Fox Fur Collars Wrap Scarves for $99!!!

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Fox Fur Collars for $99!!!

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for summer in the northern hemisphere to be over. Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Oh what am I talking about, I love winter. Coming from a place where it’s permanently hot and humid, nothing excites me more that traveling where it’s -5 degrees outside and my frozen bollocks are the size of raisins. I know it’s still too early to plan where I’m going for a winter vacation this year (if I ever get to go, that is) but what I know is that it’s never too early to plan for outfits!

Which is why I’m so happy that I found this awesome eBay store based in China (with over 2,000 positive feedback) that sells fur items like rabbit, fox and mink scarves. I bought a brand new black fox fur collar/wrap for US$99 + shipping.

Black fox fur collar
Black fox fur collar

They come in different colours such as:

  • pink (yuck; paris hilton is dat chu?)
  • gray (loveliness)
  • white (stunning but not for me)
  • purple (too matronly… and the ribbon is horrendous)
  • red (too drag queen)
  • royal blue (nice) and more.

Because you’re dealing with the manufacturer directly, you can ask them to dye something for you if the colour that you want is not available. 

I’ll take photos when I get the package over the next few days. I’m excited!!

You’re welcome.

*photo credit: eBay

Seth Rogen's Weight Loss

Seth Rogen's Weight Loss

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Seth Rogen’s Weight Loss

Check out this video of Seth Rogen at Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he talked about being rejected by Megan Fox. Am I the only one shocked with Seth Rogen’s weight loss? Forgive me for saying this but there’s something attractive in him. And I’m not even into bears! I think it’s that homely factor in him… the average joe type of guy who won’t complain when you command them around like a slave dog the whole day… and still give you back rubs at night.

Click click click!

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Chola Makeup Tutorial [video]

Chola Makeup Tutorial [video]

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Chola Makeup Tutorial

BEST. MAKEUP. TUTORIAL. EVER! Pat McGrath got nothin on my gurl Gloria. Watch this till the very end. Chongalicious!

My dear reader, keep in mind that you are DEAD to me if you don’t watch this video in its entirety.

That’s all.

PS. She has another tutorial vid — Ganguro — that you shouldn’t miss. Gloria forever!