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Amen to that, sister!

12/12/2007, Uncategorized

Amen to that, sister!

I know. Of course I am a clown. Right from the start I’ve always said I’m a one-man circus. What do you expect? We’re ALMOST there. There’s only four (that’s 4) of us left and another one is saying goodbye tomorrow. I don’t want to be that bitch. I have to win this thing! The haters are now in full-force it’s hilarious! The other contestants’ haters are nothing compared to mine. In fact, one of my haters spent so much time and effort in expressing his thoughts — that I have to give it to him.

Larry Craig Gay Bloggies

Why do I have a feeling that person is a catholic gay gay republican? Larry Craig is that chu? The gay community struggles acceptance because there are dirty filthy faggots (such as yourself) who are also struggling accepting OTHERS. Live and let live asswipe and then you’ll find others who will accept you regardless of your quirks. That’s my motto. Team Sissyfication!

Click here to vote for me because the third world, regardless of its flaws, is still one of those few places in the world where one could have a little bit of fun and be themselves blah blah blah. It may not be the best city in the world but it’s still a fun place to visit.

Click here to vote against Frank who has a Mexican food obsession. (He’s the #1 guy, in my opinion, to beat.)
Click here to vote against Fausto. I mean come on. YAWN!
Click here to vote against Craig. UNDERWEAR? GAY PORN? KLEENEX? HELLO!

As always, thank you so much my dear minions. We’re almost there! The sweet scent of winning is oh so near I could smell it.

I love you all!

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Hello OT Family!

12/12/2007, Uncategorized

Be sure to check this page often as I update throughout the contest…

Hello OT Family!

A big hello to my fellow Offtopic members! As you know, I became part of the OT family in January 2006 when someone gave me the link to the site. Since then, it became one of my favourite forums until I got banned a few times. Hahaha!

Enough arse kissing and let me go straight to the point.

I’m currently one of the few finalists left on this year’s gay bloggies and I need your help so I can win the contest. Last year I won three awards: Most Humorous Blog, Best Diva and Best Asian. They changed the game this year and there’s only going to be one winner, chosen by popular vote with eliminations done ala Survivor-style. As a blogger, winning this contest means a lot to me. I mean come on, do you personally know anyone who is "gayer" than me? Just kidding.

People often say I give gays a bad name. I know I camp it up all the time with my flaming tricks and attention-seeking antics FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES but when you think about it, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by a very tolerant group of people who usually don’t give a fuck about sexuality. I’m fortunate to live in such environment where most people understand and accept regardless of what you are. However, not all places are like mine and there are so many people out there who live in restraint simply because society puts them down. Blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda.

We were asked to blog about various topics every few days as part of the challenges. People can then vote for/against our entries and the finalist who received the least number of votes gets eliminated. All you need to do is to click the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of my latest blog entry every few days until I win/lose.

Challenge #9

[here] Click here to VOTE for Bryanboy on the latest challenge.

Because this is a competition, I also request that you "thumb down" my other fellow contestants. My competition this year is tough because each of them have huge fan bases and their own loyal following. Any help thrown my way is truly and geuinely appreciated.

[here] Click here to thumb down my other fellow contestants, Fausto, Craig and Frank.

If you have any other questions, please let me know. Be sure to check this page (or the Gay Bloggies page) often so you could vote for/against me.

Thank YOU so much from the bottom of my heart and I’ll see you in Offtopic!

Vote the wise choice. Vote Team Sissyfication! Team Bryanboy!

I love you all!!! :-)

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Round 8… FIGHT!

10/12/2007, Uncategorized

Round 8… FIGHT!

Good morning ladies! I’ve been away from my computer over the weekend — it’s nice to just stay in bed, pig out and watch DVDs etc. I’ve received numerous emails how the Gay Bloggies server is down due to technical issues and now that it’s back, it’s voting time once again! There’s only 5 finalists remaining and with your help, I want to be the champion.

Gay Bloggies, Round 8, 5 finalists left

They all think I’m the biggest threat so prove them right! Vote for me… and thumb those bitches down! It shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds of your time.

Click here to "thumb up" my latest entry.

Click here to "thumb down" the other 4 contestants.

They’re eliminating someone at midnight, Pacific Time and I want to make sure I am NOT that person. As always, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the support… and thank YOU for keeping the faggotry alive.

Team Sissyfication!

PS. Don’t vote for any other challenges that you see here on my site because voting is finished for those challenges. Until the next round, my minions. I love you all!

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Derek & Romaine Show

07/12/2007, Uncategorized

Derek & Romaine Show

Bryanboy makes a guest appearance on Derek & Romaine’s radio show. If you have trouble watching the video (it’s just 1 picture with audio) or in the event pop-up ads prevent you from watching the vid in its entirety then click here to go to Revver’s page.

