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I obviously have some explaining to do.

05/07/2006, Uncategorized

I obviously have some explaining to do…

… and you too. For the life of god, is it really a RACIST thing for calling a man, who happens to be someone of a darker skin, a "monkey", simply because he looks like a monkey? Skin color is irrelevant cause there are a lot of other people out there who look like monkeys. In fact, even Mariah Carey once said that there’s this Filipina singer who also looks like a monkey.

Monkey Schmonkey. Whatever.

I WOILL NEVER APOLOGIZE for thinking/saying he kinda looks like a monkey.

OK… maybe I will, on three conditions:

  • he gives me a kiss on the cheek
  • he fondles my fat fanny
  • I’ll apologize to him in private provided that he buys me a couple of rounds of drink


Shit, he even collaborated with NIGO for a label called Bathing Ape/BAPE!

Some of you may need to get a life.

It’s funny cause the "correlation" and "similarities" between a "black man" and "monkeys" NEVER came across my mind until you people pointed it out.


These baseless accusations of me being racist are ludicrous, preposterous and absurd.


I even bought 5 copies of the Liya Kebede for Vogue cause it’s been ages since they last featured a model on the cover at that time!

I’m an equal opportunity lover. Promise. I’ll suck the cock of anyone with a pulse provided they’re legal.

Shit, I love everyone. Black, white, brown, albino, gingers, yellow, latinos, arabs, everyone! Even extraterrestrial creatures like me!


Saucer of milk please, maggots!

Now go fuck yourselves.

Almost naked at Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK 2001

Or better yet, fuck me cause I haven’t had sex in so long.

God I love my arms back in the dark ages. Take note how there are many, many razor-sharp edges on my body. My arms and my waist can give Nicole Richie a run for Lionel’s credit card.

I hate my hair though. Ugh. Lion hair. Hideous. Just hideous!

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. I’m really not a racist. Promise! In fact, I’ve slept with a black guy before, in London, when I was 17. He was a cab driver and he was gorgeous as fuck. I had to sit on the front because I wanted some action and boy he was lovely.

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Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

05/07/2006,, Current Affairs, Health, Manila, Press Coverage, Shilebrities

Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

"The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?"

I looooove Pretty Woman!!!!! Who the fucking hell knew that old fart with salt and pepper hair, Richard Gere, was fucking HOT back in the dark ages? Man, I wasn’t even born when this film was made. Ugh!!!! I can’t believe he’s sooo hot back then.


Yesterday afternoon was productive. I originally planned on having a massage but I ended up at the hospital (and the mall) instead.


Black t-shirt from Topshop, oversized sleeveless striped v-neck top from Zara, sunglasses from Gucci, bracelets from Hermès, Bill Amberg and Topshop, necklace from Mimi (Philippines), bag from Balenciaga, jeans from Acne Jeans (Sweden), super old sandals from Bragano by Cole Haan.


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Boy I love Hard Gay… what a character he is. Hahahaha!

Someone just make me famous god dammit! I’m glad to know the Japanese are keeping the faggotry alive.

I’ll update in a bit!


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Protected: I’m the story, I’m the star you know, like the big dipper…

03/07/2006, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Health, Manila

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I told you Hilary loves me…

01/07/2006, Shilebrities

I told you Hilary loves me…

Remember the time when Fendi copied my infamous Bryanboy pose? This time it’s Hilary… with an old Fendi spy bag, no less.


Fine, it’s not exactly my pose but whatever. My pose is STILL going places, I’m telling you. Maybe not in Hollywood but it certainly has reached far flung places from New York City and Singapore to somewhere in bumfuck, Sweden and Krakow, Poland.

Shit, even my long-term Swedish loverboy Jakob, who just got back from a trip to Prague and keeps on getting blonde and blonder, borrowed some old, drunken street man’s bag and posed just to make me happy. I told him to hook me up with those Czech boys and he sent me this photo instead. Bah! I need hot sex with some east european fucker like pronto.


I"ll do a proper update later. I’m late for my doctor’s appointment. I’m having a chest x-ray, ECG and some blood tests done. I’ve been procrastinating and I just want to get this done and over with, once and for all.

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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Why do I have this feeling…

30/06/2006, Shilebrities

Why do I have this feeling…

I have to get this out of my system or else I’m gonna be insane. Just browsing the net, as always, and came across a picture of Hilary Duff over at Hollywood Rag.


