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If you’re famous and you don’t know it clap your hands!

09/07/2006, Fans

If you have fans and you don’t know it clap your hands!


*clap clap* If you’re an attention whore like me you clap your hands!

*clap clap* If you are famous and you deny it clap your hands!

*clap clap* If you have many people "loving" you, many people sending pics, if you have fans and you love them too you clap your hands.


*clap clap*

Large-sized pics and more after the jump…


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Marc Jacobs: Women We Love

08/07/2006, Fashion

Marc Jacobs: Women We Love

Gotta love that Marc Jacobs guy. He never cease to amaze me.

Just like you and me, he’s one heck of an attention whore and I fucking love it. First it was the barebackin’, bugchashin’ rentboy he picked up at, then comes the gaudy galore fall/winter 06/07 Louis Vuitton bag collection that’s designed for nouveaux riche Russians and Asian matrons and then this…

Marc Jacobs’ "Women We Love" campaign in NYC.


More pics after the jump. I guarantee you’ll laugh at this one. Click click click!


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Stand back, stand back!

07/07/2006, Music

Stand back, stand back!

I love this old song and I have it on autoplay. It’s one of my favourite tracks of all time.

No one looked…as I walked by, just an invitation would’ve been just fine. Said no again and again, first he took my heart… then he ran.

No one knows how I feel, what I say unless you read between my lines. One man walked away from me, first he took my hand… take me home

Stand back…stand back, in the middle of my room, I did not hear from you. It’s alright…it’s alright. To be standing in a line (standing in a line)… la la la la la la la la la la la la la…

Do not turn away my friend, like a willow I can bend. No man calls my name, no man came

So I walked on down away from you, maybe your attention was more, than you could do. One man did not call… he asked me for my love and that was all.


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General Hospital

07/07/2006, Current Affairs, Health

General Hospital

Don’t ask me why I went to the hospital (again) on Wednesday morning. I had to do more tests and x-ray shots. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best. I wanna live old till I’m 75 and wear Oscar de la Renta… or Zoran for god’s sake.

Good goofy god lord almighty, when will it ever end?!?!?!?!?


At this point, all I can say is that I’m a walking, talking, Balenciaga bag-wearing Chernobyl victim with all the radiation I got exposed to over the past few days.

Sunglasses by Gucci, deconstructed denim jacket from Alexander McQueen, ‘Salt N Pepa’ t-shirt from Dsquared,  bag from Balenciaga, shorts from this cheap store in the Philippines called "Details", shoes from Zara.


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John’s Back!

06/07/2006, Fashion

John’s Back!

It’s about time Mr. Galliano come into senses and bring out the glitter, the spectacle and extravaganza. His recent pret-a-porter shows are utterly crap and sedated. Dior’s been completely unappealing the past few seasons I couldn’t help but wonder whether he lost his touch.

Guess who came out with alien invasion as a theme this season?

I hereby present you John Galliano for Queen Amidala Collection/Christian Dior Haute Couture.


More pics after the jump.


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I obviously have some explaining to do.

05/07/2006, Uncategorized

I obviously have some explaining to do…

… and you too. For the life of god, is it really a RACIST thing for calling a man, who happens to be someone of a darker skin, a "monkey", simply because he looks like a monkey? Skin color is irrelevant cause there are a lot of other people out there who look like monkeys. In fact, even Mariah Carey once said that there’s this Filipina singer who also looks like a monkey.

Monkey Schmonkey. Whatever.

I WOILL NEVER APOLOGIZE for thinking/saying he kinda looks like a monkey.

OK… maybe I will, on three conditions:

  • he gives me a kiss on the cheek
  • he fondles my fat fanny
  • I’ll apologize to him in private provided that he buys me a couple of rounds of drink


Shit, he even collaborated with NIGO for a label called Bathing Ape/BAPE!

Some of you may need to get a life.

It’s funny cause the "correlation" and "similarities" between a "black man" and "monkeys" NEVER came across my mind until you people pointed it out.


These baseless accusations of me being racist are ludicrous, preposterous and absurd.


I even bought 5 copies of the Liya Kebede for Vogue cause it’s been ages since they last featured a model on the cover at that time!

I’m an equal opportunity lover. Promise. I’ll suck the cock of anyone with a pulse provided they’re legal.

Shit, I love everyone. Black, white, brown, albino, gingers, yellow, latinos, arabs, everyone! Even extraterrestrial creatures like me!


Saucer of milk please, maggots!

Now go fuck yourselves.

Almost naked at Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK 2001

Or better yet, fuck me cause I haven’t had sex in so long.

God I love my arms back in the dark ages. Take note how there are many, many razor-sharp edges on my body. My arms and my waist can give Nicole Richie a run for Lionel’s credit card.

I hate my hair though. Ugh. Lion hair. Hideous. Just hideous!

I love you all! Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.


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PPSS. I’m really not a racist. Promise! In fact, I’ve slept with a black guy before, in London, when I was 17. He was a cab driver and he was gorgeous as fuck. I had to sit on the front because I wanted some action and boy he was lovely.

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Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

05/07/2006,, Current Affairs, Health, Manila, Press Coverage, Shilebrities

Hospital and Haircut: Pretty Faggot

"The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?"

I looooove Pretty Woman!!!!! Who the fucking hell knew that old fart with salt and pepper hair, Richard Gere, was fucking HOT back in the dark ages? Man, I wasn’t even born when this film was made. Ugh!!!! I can’t believe he’s sooo hot back then.


Yesterday afternoon was productive. I originally planned on having a massage but I ended up at the hospital (and the mall) instead.


Black t-shirt from Topshop, oversized sleeveless striped v-neck top from Zara, sunglasses from Gucci, bracelets from Hermès, Bill Amberg and Topshop, necklace from Mimi (Philippines), bag from Balenciaga, jeans from Acne Jeans (Sweden), super old sandals from Bragano by Cole Haan.


12:16 am


04/07/2006, Uncategorized


Boy I love Hard Gay… what a character he is. Hahahaha!

Someone just make me famous god dammit! I’m glad to know the Japanese are keeping the faggotry alive.

I’ll update in a bit!


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Protected: I’m the story, I’m the star you know, like the big dipper…

03/07/2006, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Health, Manila

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I told you Hilary loves me…

01/07/2006, Shilebrities

I told you Hilary loves me…

Remember the time when Fendi copied my infamous Bryanboy pose? This time it’s Hilary… with an old Fendi spy bag, no less.


Fine, it’s not exactly my pose but whatever. My pose is STILL going places, I’m telling you. Maybe not in Hollywood but it certainly has reached far flung places from New York City and Singapore to somewhere in bumfuck, Sweden and Krakow, Poland.

Shit, even my long-term Swedish loverboy Jakob, who just got back from a trip to Prague and keeps on getting blonde and blonder, borrowed some old, drunken street man’s bag and posed just to make me happy. I told him to hook me up with those Czech boys and he sent me this photo instead. Bah! I need hot sex with some east european fucker like pronto.


I"ll do a proper update later. I’m late for my doctor’s appointment. I’m having a chest x-ray, ECG and some blood tests done. I’ve been procrastinating and I just want to get this done and over with, once and for all.

Email or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


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