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Long hair + stubble = ?

21/08/2007, Uncategorized

Long hair + stubble = ?

I haven’t shaved for a week and a half so I took this photo when I got up this afternoon.

stubble, facial hair

God damn my skin is shitty. I think all that junk food I’ve been eating for the past week went straight to my face. All my facial hair is gone now though cause I shaved afterwards. Man, am I old or what? I think I’ll grow my stubble more, no? I don’t want a full-on beard… what I want is very short stubble covering the lower part of my face. You know, a new look etc. Let’s face it — I’m no spring chicken anymore and I’m not getting any younger.

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Someone I know

19/08/2007, Uncategorized

Someone I know

is about to give birth and she’s gonna name her child like a dog. Well, I searched "my name is _insert offending name here_" and 99% of the results ended up with pages from animal shelters/pet names etc. I’m telling y’all, it’s the Victoria Beckham syndrome. What’s wrong with classic, timeless names? You know, names like Jacqueline, Olivia, Sofia, or Caroline? Maybe I’m a prude but I hate it when people give "trendy" names to their kids and name them after places (Paris, London, Brooklyn, Rome), fruit (Orange, Strawberry, etc) or anything they see in the movies. It’s crazy!!! Please, for the life of god, think of the child’s future and how they’re going to feel when they get older. Ugh. I want to smack her head down the pavement so she can get back to her senses but I don’t want to be arrested for double murder. Naturally, I don’t have the right to complain to their face because it’s their evil spawn not mine. Not my own flesh and blood, thank god. I just hope the poor child will get two names so she can use the other one as backup.

But still.

Fuck it. You know what? If EVER I’m gonna knock up some vajayjay that belongs to a fat bitch and that thing gives birth, I’m gonna name the kid ROVER and feed the thing with Alpo.

PS. Don’t laugh. Rover is WAYYY better than third world doorbell names (read that BBC article) like "Ding Dong" (VOMIT PLEASE) or "Ting Ting" or "Ding Ding" or "Bing Bing" etc. YES!!! THERE ARE PEOPLE, UNFORTUNATE ONES, WHO HAVE NAMES LIKE THAT.

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Once upon a time…

19/08/2007, Uncategorized

Once upon a time…

Oh dear. Look at what I found in my ‘archives’.

bryanboy in toby mott and gucci

I *honestly* can’t remember how long ago this photo was taken so if you manage to guess what year it was, I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

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Obsession du Jour: Malu Fernandez

17/08/2007, Uncategorized

Obsession du Jour: Malu Fernandez

I’m officially obsessed. Malu Fernandez is the new Velvet d’Amour y’all! She apparently got loads of flak a few months back due to that magazine article she wrote so she wrote this little apology back in July.

malu fernandez

Priceless! Only in the third world, my dear readers, only in the third world.

PS. I love her fierce attitude. We need clowns like her (and me) to make the world a better place.
PPSS. It’s FrederiC Fekkai, with the c and without the k. Oh snap!

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Malu Fernandez flies economy class…

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Malu Fernandez flies economy class…
Edit 08/19/07:
 I don’t want the whole Malu brouhaha to litter my homepage so I’ll only allocate one entry to her. Click here to read my follow-up entry related to this post but only after you read THIS (as in *this*) entry. Also, I’m *VERY* disturbed by the amount of personal attacks directed towards her not just on my blog but online. I *understand* that a lot of people were offended by her article(s) but if you are gonna attack someone, please don’t resort to petty and immature remarks about her looks, her body size etc. At the end of the day, we’re all going to be thick, fat and obese. Heck, I’m not even forty yet I’m already overweight so there. Also, please refrain from posting her (or anybody else’s) personal information on my site. I’m not taking sides here. One could always express themselves in a civilised manner instead of sensationalising crap and acting all palengkera blah blah blah. Please lang, kacheapan! Last, but not the least, here’s what I have to say about this whole thing.

Meet Malu Fernandez.

malu fernandez

Click click click.


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September 2007 Vogue: Paris Je t’aime by Steven Meisel

15/08/2007, Uncategorized

Paris, Je t’aime
by Steven Meisel

Featuring: Caroline Trentini, Coco Rocha, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, Gemma Ward, Guinevere van Seenus

September 2007 Vogue paris Je t'aime


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Brace yourself. I think it’s going to rain any second now. Time to get out of my coccoon, put my boots on, visit my grandmum’s for lunch and take photos!

My hair is *so* long an extra inch is all I need for me to give Snejana Wintour a run for her money!

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Put your hands up! Put your hands up for Detroit! Put your hands up! Put your hands up for Detroit OUR LOVELY CITY! I found this from an online forum and I died!!!!! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the blame for giving gays a bad name because I’m a little young QUEEN… well, wait till you see this shit!

So, yesterday Dane and I decided to head down to the old Packard plant for some nice shots of the decay. We get there and start to take some pixorz and everything is just fine for about 30 min. Then we hear a noise above us we look up and see what appears to be a band and their photographer taking pictures for some album art. They were all in combat boots and one had leather vest with no shirt on. Dane was like did you see the gay cowboy, and at that time I just pasted it off and was like yeah what ever. Boy was I wrong. We continue taking pictures and move up a floor when all of the sudden Dane calls me over. I look at what he is looking at.

gay superheroes

Click click click for the full story! Don’t worry, this is totally safe for school/work.


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OH MY GOD: Is Michael Biserta a grower or a shower?

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Is Michael Biserta a Grower or a Shower?

JD killed me yesterday night with this post on his blog. I promised I won’t post nudity and porn on my site because I get all sorts of nasty emails from my sponsors and advertisers blah blah blah but this one is wayyyy too good to keep to myself. I know I got warnings in the past for posting shit on my homepage but please, for the life of god, I’m begging you, to make this one little exception for me. Besides, I’m hiding it behind a jump. Also, this shit is ALL over new york so there. I NEED TO GET MICHAEL BISERTA OUT OF MY SYSTEM, SORRY.

Michael Biserta

I have never seen a man who is able to wrap his cock around his arm with his cock being soft. I mean, the largest cock I’ve ever had for real was about 10 inches (no kidding), he was British but when his dick was soft, it was probably about 2 inches long more or less so clearly he was a grower. As for Mike Biserta, well, what do you think?

Enough verbal diarrhea. Watch the video after the jump. Note — you must be at least 18 years old to watch this NOT SAFE FOR WORK vid.  What are you waiting for ladies? Click click click and get ready to scream "OWWWW. MYYYY. GAAAAAAADDDDD"! Be sure to answer my poll at the end of the blog entry.


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Slut of the Day: Agyness Deyn

10/08/2007, Uncategorized

Slut of the Day: Agyness Deyn

I know there’s a handful of you out there who would rather see Megan Fox in flesh than Agyness Deyn but wait till you see this vid that my daddy JD Ferguson sent me. I LOOVE MODTV, I just wish they update their podcasts often.  Anyway, Agyness is definitely the hotness and she does know how to pose. JD himself looks the hottie that he is (a far cry from his "and the hayyyre, I luuuuhhvv the hayyyyre" appearance) but man, that Greg Kessler guy at…. ooh la love, now he is something else!

If you manage to count how many times the word "spunk" was mentioned in that clip I’ll give you a spunk-covered cookie I saved more than two decades ago when I used to participate in those circle jerks.

Just kidding.

PS. Sonny V, why aren’t you there???