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8:27 pm

Tom Ford x CNN Interview

02/06/2011, Fashion and Style, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent

This CNN interview featuring Tom Ford is entertaining. Tom’s a charmer. Hysterical how he shared that Yves Saint Laurent himself wrote him a letter saying “thirteen minutes of runway and you destroyed forty years of my career”. Ouch.

10:30 am

Stefano Pilati on Fashion Bloggers

02/06/2011, Fashion and Style, Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Designers, Yves Saint Laurent

Stefano Pilati on Fashion Bloggers as told to WWD at the Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2012 show in New York:

    “I pay attention to all of them and I’m very scared,” he says. “Because who are these people? I would like to sit with them and ask them where they come from. Because it’s very easy to judge from your bed. At the same time, I’m fascinated. I’m fascinated by this era and this medium. If people are thirsty about fashion, I like to have a dialogue, but now it’s not a two-way dialogue; it’s a one-way dialogue.”
2:49 am

Marrakech, Morocco Calling

06/05/2011, Current Affairs, Marrakech, Morocco, Yves Saint Laurent

Ciao Manhattan (for now)! I’m currently in Marrakech over the next few days for an event I was invited to. I know, I know, I’m totally backblogged. I have LOTS of stories to tell you. But for now…

Bryanboy at Les Jardins des Majorelle, Marrakech
Bryanboy at Yves Saint Laurent Memorial at Majorelle Garden
Bryanboy posing with a road sign at Marrakech, Morocco
Belly dancer at Jad Mahal, Marrakech Morocco dancing with Bryanboy

It’s always nice to immerse oneself in different cultures. It’s my first time in this part of the world…

Leopard print coat by Valentino, red & white stripe t-shirt by APC, red jeans by Rag & Bone, straw hat by Urban Outfitters