Why do I have this disgusting feeling at the pit of my stomach that Hilary Duff and I have some sort of a (twisted) connection? Please tell me I’m not evolving BACKWARDS and Hilary isn’t the indicator of what my future would be and to think, I’m twelvehundred centuries older than her.

Let’s look at the facts…

  • we both LOVE Evian except she likes to drink it whereas I use it to douche my ass before anal sex
  • Hilary and I are just as fat especially now that she gained weight.
  • we both like skinny jeans and we’re not even skinny
  • she’s got the Marc Jacobs bag that I was just eyeing on a few hours ago.
  • we have an awful lot of things in common (i.e. we’re both fat)
  • I loooooove that "wake up wake up on a saturday night could be new york maybe hollywood and vine" song. Hahahahaha!

Click here to read what Duff has to say and for more pictures. Take note of her arms. I swear to god I’m just as fat as her. No?

God I hate being fat. This excessive weight gain has to stop! I’m already having a shitload of stretchmarks thinking about it. There’s a skinny, little, skeletriplet person hidden inside me, begging to come out of from all this excess flesh that I have!

You guys have got to watch World of Wonder’s latest videocast. Absolutely hilarious! Lots of quotable quotes from "it’s fabulous to watch Barbara destroy Starr" to "you don’t fuckkkk with Barbara." Click here to watch the video.

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. EmJay from GTF you are GAY! GAY! GAY GAY!

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Bryanboy Loves…and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

30/06/2006, Current Affairs, Fan Art, Fans, Fashion, Random Cheesemax

063006_thumbBryanboy Loves…and Random Cheesemax: Retail Therapy and More

DISCLAIMER: This is QUITE POSSIBLY THE LONGEST BL…RC entry of all time so be sure to read it all.

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Budapest, Hungary, Plano, TX, Salford, UK, Staten Island, NY, Paderno Dugnano, Italy, Paris, France, Willebroek, Belgium, Lisbon, Portugal, Chrzanw Nowy, Poland, Beijing, China, Djursholms Sby, Sweden, Rome, Italy, Sarugakucho, Tokyo Japan and of course, all the cute guys and lovely girl from Hudiskvall, Gavleborgs Lan Sweden! I love each and every one of you ya fuckin maggots. Send me "I LOVE BRYANBOY" pictures! I can never have too much of those.

New York City, BC, Canada, Rome Italy, Jakarta, Indonesia, Philadelphia, PA, Madison, Wisconsin and Singapore. Unless you’re legally blind, it should be obvious to you that people all over the world love me so you, yes you, should start loving me too.



Full-sized version of these pics plus all the random cheesemax that I love after the jump.


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Is it “Donna Karan” or “Donna Karen”?

29/06/2006, Fashion

Is it "Donna Karan" or "Donna Karen"?

Breaking news… The Devil wore Donna Karen.

The fabulous folks at "The Devil Wears Prada" donated a "Donna Karan" outfit to a charity called "Dress for Success". The outfit is currently up for bidding on eBay.


Click here to view the auction.


According to the auction, the outfit comes with "Meryl Streep’s Donna Karen 2-piece black crepe top & skirt". The "Donna Karen" top features a shoulder drape neckline with dual clip closures and the "Donna Karen" skirt has a zip up back and a false hip pocket.

Oh dear. Poor Donna Karan.

062906_certificateNO SIZE IS INDICATED ON EITHER PIECE OF OUTFIT and it even includes a costume department wardrobe tag!

The outfit also comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by Premiere Props and an authorized representative of 20th Century Fox.

Take note how the certificate of authenticity reflects the one of my favourite Gwyneth Paltrow films, "View From the Top". Hahahahahaha!

Is it "Donna Karen" or "Donna Karan"? You decide.

All I can say is…


I guess it doesn’t really matter what dress it is or what people are paying for. The proceeds go to charity anyway!


Big shout out to Kristina from Toronto, who recently took a picture of herself doing the Infamous Bryanboy Pose.


I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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You better work! Sashay! Shante! Win a Louis Vuitton Pochette!

29/06/2006, Current Affairs

You better work! Sashay! Shante!

It’s 3:35AM in the third world and my day is about to start. I slept early last night, around 8PM after spending the entire day on the road. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!


