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Debauchery Takes Its Toll

29/12/2005, Uncategorized

Debauchery Takes Its Toll

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER get drunk EVER again.

I went to a friend’s cocktail party late last night to see some good friends I haven’t seen in a month and a half. Kicked off the night with a shitload of vodka and gin.

I then had a quick stint at Embassy, Capones and a friend’s friend’s pad.


Everything happened soo fast I literally lost track of time.

I ended up going home at 11:00AM.

I think I might have lost my brand new yellow Goyard french wallet, my Moto Razr, my American Express and my Citibank chairman card.

I wanted to call my friend to see if I left it at her friend’s house but I don’t know her number offhand. I hope that’s the case.

Otherwise, shoot me.

All my friends, frenemies and lovers’ phone numbers are on my mobile phone – I simply can’t imagine living without it.


I’ll NEVER EVER EVER get drunk again. EVER!

(At least for the rest of this year.)


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16/12/2005, Uncategorized

Mauricio Oh Mauricio

There’s only one person in this world that I can rely to in times of sadness and despair.

First we talked about those faggots in denial.

i’d rather dance with you says:
what is it with the closet? why do people seem intent on staying in it?

i’d rather dance with you says:
does it come with a champagne bar? naked go go boys? what?

Bryanboy says:
i have no idea darling

i’d rather dance with you says:
if this closet is so fabulous, why am i not on the list?


i’d rather dance with you says:

not many people can say they look like dior couture when naked

i’d rather dance with you says:

she looks like john galliano designed her

i’d rather dance with you says:



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Glam It Up! Sayonara Stockholm.

09/12/2005, Uncategorized

Glam it up! Sayonara Stockholm!

It’s my last night in Stockholm today. Did my last minute shopping, got my chinchilla fixed (again), after some damn coat check person mishandled my fragile little thing. Can’t believe the repair was cheap though… it was just minor sewing on the pelt, cost me about US$40. Gotta love Nordic countries and the wide availability of fur repair shops.


I also went to Gucci and bought a pair of sunglasses. Love, love, love them. Gorgeous.

My skin looks hideous though. It’s been a month now since I last had a facial and microdermabrasion. I also need a haircut, color and highlights.


After Copenhagen I’ll hit Berlin. For 2 days. December 12 – December 14. If you’re from Berlin or know anyone from Berlin, hit me up! Email

I’m gonna get ready. I’ll update later.


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Goodbye Milan.

05/12/2005, Uncategorized

Goodbye Milan.

There goes my trip to Milan. I’m sooo fucking gullible.

I’m supposed to go to Milan, Italy this Friday for a splurging trip of a lifetime yet I got persuaded by some sick Swedish kid (ok, not really a kid, he’s like 6-foot-whatever-giant) to hang out in Copenhagen.

Oh I don’t know.

I’m scared… and excited at the same time.

Why am I doing this?

Why have I chosen to meet some Swedish kid instead of hitting Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Sant Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito?

All it took was a couple of hours of talk and this guy (who has the same Chanel sunglasses as I do), changed my mind about Milan.

Why oh why oh why?

I’m crazy. That’s why.

I went to NK, this Swedish department store today and took a look at Hermes. I ended up buying a nice bracelet (this color is very rare).


Copenhagen, here I come!


11:31 pm

Sweet Stockholm

03/12/2005, Uncategorized

Sweet Stockholm

It’s 4:18PM here in Stockholm and I just checked in at the hotel.

Fuck, it’s already dark outside.I have this nagging feeling that I’m soo gonna love Stockholm.



The moment you get out of the plane gates, you’ll see an abundance of famous Swedes plastered on the wall. One thing that striked me most is one of my favourite models, Mini Anden.


Hello, fashion.

Even the immigration officer things I’m beautiful. I gave him my passport, all he asked me was "are you here on vacation?" I said yes, but I’m here to shop. Then I saw his eyes move from my passport to William (my oversized dead fox scarf with a head) which I placed on the counter. He winked at me and said "enjoy your stay".


