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Gwen Stefani for American Vogue January 2013

19/12/2012, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Magazine Covers, Saint Laurent Paris, Vogue USA

Talk about opening 2013 with a bang! Gwen Stefani, in Saint Laurent Paris, is on the cover of American Vogue‘s January 2013 issue. I love, love, LOVE the cover. Such a gorgeous shot, no?

Gwen Stefani for Vogue USA January 2013 issue cover

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For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health…

18/12/2012, Current Affairs

I hate being ill. Hate, hate, hate being ill. All’s fine and well in my world until Saturday afternoon when my hangover turned into a fever. Sunday came and boom, I suddenly had the flu. It’s only until now that I’ve started to feel signs of recovery. I haven’t been out of my apartment in four days — which means more than a dozen meetings and appointments cancelled and errands pushed into the back-burner.

What I hated the most is being ill ALONE in a foreign country. Sure, I, have my own apartment, I’m on my own bed, etc. but my boyfriend is in Europe, my family is in Asia, and my best of friends are all over the place, California, Philippines, etc. It sucks being away from the people who matter to you the most. It’s the first time I’ve been ill alone with no one to help to get medicine, food or have someone physically beside me to get care. It’s a horrible, horrible feeling. When I instagrammed a photo of the meds I’m taking, the first person to email me was mom. A handful of people (god bless their souls) offered to swing by but I’d rather not have them see me in my own personal state of calamity.

In any case, thank god for modern conveniences… I ordered over the counter medications and food via a delivery service, then there’s Skype, and of course, Netflix… I’m on survival mode. I hope I feel much better tomorrow because bitch, there’s this thing coming up called CHRISTMAS and I need to be ready for it.

That’s all.

Bryanboy in the West Village
Bryanboy walking around Greenwich Village
Do not feed the pigeons

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Valentino Flowers

13/12/2012, Accessories, Fashion and Style, Valentino

I’m currently obsessed with this Valentino swarovski-studded floral necklace. You know me… I love a good bling from time to time. Gorgeous! Would look so good with a striped tee or something with a round neck…

Valentino swarovski crystal necklace

Necklace, US$675, from Valentino
Click HERE for more information.

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Balmain & Vogue Celebrating ‘The Pierre’

13/12/2012, Balmain, Current Affairs, Events, Fashion and Style, Karlie Kloss, Models, Vogue USA

125th Street in Harlem? Why not? Balmain and Vogue Magazine celebrated the launch of ‘The Pierre” handbag the other night at the amazing Red Rooster restaurant. Kicked off by meeting Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing who flew in from Paris just for the dinner, had a few cocktails before feasting on the best cornbread I’ve had in AGES. The lithe Russian Editor Anya Ziourova was one of my seatmates and we both LOVE the chicken. Ended the night with the gorgeous Kasia Struss dropping me off and stopping by at my apartment for a quick vodka nightcap before she went home. I must say it’s one of the best dinner parties I’ve been to in ages, hands down.

In other news, I really love this photo of Constance Jablonski, moi and Karlie Kloss. Even I can’t deal with the fabulosity of this image…

Constance Jablonski, Bryanboy and Karlie Kloss at the launch of 'The Pierre' handbag by Balmain at Red Rooster restaurant, New York City

Click click click for more photos!

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MTV Europe Awards 2012 Frankfurt

11/12/2012, Current Affairs, Replay

Oh, the things we wear! Here’s one for the books. As you guys know, my friend Eleonora and I recently went to Frankfurt for the 2012 MTV Europe Awards and we were guests of Replay jeans. I thought it would be fun to be cheeky and wear Replay denim overalls to the red carpet. Farmer in the dell, why not? If I wore a suit (with sunglasses) like I usually do on the red carpet, I’m afraid that those Germans would think of me as Psy, gangnam-style and all that. Haha! ;-)

Bryanboy in Replay at MTV Europe Awards 2012
Denim overalls by Replay Jeans

Fun times all around!

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Merhaba Istanbul!

06/12/2012, Current Affairs, Istanbul, Max Mara

Hi guys! I’m here in the magnificent city of Istanbul, Turkey. I’m terribly sorry for the lack of blog entries as of late as I have been ultra busy living my insane life. I went from Tel Aviv (which I still need to blog about — very soon), to New York, to Hong Kong, to New York again, to Frankfurt, to New York again and now I’m in Istanbul. It’s one trip on top of each other, back to back, with so many events in between. The car ride from Istanbul airport to my hotel at six o’clock in the morning felt ultra cinematic. There I was, alone in my car, in the dark, wearing my gorgeous black Max Mara coat, and I was staring at the window. I couldn’t stop asking myself… is this real life? I swear to god, sometimes it feels like my life is a movie. I’m not joking! It’s 4AM now on a Friday and I’m still battling jet lag. Here I am, in my hotel room, wearing nothing but a white bath robe. I opened a bottle of red wine earlier and I’m smoking what’s left on my pack of Marlboro lights on my balcony. Moments like this remind of me movie scenes… Ah well.

Bryanboy wearing a Max Mara coat outside the Max Mara store in Istanbul, Turkey
A school in Istanbul, Turkey
Closh Boutique window in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish Flag
Street Scenes in Istanbul
A mosque at dusk in Istanbul, Turkey

Sana Aşığım Istanbul!

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In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

27/11/2012, Fashion and Style, Fashion Editors, Vogue USA

If you live in the USA, be sure to watch the new HBO Documentary featuring some of Vogue’s most prolific fashion editors: Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, my beloved Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Polly Allen Mellen, Camilla Nickerson, Phyllis Posnick and Babs Simpson. Add it to your calendars — December 6, 2012, 9PM Eastern Time.

YouTube Preview Image

Click HERE to buy the book, ‘Vogue: The Editor’s Eye“.

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Twitter Talk With Donatella

27/11/2012, Fashion and Style, Versace

Save the date! Donatella herself will takeover the official Versace twitter account to answer your tweets. Be sure to note your calendars, this Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 7:30PM European Time.

Donatella Versace Twitter Talk

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Max Mara x 2012 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Fall Party

26/11/2012, Current Affairs, Events, For A Good Cause, Max Mara

There are very few reasons for a downtown guy like myself to head uptown — Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, the shops along Madison Ave and of course, good causes. For instance, cancer-related causes have a special place in my heart. I’ve lost my aunt Cynthia to the disease a few years ago. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, along with the fabulous folks at Max Mara, recently held their annual Fall Party at the super chic Four Seasons Restaurant. I had so much fun at the event. Thank you Max Mara for the experience!

Roberto Magnoni, Maria Giulia Maramotti, Lauren Remington-Platt and Bryanboy at 2012 Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Fall party at Four Seasons Restaurant, New York
The crowd at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center fall 2012 party

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LOVE Hangover Ball

26/11/2012, For A Good Cause

If you’re in New York City and looking for something FUN to do this Wednesday night, be sure to buy yourself a ticket and swing by the W Hotel in Union Square for the first ever LOVE hangOVER ball by W Hotels of New York City. Proceeds will benefit amfAR.

Kelly Osbourne will host the event and Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson, Edward Enninful, Mickey Boardman, Simon Doonan, Pat McGrath plus moiself will judge the Voguing ball.

2012 LOVE hangOVER ball flyer
YouTube Preview Image

For tickets or for more information, click HERE. See you there!