Sirius Satellite Radio (USA)
OutQ 109
December 6, 2007 9:05PM EST

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So when I was 15…

06/12/2007, Uncategorized

So when I was 15…

OMG you guys, I think y’all are gonna die with what you are about to see.

Friend: Send me that picture of ____ when ____ was fat.

Me: Why?

Friend: Because.

Me: What?

Friend: I want to see pictures of what people looked like before.

Me: You’re gonna post them online, aren’t you? You’re a mean girl!

Friend: No, I don’t post horrible pictures of people online. I keep them for my satisfaction. You, on the other hand, voluntarily post ALL your photos, even pictures of your turd.

Me: I have NEVER posted pictures of my turd. That photo was from google images!

Friend: Oh, ok, I thought that was your turd.

Me: Do you really think I’d post pictures of my turd? Pissing everywhere is not very Chanel, you know.

Anyway, so what happens when siblings play dress up and a 15-year old kid dons a Jeremy Scott bucket hat, those silly rhinestone whatever Chloe sunglasses, Tom Ford for Gucci hallucinating hippie collection men’s SIZE SMALL swimming trunks (THAT WERE CLEARLY WAYY TOO BIG FOR MY then 20-inch waist)… and a big-ass vintage massive leopard print fur coat on top of it all?

Do not, under any circumstances, try this at home.
You’ve been warned! And mothers and sisters, don’t do this to your kids. They’re gonna end up gay, just like meeee! I think this photo brings a whole new meaning to ‘poking fun at yourself’. I’m not poking fun at myself… I’m SHAMING myself. But then again, I don’t really have any shame. Shame? What’s that?

Ready? Click click click!


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Birthing Photos

28/11/2007, Uncategorized

Birth and Birthing

I know. Don’t laugh. I’m working on the mineral water bottle labels and I found a plethora of birthing photos. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. For real!!!!! I know I’m not supposed to look but I HAVE to because I’m curious. It’s gross but fascinating at the same time to you know, see pictures of… err… how a baby was born.

Remember what I said a few months back how newborns look like little birds?

Warning: the photos you are about to see are extremely graphic in nature so if you’re NOT into explicit material, don’t click click click.

Oh who the hell are we kidding. Bulimics of the world, unite! You no longer have to stick fingers down your throat. Click click click away!


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27/11/2007, Uncategorized




My fat ass is so wide I didn’t feel it but I’m gonna start googling now so stay tuned. I’m chatting to a friend in NY and bitch thought I was making an excuse. Gotta love the third world!

Manila, Philippines Earthquake

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Protected: Old White Women, Young Black Men…

27/11/2007, Uncategorized

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Dominique Update

26/11/2007, Uncategorized

Niece Update

I know absolutely nothing when it comes to babies. When I got photos of my niece (2 months and a few weeks old) via email, the first thing that came to mind was: "that kid is gonna be fat when she grows up". Where are the cheekbones?? Where’s the chin? My Edina Monsoon/Chanel of Babies/Models 1 dreams just went down the shitter. Just kidding. She’s quite adorable. I can’t wait for her to speak. When do infants start talking anyway? I know there’s a lot of you mothers out there.

Anyway, niece is gonna be baptized in a few weeks. From invitations to party preparations, the familia de horreur is making a huge deal out of it. What is it with kids these days? I swear to god, all the kids now are so spoiled it’s not even funny anymore.

I think it was a year or two ago when one of my cousins threw a birthday party for her son. It was an elaborate affair for a one-year old child. Every single detail was executed with meticulous preparation. Case in point: these mineral water bottle labels, which my mom took notice… and kept… after all these years.

Guess who was assigned the lovely task of designing mineral water bottle labels for his niece? Ugh.

Don’t you just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEE the frills and the frivolity of it all?

I don’t. I already have wayyy too many things on my plate. UGHHHH.

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The Neck.

25/11/2007, Uncategorized

The Neck.

Didja know that a huge chunk of web blogs written by young Swedish males are related to fashion? It’s not just team vajayjay who are blogging about clothes but the guys do it too. I’m currently bloghopping and found this "Will and Grace"-style blog run by two folks — a gay guy and his fag hag. They post pictures of their outfits blah blah blah. Forget his obsession with colourful socks. The thing that struck me the most is this guy’s neck. Yes, I said NECK! Of all the things I’m supposed to look at, it’s his neck that caught my eye. Am I seeing things or… are you seeing it too? I hope I’m not hallucinating.

Will and Grace

Click click click!