bespoke python skin coat made in Bali, Indonesia

Bespoke Python Skin Coat

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Over the years, I’ve worn a handful of python coats. Prada lent me their runway sample when I worked on a project for them in Tokyo a few years ago. Michael Kors lent me a lovely python trench — Anna Wintour even told me she had the same coat at a show during fashion week. Unfortunately, like a Hollywood celeb wearing a loaner for an Awards show, I had to send them back. That’s the reality of it all.

I bought a number of python skin garments during a trip in Bali two years ago — three python skin shorts and a python biker jacket. I thought they were pretty cool. We’ve already established I’m more of a coat person rather than a jacket person so naturally, that jacket is sitting in my closet gathering dust.

Let me tell you one thing — if pink is the navy blue of India, python skin is the navy blue of Indonesia!

My family and I decided to celebrate the New Year in Bali. Weeks before my trip, I made a mental note that I wanna get a bespoke python skin coat done as a Christmas gift to myself. I’m an adult now. I deserve it. My idea is a simple, above-the-knee natural skin “car coat” with three buttons and a detachable collar made in several colors with a hidden zipper. I like the idea of having changeable collar so I can have a “different” coat depending on my mood.

Before hopping on the plane to Bali, I researched a wholesale provider of python skins in Bali as well as a tailor who can turn my idea into fruition. Naturally, I found one on the internet. I went to the manufacturer the next day I arrived in Bali. We were only there for 8 days — I want to make sure I had it all done before I left.

I’ve had bespoke things made for me in the US and Europe and they usually involve several fittings but my tailor in Bali was eerily confident. He barely spoke English. I didn’t even have a fitting! He took my measurements and told me they’ll deliver it on January 2 — a day before we left. I’ve sent daily text messages for four days, asking for updates and a photo of what they had so far… and the guy sent one or two word replies, usually “YES” or “PLEASE WAIT” but nothing else after that. By January 1st, I seriously thought they ran away with my money.

On the morning of January 2, our villa people called and said there’s a man waiting for me. It was my tailor and he had my brand new coat. My new coat is MAJOR. It’s DIVINE. Sure — the quality is miles different from, say, if I bought one from Prada or Gucci but for US$1,200, the coat is pretty fabulous. It’s BEYOND. You go to Barneys and you probably won’t even get a leather or a skin coat for that amount. No shit Sherlock, you probably won’t even get a cashmere sweater for US$1,200 let alone an exotic skin coat.

It’s still fur season here in New York, a tad too cold, but once the mercury drops a few notches, I’ll wear it out on the mean streets. I’m happy. Truly, truly happy!

Fashion blogger Bryanboy wears a custom made python coat from Bali, Indonesia
Bespoke python skin coat
Bespoke coat in python skin made in Bali, Indonesia

Bespoke python skin coat
White t-shirt by Adam Lippes
Blue linen jacket by Linen & Co.
Blue linen shorts by Linen & Co.
Lizard sandals by Jason Wu

Shot in Bali, Indonesia
Photos by Mr Sweden

Snowy Central Park New York

Come Fly With Me To Berlin!

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Happy new year everybody!

I’m flying to Berlin in the middle of January to attend this year’s STYLIGHT Influencer Awards, an evening dedicated to celebrate extraordinary social media influencers in fashion. Bar Rafaeli and myself, amongst a few others, are part of this year’s Jury.

It’s not every day I run contests on my site but this one is way too good to pass. STYLIGHT is giving away an all-expense paid trip to Berlin for two people (2 roundtrip airline tickets, 5 nights hotel accommodations and a $2,000 shopping spree allowance) to the winner of this online challenge.

The CHALLENGE: You must post a photo of yourself on your blog comprising of a look that combines both a SWIMWEAR and A WINTER item combination. Be sure to include a link to anywhere on your blog post. Also, you have to post the same photo on your social media account (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc) using the hashtags #SFIA15 and #swinter.

DEADLINE: January 13, 2015 at 11:59PM Eastern Time

For more information about the contest, visit

Bryanboy frolicking in the snow at Central Park, New York City
Bryanboy at Central Park during Winter
Snowy Central Park, New York City

Sunglasses by Fashion to Max for Illesteva
Coat by Peter Som
Tank top by WeWoreWhat for eLuxe
Shorts by Alexander Wang
Boots by Tory Burch

Photos by Danielle Bernstein/