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Pinakamagandang Bading

17/10/2011, Videos

Siya daw?

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Ikaw na!

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Fighting For His Life, Sjukhus

17/10/2011, Videos

Hardest language in the world…

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4:24 pm

The Love Doctor

15/10/2011, Videos

The Love Doctor held court at Cafe Opera this afternoon.

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Is You Robyn?

15/10/2011, Current Affairs, Videos

The question of the day is…

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…is you Robyn?

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Match Me If You Can!

09/01/2011, Boston, Current Affairs, Videos

Match Me If You Can!

One of my readers here in Boston, Emily, generously gave me tickets to the Museum of Science.

Hat by State & Lake, coat from Michael Angel, boots from Burberry Prorsum

Me and the bf went there a few days ago and boy, we had fun, fun, fun! It's like we're thirteen again! This installation got us occupied for quite some time.

7:31 pm

Flights of Stairs

26/05/2009, Current Affairs, Videos

Flights of Stairs

I went to the hospital earlier this afternoon for a doctor check-up and a dental appointment. Might as well hit a few birds with one stone. I took the stairs to go six floors up (and down) rather than wait 10 years for the elevators. Exercise is always good.

I saw this woman stranger smile at me on my way up. She looked like a nice person. I dunno if she recognized me or she just smiled at a random faggot taking vids of himself go up the stairs. LOL.


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Bryanboy for Purple Magazine is dat chu?

26/04/2009, Current Affairs, Videos

Bryanboy for Purple Magazine is dat chu?

Natasa Vojnovic is dat chu? Tina Turner is dat chu? Just kidding. You HAVE to give kudos to that woman for being so fierce and for having the moves. I had one chance to try it and no matter how many times I’ve watched her video, I simply could NOT pull her shit off. This is simply too painful (or funny??) to watch. Hahaha!

Belated happy birthday Rogelio. I hope you like your birthday present. It’s a lame attempt, I know, but at least I tried!!!

In the future, I want whatever Natasa is having. That’s all.

3:02 am

Birthday Wishes

31/03/2009, Current Affairs, Tokyo, Videos

Birthday Celebration at Le Baron de Paris

I can’t even remember the last time I had a birthday party. I think it was about three or four years ago, I’m not sure. In any case, it’s always nice to celebrate your birthday surrounded by great old friends and amazing new acquaintances. I had a little surprise birthday celebration at the Commons&Sense Magazine + A Shaded View on Fashion party at Le Baron de Paris. As my favourite style icon Diane said, I sure did get the ‘rockstar treament’.

Baby Mary of Faline, Jun Takahashi of Undercover, my dearest Yoshiko, the fabulous Yuya, the iconic Diane Pernet, Yoshiko of Yoshiko Creation Paris and of course, Shun (of Vogue Hommes Japan) in the background — I can hear your voice!

Thank you so much to everyone who made my birthday special. Tokyo rocks!

video credit: a shaded view on fashion

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Chasing Bryanboy, Houhai Park Beijing

24/01/2009, Beijing, Current Affairs, Videos

Chasing Bryanboy

Run, BB, run! I went to Houhai Park in Beijing with Alain and Danica. It was so cold the lake was frozen! Good luck trying to run in those shoes, on ice.

Gawd. I’ve never laughed so hard in my entire life.

11:23 pm

Bryanboy at Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Beijing, China VIDEO

16/01/2009, Beijing, Current Affairs, Travel, Videos

Nanluoguxiang Hutong

I went to Beijing and all I got was a bloody t-shirt. Just kidding. Here’s a video of me mincing around the Nanluoguxiang Hutong district of Beijing. Hutongs are these traditional and ancient Chinese alleyways that are almost very rare to find in this city of enormous buildings.

Funny how my Spanish friend Ate Danica (the one with the green scarf) didn’t bat an eyelash when I walked past him. Hahaha! We were so pressed for time so I didn’t get the chance to check out each and every shop but I did end up buying a t-shirt that says “I <3 BJ”. Hysterical!