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Fur Now

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As many of you already know, I’m a HUGE fan of fur. One of my favorite (and earliest) fur items is a classic, brown beaver fur coat I purchased from a vintage store many, many years ago. Most fur lovers start this way — they begin their love for fur from a fabulous hand-me-down fur coat or a jacket from a family member or they purchase something equally chic from a second-hand store. Fast forward many years later, I must admit I’ve moved on to the way I wear my fur. I try to buy one or two strong fur coats each year. Some of you probably remember this white mink fur coat I bought from Fendi last year. My most recent purchase, as in last month, was a gorgeous, multi-color paneled coat from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Fur now looks much different than what “fur” used to be. It’s no longer the classic, oversized brown coat that grandmothers used to wear to protect themselves from subzero temperatures. We live in a different generation that celebrates individual and unique personal style and this demands new fur silhouettes and shapes featuring strong, eye-catching colors, textures and different combinations.

Fur Now 2014 Campaign

Also, fur is now being used in countless different ways. You’ll find fur used in cute accessories like scarves, bow ties and camera straps (like my collaboration with Adrienne Landau), keychains (think Fendi Monster and Fendi Karlito key charms) and sunglasses to leather goods such as wallets, pouches and handbags.

Here are several images from the International Fur Federation’s “Fur Now” campaign to modernize the image of fur and to reach a new, youthful demographic (that’s you… and me! *wink*). They flew me to Paris this summer to see the shoot and I’ll share behind-the-scenes photos on a separate blog post.

Fur Now 2014 Campaign
Fur Now 2014 Campaign
Fur Now 2014 Campaign

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