Yesterday was quite productive. I left the house before lunchtime, in spite of my face all red and peeling (yep, I restarted again on Obagi…I have to have perfect, flawless skin NEXT MONTH for another upcoming/possible project, that’s another surprise to tell), to meet several suppliers. My first batch of 20-something necklaces are all done… and they’re all GORGEOUS! I’m really proud of myself and my vendors. I’m extremely confident that most of you will react the same way I did when I saw them. It felt really good inside to be able to accomplish something. Unfortunately, there’s still lots of work that needs to be done. 20 pieces isn’t enough to begin with therefore I’m adding another extra week on my ‘calendar’ to create another 20 pieces.


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The African-American BryanBoy?

28/06/2006, Uncategorized

The African-American BryanBoy?

I’m at a loss of words! OH. MY. GOD. That is sooo totally fetch. Felch. Fetch. Felch. Fech. Fetch. Flech. Hahahahah. The lovely folks at Crunk + Disorderly, one of the world’s BEST blogs dedicated to the fabulous black community, certainly knows how to make my day. 


What’s up with the bag, girlfriend? It looks like I’m gonna be able to fit inside it! The belt totally doesn’t match your outfit… and that vest? SOOOO SEVERE! Oh dear. Hideous. Just hideous. I guess you’re trying to copy this look I did back on April… yes? Darling, fire your stylist and hire me instead!!! I love you though but you DOOOOOO look like you went on a lootin’ spree.


Shit, I used to be like that AGES ago… you know… I was MAJOR FASHION VICTIM GALORE! I slapped on all the logos AT THE SAME TIME…. I LOOKED GROSS AND HIDEOUS….but hey, there’s a thing called evolution and you, my black bryanboy friend, can change, just like me! There’s hope!!!!

In fact, here’s a photo from before. Icky!!!! Look at all that logo a gogo madness!!!! NASTY! I swear to my grandfather’s grave I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER DO IT AGAIN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Anyway, take note how BBB got at least 100 comments. Click here to read them all. All of them are fucking hilarious.

He is a hot tacky ass mess! Labels do not equal fab! I’ll have to submit some pics of some of my true fab friends who really bring the heat in the style dept. Bryan Boy does it better. Noah’s Arc is a really cute show, too bad the "boys" don’t feel it though.

Who let this fool out the damn house. Honestly is the 1st GAY HOODRAT I’ve seen in a long time…

He’s doing too much! Belt, bag, sunglasses, vest, scarf, necklace, cell phone… uh… tether, sidekick. This brother looks like the accessories aisle in Macy’s.

This fool dressed up with too many accessories…Looks like he just came from lootin and grabbed anything he could get his hands on through the broke windows..

I’m gonna hafta disagree wit’cha on this one Fresh…whilst dude may be stylin’ he just doesn’t have that saguafaire (sic) that Bryanboy has…maybe Bryanboy can tutor him to get his faggotry in motion swagger on…Bryanboy is simplistic in his fashion but it says alot, plus he’s just not as sexy as Bryanboy is either…Baboosh!

I have checked out that Bryan boy blog and he is the truth. I love almost everything he wears. It is always coordinated. Unlike this creature who threw on everything he owned with a namebrand on it. This dude is a walking billboard.

About Dwen Curry not AS fabulostic as Bryan Boy (because the gayest gay that ever gayed has beautiful skin and he is so cute you just want to eat him to pieces) but he is very FABULOUS nonetheless, kind of like a step above Kimora and her sausage link neck, and plus is always good to have us a national FWLL (Fag We Love to Love) in deep chocolate brown

Having fierce labelz ain’t shyt, unless ur workin’ it to proper effect! The effect given here is just plain ova the top; ver, ver, geto booster. It can work at the ball, but if you walk into Saks, Neiman’s or Barney’s, with this look homebuscuit, ur azz is mos def gonna be trailed by security lovely!

I guess it’s nice to know that thousands of African-Americans out there love me. YO’ BITCHES SEND ME "I LOVE BRYANBOY" SIGN PICS!


Photo credit: Willy Saw

There is only one Bryanboy… keep the faggotry alive!

I love each and every one of you, as always. Email me…!

Oh, btw, here’s another Devil Wears Prada clip. I fucking can’t wait for this movie!!!!!


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