from all the glorious and fabulous people in the world of the interweb.


First off… my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE paparazzi photo website ofyoung Hollywood celebs, surprised me with my own entry. Allow me to indulge and enter a state of delusional bliss for thinking I’m on the same ranks with my "buddies" Lindsay, Paris, Kim Kardashian (who the hell is she?), Britney and Jessica.

Visit to view my page or you can go to it directly:
God I’m soooo fuckin delusional eh? But whatever. It’s all about having fun.



My ego brings all the boys to the yard… and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours, I can teach you, but I have to charge. La la-la la la, warm it up, La la-la la la, the boys are waiting.

Next stop are the amazing people at, a website that belongs to Hollywood’s King of the Paparazzi, E.L. Woody. I got a mention on their site/blog once again.

Visit to see me there.

I know, I know, I should stop this delusion of grandeur fame but isn’t it fucking amazing how I’m such a NOBODY in the third world yet I’m all over the place on the net? Ok, not ALL OVER the place as in literally… hopefully we’ll get there, one straight man converted to faggotry at a time… HAHAHA… but still.

Man, I should get fuckin endorsement deals left and right where I live (I  WANT MY OWN DAMN BILLBOARD GOD DAMMIT) but they’d rather chose mixed race mongrels, half GI-BABY/american soldier, half-reformed prostitute whatever. Maybe because they’re prettier than my ugly brown fat ass. Who knows? I really need to get a fuckin nose job and chin implant soon.



HAHAHAHA! Look at me go all bitter and venomous. Ouch. God forbid the stench of all that vitriol I’ve been spitting will kill me one day.

Anyway… I’m a happy camper. The complaining stops here. Attention seeker got his dose of attention for the day and I’ll shut my trap for now.


060306_pinoy Last, but not the least, I’m still waiting for the gorgeous folks at The San Francisco Chronicle, who interviewed me over the phone not too long ago, to publish me (podcast) on their site. They recently launched a podcast targeting Filipinos in the San Francisco/Bay Area. God knows whether or not they’ll post my interview cause I could barely remember what I said to the lovely reporter. It was 4AM! I wouldn’t be surprised if I spat profanities throughout the interview but we’ll see. All my fingers and toes are crossed and you’ll be the first one to know when that interview comes out…. if EVER they decide to publish it out. LOL.

On that profound note, I’ll keep this entry short and start working on a longer entry.

I was supposed to go out last night. I backed out and fell asleep. At 10:30PM! I didn’t have anything NOTHING to wear. I’m saving my John Galliano jacket for a special ocassion. Those Filipino bloody designers better start sending me free clothes, ok, I don’t wanna be a freeloader but a fuckin 50% discount would suffice. God my face is so thick it’s unbelievable.


Someone please snap me back to reality and burst my ego bubble.

Don’t feed the ego cause the ego’s trying to be anorexic.

You all know how to get a hold of me. Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492

I love you all. Spread the faggotry alive!


PS. Discuss this blog post here.

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Getting To Know You, Krakow, Poland Suicides: Death by Bryanboy

02/06/2006,, Current Affairs, Fan Art, Fans, Fashion


You know what I realized a couple of days ago?

Thousands upon thousands of you visit my website on a regular basis. From Sydney and Osaka, Hamburg, Arkansas and Malmo, Sweden to Buenos Aires, Argentina down to my homies in Los Angeles, CA and Jakarta, Indonesia, millions of you have visited my site since October 2004. It’s amazing how a shitload of people all over the world found my little corner of the interweb and the numbers are still growing. You’ve read all my stories, you’ve seen and laughed at what seemed to be tens of thousands of my hilarious (and often ridiculous) photographs.

(That’s me at Shu Uemura’s latest party)

Now that you’ve seen a (small) part of my life on my blog after all this time, it’s my turn to know more about you, my dear reader.

I’ve always been curious on who reads my website. I mean, it’s quite obvious from the hundreds of "I LOVE BRYANBOY" and "INFAMOUS BRYANBOY POSE" photos that you have sent me, but I believe that’s only a very small percentage of the people who read (and/or visit) my blog religiously.


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Protected: Aiming for Anorexia: The Official Bryanboy “DYING TO BE THIN” Diet and Faggotry in Motion #004

31/05/2006, Fat, Food and Drink, Press Coverage, Videos

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Moscow Needs Some Faggotry. Big Time., Meet Dhani Lennevald, Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax, LOTS OF LOVE From Around the World

29/05/2006, Current Affairs, Fan Art, Fashion, Moscow, Random Cheesemax, Social Awareness, St. Petersburg, Travel

Moscow Needs Some Faggotry. Big Time.


I’m sure you’ve heard the news on how Moscow’s first ever gay pride got trashed by a ton of nationalists, skinheads, religious fanatics and such. Thanks to Moscow’s homophobic mayor Yuri Luzhkov (who put a ban on the event), Russian fags and queers were deprived of such celebration… and some of them even got beaten up.