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Naomi Campbell for Vogue Russia December 2008

14/11/2008, Fashion and Style, Moscow, Vogue Russia

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Russia December 2008


I want to write a super long entry on how I feel about this cover (it sent shivers down my spine as soon as the photo loaded) but you know what, I’ll let the magnificent photo speak for itself. I’m speechless!

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Vogue Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

13/11/2008, Fashion and Style, Moscow, Vogue Russia

Vogue. Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

Remember my blog entry about those gorgeous designer Matryoshka dolls last month? Well, Editor-in-Chief Aliona Doletskaya’s assistant emailed me earlier today with details.

As you have seen on the November 2008 issue of Russian Vogue, some of the world’s leading designers (including Miuccia Prada, Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.) designed a Matrioshka doll. Each of these (half-a-meter tall) dolls were handrafted by skilled Russian artists and meticulously painted by hand.

Vogue Russia. 10 Years in Vogue

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Vogue is hosting a grand gala dinner on November 20, 2008 for 200 of Vogue Russia’s closest friends which includes international business and political elite, key players in the art and fashion worlds and Russian and international celebrities. Are bloggers invited too? Just kidding. The Matrioshka dolls are then going to be auctioned off for charity that night. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Northern Crown Foundation, a charity that helps orphaned children throughout Russia.

In other words, pedestrians like you and myself won’t be able to bid on these gorgeous dollls. But that’s OK. One must be kerrr-azzy to go on a bidding war with a Russian oligarch anyway!!!

Amazing eh? How can you not love Aliona and Vogue Russia?

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Happy birthday Vogue Russia!!!!

PS. Thanks Ekaterina!

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Designer Matryoshka Dolls – Vogue Russia November 2008

26/10/2008, Fashion and Style, Moscow, Vogue Russia

Designer Matryoshka Dolls – Vogue Russia November 2008

The brilliant Aliona Doletskaya does it again! Fresh from the pages of the latest issue of Vogue Russia comes the gold standard of tourist trap souvenirs: the designer Matryoshka doll! 

Ladies and gentlegays, feast your eyes on “Russian Soul”. Can you guess which designer is which?

Russian Matryoshka & Babushka Dolls in Vogue Russia Magazine, November 2008 issue

This is the sort of thing one can expect from Visionaire so I’m surprised!! Click click click!


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Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia Editor-in-Chief

25/07/2008, Fashion and Style, Moscow, Vogue Russia

Aliona Doletskaya

She’s got a British accent but she’s Russian. She likes to drive cars! She’s human! She’s nice! She’s real! She’s just like us! Got 26 minutes to spare? Check out this full-length feature of Aliona Doletskaya who celeberates 10 years of tenure this year as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Russia. I love Aliona. I really do. Say what you want about the “baby Vogues” but Vogue Russia, like Vogue Paris, to me, is “IT”.

Month after month after month, she offers original content, she uses models for her covers and her editorials are very bold, strong and in your face. Just the way I like it. Soo refreshing from the sanitized, repetitive and dull “let’s get a blond actress promoting a movie and put her in a white dress” formula by the usuals.

I mean really, any editor who puts Natasha Poly on the cover two months in a row deserves her stripes, yes?

Natasha Poly Vogue Russia cover July 2008 Mario SorrentiNatasha Poly Vogue Russia cover August 2008 Terry Richardson

Natasha Poly for Vogue Russia covers. July 2008 shot by Mario Sorrenti, August 2008 shot by Terry Richardson.

I love Aliona!