Download Anna Wintour Ring Tones For Free! [do it now]

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Anna Wintour Quotes + Free Ring Tones

Anna Wintour, who we all love very much, needs no introduction so let's cut to the chase.

Anna Wintour quotes ring tones

I made these ring tones for my new baby which I'll blog about soon. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. All you need to do is download the audio files to your computer and transfer them to your phone. I cannot guarantee whether they'd work on your mobile or not (and quite frankly, I don't care so please don't ask me any tech support-related questions because I do not have the time) but lemme tell you they perfectly work on my phone.

  • [here] Little Houses (my personal favourite; this is my text message tone)
  • [here] Fashion Makes People Nervous
  • [here] Glutton for Punishment
  • [here] Fur
  • [here] Glamorous Girlfriend
  • [here] Needy Bitch
  • [here] People
  • [here] Sunglasses
  • [here] Bonus! Andre Leon Talley – Famine of Beauty
  • [here] BONUS! (as requested by idris) BRYANBOY on LITTLE BRITISH HOUSES

Say the magic words: you're welcome.

PS. If you want to share these lovely ring tones to your own minions, please link to this page instead of linking to the files directly in your site. I'm paying for bandwidth charges not you.

Again, you're welcome. Enjoy! :)

Don't Shop! [video]

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Don’t Shop!

Ladies and gays, have you seen this hilarious video? Thirteen NYC fashion bloggers, from the lovely Gala of Gala Darling and Sarah of StyleITonline to Yuli Ziv of MyItThings and Jean of StyleObserver, shot this funny video to encourage you and your friends to shop. I think it’s awesome. It’s sale season right now and there are so many bargains everywhere!

Shopping is great if you have cashmoney and unlimited credit but in these crazy financial times and credit cruch, who’s got crispy benjamins or a non-maxed out visa?

Just sayin’

The Sartorialist Book by Scott Schuman

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The Sartorialist Book by Scott Schuman

For US$16.50, now you too can pre-order Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist’s new self-titled book to be released on August 12, 2009.

Scott Schuman just wanted to take photographs of people on the
street who looked great. His now famous blog (‘the bellwether American
site that turned photo blogging into an art form’ – “New York Times“)
was an attempt to showcase the wonderful and varied sartorial tastes of
real people – not only those of the fashion industry. The book is a
beautiful anthology of Scott’s favourite shots from around the world.
They include photographs of well-known fashion figures as well as those
shots of the anonymous passerby whose imagination and taste delight the
viewer. From the streets of Rio to Bejing, Stockholm to Milan, these
are the people that have inspired Scott and in turn, inspired designers
and people of all ages, wages and nationalities with an interest in
fashion. Intimately designed and created with Scott, the book is a
handsome object in its own right, in full colour on hand-picked,
quality paper.

The Sartorialist Book by Scott Schuman

Amazon is taking pre-orders now.