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LOVE Hangover Ball

26/11/2012, For A Good Cause

If you’re in New York City and looking for something FUN to do this Wednesday night, be sure to buy yourself a ticket and swing by the W Hotel in Union Square for the first ever LOVE hangOVER ball by W Hotels of New York City. Proceeds will benefit amfAR.

Kelly Osbourne will host the event and Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson, Edward Enninful, Mickey Boardman, Simon Doonan, Pat McGrath plus moiself will judge the Voguing ball.

2012 LOVE hangOVER ball flyer
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For tickets or for more information, click HERE. See you there!

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Backstage at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

25/11/2012, Fashion and Style, Models, Victoria's Secret

Here’s some excellent coverage backstage at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. I made a cameo with my gurl Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m the fallen angel haha!

YouTube Preview Image

Alessandra is so pretty. Not gonna lie… it takes a lot of wit, nerve and balls to pose beside her.

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Totally Toryffic Cold Weather Essential

25/11/2012, Fashion and Style, Shoes, Tory Burch

Congratulations to me. I’ve just made my first ever Tory Burch purchase. I saw these cute shearling and leather boots at Net-a-Porter earlier this morning. I need a warm and casual every day boot I could wear on my fashion circus days off. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about buying my first pair of Uggs because the temperatures are not going anywhere but south. So happy I held myself back.

Tory Burch shearling boots

Tory Burch Alma Shearling boots at Net-a-Porter (click HERE)

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Extreme Shopper Behavior

24/11/2012, OMGOMGOMG

Humanity be damned. Shame on you people, shame on you. Black Friday, without doubt, turned people into cattle. Watch these girls and women storm Victoria’s Secret in Oklahoma. Unbelievable.

YouTube Preview Image

All this for bloody yoga pants. Yoga pants, people, yoga fucking pants.

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How I Celebrated Turkey Day 2012

24/11/2012, Current Affairs

Before embarking our hour-long train to my beloved Kelly Cutrone’s country house in Cold Spring, my friend Sophie and I had a quick lunch at Cipriani Dolci in the gorgeous Grand Central Terminal. “Pardon me but who are we thanking again,” she chirped. Thanksgiving (something about pilgrims and Native Americans so on and forth), as you know, is a very foreign concept to us. I’m Filipino and she’s British — we’re both transplants (aka ALIENS) in this land. Kelly invited us, along with about thirty of her close friends, neighbours and family members, to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a fun-filled night with awesome food, great wine and amazing company. Thank you Mama Kelly for your loving hospitality as always.

Bryanboy in Cold Spring, New York

Michael Kors sunglasses, Theory turtleneck (click HERE to buy), J Brand jeans, Noritamy bracelet, Balenciaga boots

Click click click for more photos!

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Otto Knows – Million Voices

24/11/2012, Music

How’s it going guys? My weekend started very early in the week — I’ll tell you more about it later. Anyway, I need to remind myself that my weekend is far from over. And there’s no better way to do it than playing an anthem on a cold, Saturday morning. This one is called “Million Voices” from Otto Knows. Enjoy!

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Big Mother Is Watching

21/11/2012, Current Affairs, Phillip Lim

God I love my mom. It’s been quite awhile since I last talked to her on Skype. Without any doubt, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Sometimes, a conversation with her like having a conversation with myself.

Sweater by Izzue, sleeveless coat by 3.1 Phillip Lim, bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim, trousers by MTWTFSS, shoes by 3.1 Phillip Lim

“You’ve lost weight.”

“You’re not tanned anymore!”

“I’m now following you on Instagram because you never call and it’s the best way to know what you’re doing… but I like Rumi’s photos than yours!”

Me: “Who else are you following?”
Mom: “Your beautiful friend Rumi”
Me: “Who else?”
Mom: “Martha Stewart.”

It was all fun and good until she said ‘you look thin on THAT image of you with the vacuum cleaner”.


Great. Just great. Bless the soul of a mother who saw a picture of his grown-up son in black briefs, corset, laced Minnie Mouse ears and a vacuum cleaner on the internet.

I miss my family so much.

Many of you have asked what my Thanksgiving plans are. I’m not American and Thanksgiving is still a very foreign concept to me. Last year, I celebrated Thanksgiving by myself in a hotel room in Tribeca over take-away Indian food. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow. A few of you invited me to join your festivities but I think I’m gonna celebrate it by cocooning in my apartment.

No matter where you are in the world, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Travel safe, eat healthy and don’t forget to be merry.

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Sleeping Beauty

20/11/2012, Current Affairs, H&M, Margiela

A few weeks ago, H&M wanted me to host the livestream of the celebrity-packed launch here in New York but alas, I was booked for a project in Hong Kong. I also missed out on the pre-launch shopping event because  I was in Tel Aviv. I thought I was gonna miss out on buying the pieces that I want. I was like ok, this too shall pass, not a big deal. And then of course, the powers that be at H&M sent me a care package filled with many gorgeous items from my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration wishlist – a couple of coats and jackets, a few trousers and a handful of accessories. A big thank you to you guys! So happy I didn’t have to queue to fight tooth and nail with random people. Phew.

My favourite piece from the collection is this behemoth of a duvet coat. It’s MAJOR. I love the silhouette! I could think of a thousand and one ways to wear this beauty. I thought I’d wear it with a metal belt this time around for a futuristic feel. I can’t wait to rock it over the next few weeks. Perfect for that early morning stroll to Starbucks…

Bryanboy wearing a Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboraton duvet coat

Duvet coat by Maison Martin Margiela x H&M, belt by Izzue, PVC pants by MTWTFSS Weekday, shoes by Balenciaga

Click click click for more photos!

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The Others And The Cursed

18/11/2012, Current Affairs

Bryanboy at the Nylon Guys and ASOS event
At the Nylon Guys x ASOS event at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn the other day. Coat by Adrienne Landau, shirt by Theory, sweater by Calypso St. Barth, jeans by Sandro, shoes by Pedro Garcia.

While waiting for the 6 Train last night, I sat beside this lone guy in his very early 20s carrying a number of paper bags. Someone took advantage of the beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon to shop. He went to Hollister, Who.A.U (yes, I googled. Click HERE) and Victoria’s Secret, amongst other places. I couldn’t resist noticing him because of the distinct, pink Victoria’s Secret bag. Was he a sister? A secret Shim? Or a straight guy looking to get laid? I guess I’ll never know.

Gaydar calibration aside, that’s not the point.

The point is, millions of people around the world spend their Saturday afternoons shopping. Most of these people are buying things, random things, to improve their lives… you know, to make themselves happy, to make themselves feel good, to make themselves look good. To most of these people, shopping is an activity that gives them pleasure. Or the people around them, if they’re buying gifts.

I find it fascinating though how the majority of people around the world have simple, fuzz-free taste.

Fascinating as in I kinda feel jealous.

During the train ride home, I asked myself, why am I not one of those people?

Why can’t I just walk in to any random shop and buy things that I like? Instead, I always engage in a mental conversation with myself to rationalize my purchases. In spite of the occasional impulse buys, most of my purchases are now calculated with extreme precision worse than a penny-pinching bag lady carrying a calculator at the supermarket. Buying things just because you like it is no longer enough. Do I really need this? Is it worth the price I’m paying for? Can I get it cheaper online? Was this item made by an army of bionic toddlers in Pakistan? Is this item overexposed? Has anyone blogged about it? How many blog posts can I get from it? Is it an advertiser? Is there a press discount? Will the sample be sent? If yes, how long? Do other trannies have it? What is the lifespan of this item? Is it ok to wear it over and over and over again for the next two months? Can I still wear it three months from now? What is the cost-per-wear ratio?

There is something VERY pure about people who buy simple, modest, humble things at simple, modest, humble shops — they don’t give a flying fiver! And that, my friends, is the best thing in the world.

Am I cursed?

Perhaps someone dropped me on my head when I was a child?

Is ‘this’ (the curse) the result of being exposed to years and years and years and years of poring over fashion magazines, traveling, being aware of what my options are and knowing there are better things out there?

During a weekend afternoon in Stockholm last month, Rumi, my boyfriend and I went shopping. I saw this cute sweater on a rack somewhere. My two beloved individuals gave me funny looks when I picked it up. “After experiencing cashmere, I don’t think you should settle for acrylic,” Rumi quipped. And she was right.

It’s frustrating because the older I get, the more I want things that nobody else has, the more I want to be the first to be wearing, the more I want things that are obscene, the more I want things that are obscenely expensive (even if I couldn’t afford it), the more I want things that people have already worn ages ago so they don’t want them anymore and are now affordable, the more I don’t want to look like anyone else. I find it cool when people ask you where an item is from as opposed to wearing something of the moment, something oh so identifiable “oh hay gurl I love your *insert label here* this and that”.

Do I want the new, ultra chic black Patient Zero Saint Laurent Paris bag? O HALE YES. But it’s three fucking thousand dollars and it wouldn’t take very long for every bitch and tranny to carry them in no time (see Celine bags, see bloggers 2.0, bloggers 3.0, see bloggers 4.0, see Kim Kardashian. in that pecking order). And for three fucking thousand dollars I don’t want to be one of the flock. Woe is me.

Do I want small, strappy two-tone dyed pony skin 3.1 Phillip Lim bag? Yes, I want the small, strappy, two-tone dyed pony skin 3.1 Phillip Lim bag. Did I buy the small, strappy two-tone dyed pony skin 3.1 Phillip Lim bag? Yes, I bought the small, strapy two-tone dyed pony skin 3.1 Phillip Lim bag at the sample sale. Hello? It’s a no-brainer!

Eeew. I’m gonna stop rambling. Clearly I’m self-obsessed. In my attempt to demystify others, I ended up demystifying myself.

Go fuck yourselves and enjoy the weekend. It’s nice and sunny out there and I still need a god damn dining table.

Happy shopping!

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Barneys and Disney Presents… Electric Holiday

15/11/2012, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style

Experience the magic of Disney, Barneys and… the fashion world!

YouTube Preview Image