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3:37 pm

They start young

11/01/2009, Uncategorized

Saw this group of lovely and adorable toddlers in front of us while queueing at the (mindblowing if I may add) Christian Dior Haute Couture exhibit. They sure do start young these days eh???10012009160.jpg

12:03 pm


10/01/2009, Uncategorized

God I love Uniqlo. I really do. I wish we had them in Manila. I got a few basics on the cheeeeep. I can’t for the life of god find those cashmere-blend sweaters that people online are talking about but I got this gray men’s lambswool thing which I thought was nice.10012009159.jpg

3:49 pm

BBonthego – Starbucks

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

I’m here at Starbucks. I swear to god it’s sooo cold out there. A venti americano is my only saviour at this point.

2:59 pm

BBonthego – Bird’s Nest Beijing

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

I almost cried when I passed by this great piece of modern architecture. I don’t recall seeing this the last time I was here. I had goosebumps because I’m sure, like me, you’ve seen the beijing olympics opening ceremony video last year.



2:20 pm

BBonthego – Single Laydeez Much?

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

‘m contemplating whether or not I should do a ‘Single Ladies’ parody vid…

It’s sooo cold outside!!

And I love it.


2:12 pm

BBonthego – Minus 8 Celsius

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

It’s -8 degrees celsius and I’m freezing.


6:05 am

BBonthego – Excess Baggage

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

I never seem to escape this counter. Bugger.


2:47 am

BBonthego – Bad Boots

08/01/2009, Uncategorized

Oh bugger. How the hell can you pack properly when your damn moon boots take up half of your darn suitcase??


12:09 am

BBonthego – Jollibee

05/01/2009, Uncategorized

When a gurl in Balenciaga needs a junk food fix at 4:30am, there’s no better way to do it than to go to Jollibee. I haven’t been here in months! I’m gonna go on a diet starting next week so consider this as my last and final meal at Jollibee. At least for a year. No more fast food for me from this point forward.


PS. I’m using my phone to post this entry. xxx




11:54 pm


06/10/2008, Uncategorized


I've been trying to keep myself busy over the past few weeks because my portfolio is making me depressed but today is just the worst. I logged on to my brokerage account to see if I have a nickel or two left for my upcoming trip. Take a look at what greeted me: