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5:46 am

Fox Fur Coat

27/02/2010, Uncategorized

Stefano and Domenico chose and hand-picked their gift to me: an incredible fox fur coat. They got everything right – the proportion, the size, etc.

I’m still at a loss of words because of their generous and super extravagant gesture. Thank you so much. Amo voi entrambi!

I’ll wear it on Sunday at the show!

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5:17 am

How Glamorous…

27/02/2010, Uncategorized

Took this photo of me at my friend’s apartment lobby just a few hours ago. I’m staying with a buddy here in Milan. I thought this photo is hysterical. After spending the whole day out, all I wanted to do is go home. So that’s what I did.

Until I realized I left the keys inside…

…and my prepaid Italian phone ran out of credit so I couldn’t call or text anyone. There are no payphones in this area and the corner store down the block doesn’t sell mobile credit.

Thank god for the internet though. I was able to get on to twitter and found a friend who called my other friend.

I thought it was funny because here I am in a very unglamorous state considering I just came from a very glamorous place in Milan.

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5:05 am

Dolce & Gabbana Showroom at Via Goldoni Milan

27/02/2010, Uncategorized

Earlier this afternoon, I visited the Dolce & Gabbana showroom at Via Goldoni here in Milan. Stefano and Domenico had a big surprise for me and I picked it up.

When I greeted them after the D&G show yesterday and it was like meeting friends whom you haven’t seen in ages. You and I know they both did so much to my ‘career’.

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8:55 pm

The Scene at Just Cavalli

25/02/2010, Uncategorized

I’m here at my seat in between the runway at Just Cavalli, which is my first show of the day. Can’t wait to see the show!

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8:17 pm

Prada Fall 2010 Womenswear Show Invitation

25/02/2010, Uncategorized

It’s such an honor to hold Milano’s golden ticket. Thank you so much, Prada, for the invitation.

I’ll see you at the show in a few hours!

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4:46 am

My gurl Peaches Geldof

25/02/2010, Uncategorized

Thank god for company! I’m here at the Air France lounge with my gurl Peaches Geldof. She’s going somewhere whereas I’m off to Milan.

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12:15 am

What happens?

23/02/2010, Uncategorized

Answer the question. Go on.

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11:32 pm

This made me smile

22/02/2010, Uncategorized

This made me smile.

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5:11 am

Welcome back to civilization

07/12/2009, Uncategorized

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10:01 pm

Goodbye Detroit. I won’t miss you.

06/12/2009, Uncategorized

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