From The Marc Jacobs Barracks

Published by bryanboy

My main man, Marc Jacobs, has been killing it (and mind you, killing my finances) lately. His spring summer 2015 collection is all about the idea of a uniform.

This isn’t your typical gun-totting, standard supply from the army general store. In true Marc Jacobs fashion, the pockets are huge, the buttons are big AND extremely shiny. The fabrics are of the highest quality; thick, heavy and rich, rich, rich!

It might be a little extreme (and very military) to wear a total runway look like I did, but if you take some of the pieces on its own, whether it’s a shirt, jacket or trouser, you know you’ll be wearing them for a long, very long, time.

Wanna know what I need to serve as an exclamation mark to this lewk? The olive green ostrich leather bag Marc named after me. Such a shame that bag is in the Philippines at the moment. I’ll make it my priority to get it the next time I go back to visit family.

Olive green wool shirt and olive green cargo pants by Marc Jacobs

Bryanboy in Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015

Marc Jacobs spring summer 2015 worn by Bryanboy

Military uniform inspired collection by Marc Jacobs

Olive green wool shirt by Marc Jacobs
Olive green wool cargo pants by Marc Jacobs
Sandals by Tory Burch

Shot in the Upper East Side, New York City
Photos by Luke Meagher