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  1. Hi Bryanboy!

    I have been visiting your website for quite some time now, and am really truly amazed and proud of your accomplishments!

    My citizenship ceremony is in a few weeks, and was wondering if you could please give any tips on where to get an affordable (<£250), Cobalt, slim fitting, suit?

    Pancho :-)

  2. heathermcguire

    The experience must have felt so regal and being surrounded by all that history and art must have been such an extraordinary feeing. And the photos are just so elegant.

  3. Ben (aka Pancho)

    I chose to have my ceremony in Westminster, London and I felt pretty surreal. :-)

  4. Interesting blog you have here specially the post related to Martell. Planning visit there next month and to visit the historic place. Of course take some pictures as well similar to yours.


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