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Oh dear.

25/11/2007, Uncategorized

Oh dear.

3 faggots down, 8 more to go. Gay Bloggies Challenge 4 is up — we were asked to do wear something orange and what do you know, because most gays are sleazeballs, there’s a ton of pictures of a naked man up there, ass and all. Thank god there are no peen shots though and I’m glad they’re keeping it clean. I’m sending mothers, children and heterosexuals on that site, hella they bettah keep it clean.

Now now.

I don’t know about you but we soFEEsticated and well-bred (and I
don’t mean bareback Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend bred) ladies like to keep our clothes on, thanks
very much. With a body like mine, I better keep my clothes on but hey,
it’s probably my insecurities talking cause I know I *still* have a
market out there. Hahaha!

What are you waiting for? Vote for me even if my pictures are the
most horrid compared to the rest of the gang. I need your votes more
than ever. Click the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of my entry. You know you want to do it, even if you hate me.

As for the rest of the pack… well…you know what to do if you want to make me the winner. Thumb those bitches down! Hahaha :-) That’s what Gemma Ward would do if she was me.

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Terron Wood Appreciation Post

23/11/2007, Uncategorized

Terron Wood & Maury Povich Special

Terron Wood is so good-looking he’s everything I want in a man. Tall, dark and oh-help-me-god handsome. Not too muscular, not too thin, not too slim, not too tall (he’s 6’2), he’s fit, nice eyes, nice smile, nice everything. He’s not even totally aryan nation. I’ve been hooked ever since that Vogue Paris editorial with Coco Rocha where he danced, danced away.

Terron Wood

The DNA Paternity and Lie Detector tests are in!!!

Click click click!


5:22 am

God damn I’m good.

20/11/2007, Uncategorized

God damn I’m good.

I never cease to amaze myself with the quotable quotes I spit on a daily basis.

"A guy’s penis always have its own life.

It’s like Hawaii."

– Bryanboy

3:25 am

How do you say Papi Chulo in Swedish?

20/11/2007, Uncategorized

How do you say Papi in Swedish?

His name is Wiktor, he’s a friend’s friend (bitch hook me up with your whores) and he’s with Kid of Tomorrow .

Wiktor, Kid of Tomorrow

My first reaction was… JAILBAIT!!! Until I realized in Sweden, the minimum age is like 12 or something. LOL.

7:48 pm

Are gays born or are they “made”?

18/11/2007, Uncategorized

Are gays born or are they "made"?

[Update - 2:14PM - The Gay Bloggies website is now up so vote, vote, vote away!]

Some people are born naturals. I, for one, mastered the art of Vogueing when I was 2. The year was 1984.

Bryanboy at age 2

Strike a pose!

House of Xtravaganza is that chu? House of Labeija is that chu? House of Revlon is that chu? House of Ninja is that chu? House of Infiniti is that chu? House of Diabolique is that chu?

Click here to read my latest entry on the Gay Bloggies website and don’t forget give my entry a good ol’ thumbs up. I need your vote! While you’re at it, be sure to thumb down my competition’s entries. Teach those mother fuckers that sissies like me rule the planet. With your help, I want to win this thing. It’s Sunday and it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds of your time to click click click and vote for me!

I love you all ;)

10:05 pm

“But… I was a cheerleader!”

15/11/2007, Uncategorized

"But… I’m I was a cheerleader!"

The hair. The pom poms. The shorts.

Bryanboy Colegio San Agustin Cheerleader

Hideous. Just hideous.

10:21 pm

Caption This

26/10/2007, Uncategorized

Caption This

God. OK. I’ll be honest. Some of you people are sooo mean y’all make Regina George look like a nun. Insane! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the comments you left on one of my posts and I do somewhat feel bad how y”all swallowed the poor kid alive. Good thing he’s a good sport. In any case, he is so yesterday, OVAH I tell you, O. VAH., so let’s move on shall we? Now caption this. Someone sent that to me on yahoo messenger.

Click click click!


9:45 pm

Caption This

25/10/2007, Uncategorized

Caption This

So basically, this entity (pictured below) thinks of my new hair:

"girl, (you) look like a baklang call center with that cut and highlights.  not that there’s anything wrong with being a call center agent (please guys don’t protest; I’m not Teri).  it’s just that they have this certain look, the gay call center agents… you look like one of them now."

I thought, "oh ok. baklang matapobre!"

Click click click!


8:38 pm

California Fires

24/10/2007, Uncategorized

California Fires

Apparently over 500,000 (five hundred thousand) people have evacuated their homes in Southern California because of the wildfires. I know this is a silly question but why on earth can’t the US government, one of (if not) the most powerful countries on earth with a huge amount of resources, military and financially, act on a federal level and do something to control the fires? It’s funny how they can bomb countries in a heartbeat but they can’t even send their entire air force to do one of those fake rain/cloud seeding things.

California fires

War against terror you say?  I don’t know about you but the only thing y’all should be focusing on right now is the war against flamers! Oh well. My thoughts and prayers are with you South California folk.

Let’s talk about fashion now. Exposing myself to things like this make me depressed.

5:11 pm

I’ve had it.

24/10/2007, Uncategorized

I’ve had it.

I’ve had it. This time I’m REALLY gonna try to quit smoking… and my caffeine habit. I just finished a cup of coffee, felt something weird, got my blood pressure taken a few minutes ago and it said 130/100. I’m paranoid when it comes to these things and it doesn’t help that I have hypochondriac tendencies. I really should know better because I’ve been smoking for 11 friggin years.

I need to relax and stay away from googling medical things etc.

That’s what I need to do.