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Slut of the day: Iekeliene Stange

25/02/2007, Uncategorized

Slut of the day: Iekeliene Stange

Her name is Iekeliene, she’s Dutch and she’s one of fashion’s IT-girls. I don’t really know much about her but I have a feeling she’s really nice and sweet. I read it somewhere that she opened Marc Jacobs’ show for Spring/Summer 2007 and she tripped but what the heck, Iekeliene is the epitome of cool.

Photo courtesy of Misshapes

Don’t you just wanna smack her ass for having the best bone structure ever? Ugh. I hate her.

You know I love you long time Iek. Kiss kiss!

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Heat Wave

23/02/2007, Uncategorized

Heat Wave

Fucking hell! It’s quarter to one in the afternoon here in the third world and I’m dying. I thought it would be cool to go jogging for an hour (instead of having lunch) but dammit, it’s soo fucking hot outside! And with my long hair, it feels like I’m in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like 35 degrees (celcius) or something. I probably could just sit on the sidewalk and sweat my fat away without moving but I don’t wanna get skin cancer.

Fuck this bollocking exercise shiyet. I’m not gonna deny I’m not built for this exercise or jogging bullcrap. You know, with this nasty heat going on, I’m getting these weird thoughts of me pulling a Britney because having long hair sucks. I’m actually considering getting a baby mohican but I figured I’m too old for that and I don’t wanna jeopardize some of my pending projects *wink*. But yeah… decisions decisions.

Bah! I’m going to the mall. I have shopping to do. I have a little dinner tonight and I wanna make sure I look nice and presentable.

SMS me! +63.915.785.1492. I love you all!

Baboosh mother fuckers!

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What is the best place in the world…

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Slut of the day: Guido Palau

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Slut of the day: Guido Palau

Guido the hairstylist. I love this guy. He’s done hair for a lot of the designers on their shows. I think he’s adorable. Plus his accent. Soo British, sooo gay, sooo extremely camp, sooo sexy.

I wanna feel all that facial hair rub against my ass when he licks the back of my balls and get his tongue slide up and down my ass crack. Exfoliation galore!

What is up with my hair obsession as of late? Ugh! Does anyone know whether or not Guido’s got a hairy chest? I’m curious. That’s all.


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Tae Bo: The ultimate body-shaping adventure

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Good Times Entertainment

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Guess the year

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Guess the year

Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Yes, I did take public transport back when I was younger. My god, look at those chubby cheeks. I look like I’m about to vomit cum after giving someone a blowjob. A kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie awaits if you manage to guess the year this photo was taken. Many of you are wondering why I haven’t camwhored recently considering the camera and I are best friends. Well, I’m currently growing my hair and it’s not a pretty sight. The last time I had a haircut was first week of December. My hair is long but not THAT long. I really want to grow it though. I have grand plans.. coiffure and all. Please bear with me in this process and I promise you’ll have pictures of me, me me and nothing but me SOON!

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Slut of the day: Jorma from Italy

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Maggots!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope Father Cupid play special tricks on you today!

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Male Thinspiration: David Lindwall

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Male Thinspiration: David Lindwall

Every once in a while, I’d get an email or two from people telling me my taste in men are questionable. What can I say? I *do* have a dubious taste when it comes to guys. I like them average joe… or I like them edgy, thin, sick or on the verge of dying. Case in point: David Lindwall, one of the world’s top male models. He even bagged the Dior Homme campaign a few years back.

Please inseminate me! Fill me up. Sooo hot.

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Thinspiration: Hana Soukupova for Bergdorf Goodman 2006

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I browsed an old Bergdorf Goodman (S/S 06) catalog earlier and found beautiful, beautiful photos of Hana Soukupova. I love her body. Amazing! This is thinspiration at its finest. Her arms are to die FOR!

My favourite images after the jump…


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My English boyfriend had sex with Perez Hilton

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My English boyfriend had sex with Perez Hilton

I’m kidding.

Whoever said that everyone is separated by six degrees should fucking win an award. It’s nice to see that somewhere halfway across the world, there are people who are talking (and having sex) behind my back. Alexander Johnson&Johnson and YOU, YES, YOU, Mario Armando Lavandeira JUNIOR… I FUCKING HATE THE TWO OF YOU FOR INSEMINATING EACH OTHER LAST NIGHT AT THE MCQUEEN PARTY AT BOOMBOX IN LONDRES.  *sigh*



You know I love both of your fat hairy asses.

P.S. Don’t be silly. Of course they didn’t have sex. Kelly Osbourne got her hemorrhoids flaring and she kept on grabbing Perez away from Alex. Hello Kelly!