OH SNAP! How to get shot by The Sartorialist

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OH SNAP!How to get shot by The Sartorialist

Don’t lie now. I know some of you are very, very very desperate and absolutely gagging to be shot by famed streetstyle photographer The Sartorialist. Well, the hysterical folks over at Refinery29 unveiled the magic formula on how to get your photo taken by Mr. Scott Schuman. They got the formula nailed to the core. It’s *that* easy apparently!

How to get shot by the Sartorialist

Click click click to see the entire flow chart.

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Cheap Thrills at Urban Outfitters

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Cheap Thrills at Urban Outfitters

I'm desperate for cheap thrills so I paid Urban Outfitters a visit (cheap thrills my ass… cheeeeeeep is the only thing I can afford right now, thank you very much) and bought a few things: women's Dr Martens patent leather 14-eye boots, BDG super stretchy sateen cigarette pants in black and men's two-tone suede oxford shoes which I got on sale.

I particularly love the Doc Martens boot. Thank GOD they carry size 10 women's. Unlike the usual docs which have the horrible yellow stitches, these ones have black stitching and the shape is nice, too.

Urban Outfitters

There's HEAPS of items ON SALE… they have "under $9.99" and "under $30" sections both for men and women worth checking (though I didn't find anything interesting for me). Perhaps you'll find something there? I love Urban Outfitters!

GO check em out. Now!