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It’s all show from now on.

17/11/2006, Uncategorized

It’s all show from now on.

Just got back and I’m knackered. I’ve been out the entire day. I’m gonna take a nap and update in a few hours, pictionary and all.

Blogging used to be fun. Pero dahil sobrang daming punyetang inggitero, inggitera, tsismoso, tsismosa at mga iba pang peste sa buhay na naglipana sa tabi tabi, hindi ko na masabi ang gusto kong sabihin. Ang dami dami dami dami dami kong gusto isulat pero hindi ko magawa. Leche! Buwisit talaga.


2:14 am


16/11/2006, Uncategorized


I would like to thank all the rice queens in this big, bad, homosexual barebacking world (as well as all my lovers, haters and everyone else, really) who voted for me on this year’s Gay Bloggies [sponsored by the fabulous gift-givers at Queerclick (link not safe for work fyi)]. I know I have all the fucking right in the world to bitch cause I didn’t win the Weblog of the Year award (big big congrats to Towleroad you fucking dirty felching whore hahaha) but hey, winning 3 out of 5 categories I got nominated in ain’t that bad — Best Diva, Most Humorous Blog and of course my favourite, the Best Chinky Chonky Sucky Sucky Five Dolla Me Love You Long Time Ten Dolla You Pay 20 Dolla I Gib Free Roost Duck award!!! I’m so happy that I got recognized as the gay blogosphere’s favourite ricer – who knew there’s a rice queen within you???

I know my little narcissistic shrine isn’t gay enough and homosexual cocksuckers aren’t really my target audience… hello, a majority of my readers are "straight" (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) but really, I’ll leave American republicans and their taste for bumfuck, Iowa rednecks to the sites who report it best.

I WANNA WIN THE WEBLOG OF THE YEAR NEXT YEAR THOUGH!!!! HAHAHAH! Ugh!!!! FINE, I"LL ADMIT IT: YES I AM FUCKING BITTER! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess I have to work even harder to keep the faggotry flame alive.

I’ll update with a proper post in a bit. Email me and tell me you love me: or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

P.S. Congrats (and many, many, many thanks) to my sugar daddy Michael K of Dlisted.

12:29 pm

I don’t speak Spanish…

08/11/2006, Uncategorized

I don’t speak Spanish…

… and I can’t read it either.


I have no clue what the fabulous people at Telecinco 5 in Spain are saying about me. Since I’m sooo fucking full of myself, I can only assume that they want all their Spanish readers to vote for my fat ass on this year’s gay bloggies.


Free blowjobs for all if I win.

6:50 pm

Protected: 100 Things I must do before I die: 2006 Edition

04/11/2006, Uncategorized

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Protected: Damage Control

03/11/2006, Uncategorized

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Protected: My sex life will thank you later.

02/11/2006, Uncategorized

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

01/11/2006, Uncategorized

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

Great. Just great. Those hardcore religious fanatics are chasing my ass and calling me the antichrist. Don’t they have anything to do with their time? It’s nice to see what their priorities are. They’d rather start (and spread) useless online petitions instead of feeding the hungry or helping the poor. What a bunch of lunatics. Get over yourselves.

You and I need to get laid!

Oh don’t judge me. You’re not in HERE because you got caught helping the poor.

I love you all! I’ll update in a bit. I’m in desperate need of something sweet. I need to run to the store and buy chocolate.

1:15 am

Bryanboy Loves You!

29/10/2006, Uncategorized

Bryanboy Loves You!

I’ve seen you walk unafraid. I’ve seen you in the clothes you made. Can you see the beauty inside of me? What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

Oh. you. look. so. beeeeeyooooteeeefulllll tonight… in the city of blinding lights

I’ll announce my anniversary contest shortly. I apologize for the delay. My flu’s gotten worse and I’m sick to the bone. I’m not supposed to be on the computer but some of you got me worrying.

I’ll update soon! Promise!

8:45 am

God I’m going to hell.

26/10/2006, Uncategorized

God I’m going to hell.

It’s 8:44AM and I’m still awake.

Damn it. After this episode I am gonna hit the sack.

I swear.

6:25 am

I’m sorry but I am in the middle of

26/10/2006, Uncategorized

I’m sorry but I am in the middle of…

something very important. Fuck ice skating. Fuck blogging. Fuck everything in this world.

My sister bought me Season 1 & Season 2 of the Desperate Housewives and I’m in the middle of a marathon. It’s 6AM and I’m now on episode 16. I can’t for the life of god decide which guy is the right one for me… I know I love Jesse Metcalfe to bits…

But I also kinda (I repeat… kinda) like Doug Savant because I have this teeny tiny thing about generic boresville-looking middle-aged bastards from I don’t know, bumfuck America? Hello daddy don’tdomelittle?

I’ll update when I snap back to reality. I apologize for the inconvenience.

But dammit, Jesse Metcalfe is so fucking hot I want him to rape my ass and give me babies.

Why oh fucking why are all the guys in this third world shithole called the Philippines SOOOO FUCKING FUGLY in comparison to Jesse Metcalfe?

God I hate this shithole. I really do.

And I love Jesse Metcalfe.

Oh and I’m Eva fucking Longoria.

I’m gonna finish this episode, sleep, wake up in 5 hours and have my maid Eunice take photos of me coming out of a huge pink box while I throw lots of confetti high up in the air.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is