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12:58 pm

Giving birth to a new… server!

13/12/2004, Uncategorized

One of my "passive revenue" streams is selling web hosting services.

What exactly is passive revenue?

Passive revenue is basically an effortless source of income where you pretty much don’t have to do anything — or at least in this case, just minimal work. I probably get around mid-4 figures a year on web hosting. I don’t know the exact amount… my accountant knows it for sure.

And no. Passive revenue ain’t lying down on the bed with your legs spread wide and your orifice opened up to mankind and then ya get shitloads of cash from papa.

I get this Web Host Manager access where I create accounts for my hosting clients, email them all the necessary information to get set up and presto!

The only work involved other than the initial setup (which frankly, takes no more than 5 minutes) is the occasional, odd email when they have issues – i.e. when they made a wrong setting on their email client, or when the server had a brief downtime etc. But it’s all good.

Anyway. because of the number of hosting accounts that I currently have (around 180), I decided to get my own dedicated server, rather than one of those "shared server" things. This will allow me to give more space to my clients and a better control overall. Also, both my clients and I won’t share our sites with any other websites we do not have control of, just like in a shared server environment. 

The best part is, I don’t have to worry about the dedicated server cause it’s all fully managed — monitoring, updates, patches, everything… and I get 24/7 access to support staff and technicians.

The company I’m getting the dedicated server from is basically someone I’ve dealt with for almost 3 years – so I know these guys.

So yeah… I placed my order about a week ago and it arrived last Friday. They’re just configuring it now and I’m waiting for all the info. They told me to it should be ready either today or tomorrow – my fingers (and toes) are crossed.

4:15 pm

There is a god afterall.

03/12/2004, Uncategorized

Haaaaaaallelujah! There is a god afterall.

I guess we’re one of the lucky ones. We survived… with no damages whatsoever other than chronic boredom for a night.

The typhoon passed our house last night. I got up at 6:00PM yesterday and it was in full swing. If you were in our house, you’ll think it’s the end of the world. You can hear the wind giving the country a blowjob. It’s like, the sky is "crying" and there’s something wrong in the air. Thank god the winds were high so all we heard are like noises — there wasn’t even that much rain either.

We didn’t have power until dawn today. I spent the entire night doing nothing. I’ll sleep for an hour or two, get up for a bit, ask my parents whether there’s electricity or not… and when they said no, I slept again. It went on like that for far too long. Life is really hard if you don’t have electricity… or internet access.

My hand also normalized, after a disaster in St. Tropez. It’s back to its former glory. No more traces of Wacko Jacko, Whitney, Beyonce and Louis Vuitton on my palms.


I’ll keep you guys posted in a bit. I’m sooo backlogged with emails and work it’s not even funny.

BTW, thank you very much for all the comments on my posts. Keep them coming. I’ll respond to all of them in another blog entry — promise.

5:05 am

Storm. Typhoon. Hurricane. Whatever.

02/12/2004, Uncategorized

We’ve got another storm coming up and we’re bracing for the hit either today or tomorrow.

I’m actually kinda scared cause I’ve got my wireless internet antenna unit/dish whatever you call it, installed up our roof. Let’s just hope the winds won’t blow it off otherwise I’m dead. I stole a pic from the NOAA so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Wish me luck!


2:04 pm

Disaster in St. Tropez!!!

29/11/2004, Uncategorized

I’m emotionally-scarred (for life) right now.

After my not-so-recent trip to Russia, I thought I looked all bloodless and pale and I need a tan badly. There are 3 ways for me to get a tan. First, do it au naturel. Second, go to the salon and get airbrushed (mystic tan — i love it. so poi-fect!), and lastly, good ol DIY. Unfortunately, jetting off somewhere el tropical is not feasible so the only option I’ve got is to fake it.

I have to admit that I’m no virgin when it comes to tan-in-a-bottle stuff. Generally, I use Dior Bronze — it’s fast, it’s safe, it’s easy and j’adore the color. It’s my favourite. Another one that I like is Peter Thomas Roth. I’ve also used Clarins and Lancaster. It takes ages for me to tan with Clarins while the latter is quite streaky. Lancaster also makes me look as if I’m a hepatitis/jaundice victim.

