GucciGram Tian

Published by bryanboy

Gucci recently released the second installment of their collaborative digital project dubbed “GucciGram Tian“.

They collaborated with various artists and illustrators around the Asia-Pacific region to bring a new perspective surrounding the gorgeous Gucci Tian print. Featuring hummingbirds, peacocks, monkeys, butterflies, tree branches and flower blooms, Tian was inspired by Western orientalist fantasies and 18th-century Chinoiserie.

What makes Gucci such a success these days is that Creative Director Alessandro Michele brought something that fashion hasn’t seen in recent years — a poetic love affair with eclecticism. Although there’s nothing absolutely new from taking things from the past (like most, if not all, designers do), there’s something refreshing about his very personal way of taking old world nostalgia and mixing it with cultural elements from different time periods. The result is an entirely new aesthetic that you can’t really quite put your finger on because it’s new.

I invite you to discover the artworks at the Gucci website. Alessandro curated the online exhibition. Visit

My favorite works came from Thai artist Phannapast Taychamaythakool. Follow her on instagram:

A photo posted by phannapast (@phannapast) on

A photo posted by phannapast (@phannapast) on

A photo posted by phannapast (@phannapast) on