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Bryanboy Loves MICHAEL KORS, Boys Boys Boys

02/08/2006, Fan Art

Bryanboy Loves MICHAEL KORS

Michael oh Michael, is that you darling, who is visiting my website? Send me free clothes and accessories dammit! Hahahaha I’m kidding. I wish we’ve got Michael Kors here in the third world. You make the best coats and the best furs and the best damn turtlenecks ever!



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Protected: Swedish Military School and Espadrilles

01/08/2006, Scandinavia

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BIGGEST PICTIONARY EVAR: Backpacker Culture vs Bryanboy Culture

30/07/2006, Travel

Backpacker Culture vs Bryanboy Culture

My oh my. I must have received at least 80 emails (84 emails to be exact) in the past few hours telling me **NOT** to go backpacking. Jesse from San Diego was "disgusted with the whole idea of backpacking" and I’m just putting myself "at risk".

Hmmm. The more people who tell me NOT to go backpacking the more I want to do it. I don’t know why y’all hate the thought. I mean, surely it can’t be THAT bad. I’ll let the following pictionary speak for itself. I found a shitload of backpacker pictures online and I’ll compare them to some of my old travel pictures.

For instance, meet Han of Singapore. Han is 24 years old and he’s currently finishing his law degree. He went backpacking to a lot of places all over the world. Here’s a photo of him in Turkey.

The biggest pictionary EVAR is waiting for you after the jump. If you’re on dialup, don’t click the link below because this post is overloaded with photos.


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Stupid Question: Bryanboy = Backpacker?

30/07/2006, Fan Art, Press Coverage, Travel

Stupid Question: Bryanboy = Backpacker?

I know this is a ridiculously stupid question because I’ve never "roughed it up" or gone "backpacking" before… but can I go "backpacking" with an LV trunk? I don’t have a real, real backpack like those hideous 5-foot high nylon-and-mesh bullcrap that a lot of young Brits and Australians seem to carry.

The Bryanboy Camel Pic: For some strange reason, many people all over the world LOVE this photo. I want to have another "kodak moment", this time, with another animal, like an elephant, tiger or orangutan. Click here to read the camel picture story.

I chatted to my Mexican buddy yesterday. I asked him the LV question and his reply was: "…………… no comment". I brought this whole backpacking subject to him a few months back and he told me I have to ditch biz/first class tickets, hotel suites and designer luggage if I’m really serious about backpacking.

Even one of my Brit friends told me it’s nice to keep things "REAL" by travelling via land (i.e. trains, buses, etc), stay at "youth" hostels, etc. The ocassional splurge is allowed, i.e. a fancy meal at a fabulous restaurant or the odd shopping here and there… but nothing outrageously excessive.

It all sounds appalling AND appealing at the same time. But when you think about it, maybe he’s right.


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Dreamhost is DOWN

29/07/2006, Uncategorized

Dreamhost is DOWN

It appears that my fucking webhost provider, Dreamhost, is currently experiencing some outage so some of the graphics and images on this website may not show up. I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that you visit my site again soon.


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Protected: Dlisted’s HOT SLUT of the day

29/07/2006, Press Coverage

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Why does my ass have to be extremely big?, Emerald Garden, Whitening?!?!

27/07/2006,, China, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Health, Manila

Why does my ass have to be extremely big?

I’m too embarassed to post photos of my ass online but I’ll do so anyway because I have no sense of shame and I’m one heck of a fucking attention whore. You know I know that you know (confused? hah!) I’m only doing so that you’ll post silly comments like "you don’t really have a fat ass" when in reality, my ass is sooo fucking huge it belongs to a fucking hippopotamus.


The good thing is, my extremely obese batwings are getting smaller as each day comes. One more lipo session next week and I’m gonna be thin, thin, thin… I hope! *fingers crossed*

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Exercise is a very ugly word…

27/07/2006, Health

Exercise is a very ugly word…

Indeed it is. But according to my Mexican friend Mauricio, I have to exercise a lot in order to truly shed off some unwanted pounds. Here’s a photo of my hideous batwings in full force — disgusting, innit?


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You’re invited to Lance Bass’ Coming Out Party!

27/07/2006, Uncategorized

You’re invited to Lance Bass’ Coming Out Party!

Big shout out to former N’Sync band member Lance Bass for keeping the faggotry alive and finally admitting he likes to suck cock and get fucked in his poop chute! You go gurlfriend — recruit, recruit, recruit! Hahahahahahah!


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Bryanboy loves SINGAPORE!

26/07/2006, Press Coverage

Bryanboy loves SINGAPORE!

If you’re Singaporean and you know it, clap your hands!

Words cannot express how much I feel at the moment. I know I have a shitload of people out there reading my blog and it’s high time I dedicate an entire post to all my Singaporean readers. You all ain’t bad as what I thought. If anything, you’re all LUVERLY!!!!!!

It’s 6:03AM here on a Wednesday here in the third world and I’m trying to finish my article for a local magazine. It’s long overdue and I’m having a mental block — I can’t, for the life of god, get my mind off Singaaaaaaapooooooore!