As soon as I’ve checked in to the hotel, there’s this Danish guy (blonde) who helped me out with my luggage to my room. He’s sooo adorable… and he’s very chatty, asking me if it’s my first time at the hotel, told me that Stureplan is just near, even gave me a cord for high speed internet connection. Then he said something about his life story how he’s also new here in Stockholm (he moved from Denmark).

So go figure.

I have something to talk about later; I just need to freshen up, wash my face and trim my finger nails.

I’m definitely going clubbing tonight, whether YOU like it or NOT.


And yes, I had one of the BEST fucks in my life – in Moscow.

I’ll tell you more later.

Including the juicy stuff.


P.S. If you’re in/near Stockholm and would like to rescue me from chronic boredom, please email me, I need to buy a Swedish sim card for my phone, too.

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Soccer Practice

02/12/2005, Uncategorized

Soccer Practice

If you think I’m the gayest gay that ever gayed in mankind, wait until you see the gayest gay that gayed in a video. A friend from Vienna emailed me a link and trust me, it pretty much made my day. Click here to play the video.


Evgenia sorta looks like that guy. Except he’s 32, had light stubble, bigger arms/chest and eyeglasses. 

(BTW, thanks for the butter tip; I got the ring off my finger!)


11:09 am

I’m in Pain. Help!

02/12/2005, Uncategorized

I’m in Pain

I decided to stay in last night. I slept at around 10PM, got up at 4AM (which is 2 hours ago).

Thing is, when I got up, one of my fingers hurt like hell. I looked at it and thought, "shit, it’s the fucking ring"

I tried to take the ring off and I couldn’t. The finger got swollen throughout the night.


I hate it when this happens.

I mean, it’s a cheapo ring.

I don’t want this ring to be stucked on my finger for the rest of my life. For god’s sake, It’s not even fuckin cubic zirconia. 

Had it been a US$2.5 million Graff ring, hell I wouldn’t sit here and complain.

But it’s a US$3 ring that I got from Hong Kong.


Help me. Please.

I tried to do all sorts of stuff – I relaxed, put some lotion on my finger, etc etc etc. Nothing worked!

Email ASAP or post a comment on this site.


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Bryan the Lap Dog

29/11/2005, Uncategorized

Bryan the Lap Dog

From now on, I’m going to sit on people’s laps like a cheap hooker. That’s my new thing of the moment.

Nataly invited me to her gay best friend’s (Alex/Alexey) birthday dinner yesterday and boy I had so much fun. I mean, it’s not really common for somebody from the Philippines get invited to a Russian birthday party. LOL

The birthday boy and moi

The birthday boy and Nataly

It was at this simple and cozy place called "Yolki-Palki", a chain of restaurants offering home-style Russian food.

I had sooo much vodka and booze to the point where my face, my neck and my chest got soo red and flushed. I wasn’t surprised by the amount of vodka everyone had… they pretty much drink vodka like water – this is Russia afterall!




Everyone was warm and friendly. It felt as if I knew them for ages even though I only met them yesterday.

OK, OK… I was being the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives’ official department of tourism representative. I fed these Russians wonderful stories about my homeland in the deepest, darkest cesspit of the third world. Hopefully some of them will go to the Philippines. Who knows. India and Egypt seems to be a popular destination for Russians because they, too, have this visa-visa-everywhere problem.

Anyway, it really was a nice night without pretense.  No talk of material things, fashion, luxury, wealth etc.

After last night, shit, I realized that it’s actually so much fun to be in the real world living the simple life.

But for now, I need to cure my hangover, file my nails and take my anti-anxiety pills.


P.S. Just a reminder: December 1, 2005 is the First International Armpit Hair Shaving Day. Read more about it here. Please email me,, a picture of your face and your hair-free pits. The best picture will win an award – a vintage double dildo with dog excrement skid marks.


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Moscow Zoo

24/11/2005, Uncategorized

Moscow Zoo

Why go to the Moscow Zoo when you’ve got a myriad of animals here in my room.


I got like 2 fox scarves today… it’s a shame they didn’t sell them with heads like in China.

Oh well.

I think they’d look GLAMOROUS with a brooch.

More updates later.



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Protected: Fuck You, Bitch!

23/11/2005, Uncategorized

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