2 Months ago, I bought a couple of DIY St. Tropez stuff (tanning lotion, mousse and self-tan remover) to test it. I tried St. Tropez at a salon before and I got good results. I was planning to bring it with me to Moscow but I forgot it at home.

So yesterday, off I brought out my little unused bottle of St Tropez tanning lotion. I followed the instructions. Scrub, exfoliate and moisturize. Scrub, exfoliate and moisturize.

I applied the lotion throughout my body with my bare hands. I had the self-tan remover so I was quite confident that my hands will look alright so I didn’t use gloves… none of that repulsive "I-stuck-fingers-up-somebody-else’s-dirty-ass" look. A few minutes later, I used the remover and washed my hands.

Hand check: Jessica Simpson 2 shades darker

4 hours and a shower later, I’m thinking "ooooo" and "ahhhhhh". Lovin it so far — but I’m not yet satisfied. I want a darker color. I want a color that screams "I huffed and I puffed and I spent 8 hours a day, every day for 7 days at the beach, sea, sun and sex on the sand in broad daylight."

So off I tried the mousse… again, using my bare hands, I applied a thick coat all over my body.

And this is where the disaster began.

Hand check: Michael Jackson in Jackson 5

I used the self-tan remover on my fingers and on my palm. I rubbed, scrubbed and washed.

Hand check: Whitney Houston in the 80′s

I rubbed, scrubbed and washed.

Hand check: Vintage Louis Vuitton trunks

I rubbed, scrubbed and washed.

At this point, I gave up. It’s official. Although my body have this rich, fantafuckintabulous tan, my hands look like wood. It is sooo gross! What’s worse is I’m gonna be like this for days… or weeks. Who the hell knows?


There is no friggin way I’m gettin out of the house with hands like this. Good tan gone the drain thanks to my hands.

My worst nightmare became a reality.

In a way it’s a blessing in disguise that I didn’t use it in Moscow. Otherwise, I’ve got a ruined holiday.

Lesson learned: use gloves when visiting St.

Tropez in late November.

It’s official – my hands do look like wood.

12:49 am

Home doesn’t feel like home.

25/11/2004, Uncategorized

It feels so weird to be home. It’s been several days since I got back and I’ve only been away for only 3 weeks and it’s like my house doesn’t feel like a "home".

I hate this odd, after-travel feeling. It’s one of the nastiest feelings ever. I simply could not function. I can’t work. I can’t reply to all of my work-related emails.

For the past 36 hours, all I’ve done is email some people, talk to a few of my clients, spent an enormous amount of time on BlogExplosion, paid some of my bills, sent a FedEx envelope to the USA, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, browse some sites, etc.

Nothing productive, to be honest. Even my body clock is fucked up. I’ve been sleeping at 2PM and getting up at around 8PM when normally, I sleep at 4AM and get up at 11AM.

How long would it last? I have no idea. I definitely need to get my act together. I’ve got lots of pending projects, waiting clients, etc.

I’ll keep you posted in a bit.

9:17 pm

Meet the throne

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

This is where I’m typing this from.

Say hello bitches! ;)

5:40 pm

Fat old men… how common

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

Bang cock in Bangkok eh?

Enough rambling on the blog.

I’ve got several hours to kill. I’m bored and I’ve got nothing to do.

For all of you who actually care about me, yes, I’m doing great. Yes, I’m fine — thanks! :)

Here’s a semi gratitious pic. Nekkid fat man sunbathing on the hotel pool… he’s the first thing I saw when I looked down below from my window.

I’m off to take a poop… and shop. At Dior. I love you all and I’ll see you when I get back.

Here’s to the simple life!

God how original. I can’t believe I stole someone’s lines.


5:28 pm

Gorgeousness! My hotel in Bangkok

27/10/2004, Uncategorized

I’m a loyal Starwood Hotels fan. Well, sort of.

I usually stay at boutique hotels but ever since I discovered Starwood… and their brilliantly fantastic Starwood Preferred Guest program, I told myself I’ll only stay at Starwood whenever posssible.

At the el cheapo room rate of a regular room, I was instantly upgraded to an Executive Suite. Massive bathroom, private living room, separate bedroom… and a luggage room, it’s well worth being loyal to Starwood.

If you are a Starwood Platinum member, they automatically upgrade you to a suite. Instantly. At all Starwood properties. Just book the cheapest room possible and you get upgraded. It’s as simple as that.