La Femme Prada et L’Homme Prada

Published by bryanboy

Earlier this summer, Prada unveiled its two newest fragrances, La Femme Prada et L’Homme Prada in Milan.

L’Homme Prada features a mix of iris, amber and fougère notes whereas La Femme Prada has frangipani, ylang-ylang (which is my personal favourite because we used to have them in our backyard when I was a child), beeswax, vanilla and tuberose.

While the fragrances have gender-definitive names, men and women can wear both fragrances. The bottles were cleverly designed with an identical vision in mind so that they complement each other. It’s like how I like my fashion — I buy menswear as much as I buy womenswear. I do not restrict myself to one department.

My friend Susie and I had so much fun shooting this visual story in Milan. I hope y’all enjoy the images.

Click HERE to discover the new Prada fragrances.

Bocconi University, Milan

Shot at: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Milan, June 2016
Photos by Keenen Thompson
On Bryanboy: Hat, mink collar, shirt, belt, bag, trousers and shoes by Prada (all Bryanboy’s own)
On Susie Bubble: Hat, shirt, corset, shoes by Prada (all Susie Bubble’s own)