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Panty Creamer of the Century <3 <3 <3

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It’s 2:20 in the morning here in the third world and I’m typing a long entry (coming soon) on how somebody is depressed (not me) and s/he wanted to know what I do when I’m feeling down or sad. Then comes an email alert from an unknown sender telling me I should download some file online. I don’t usually download files for the fear of virus and spywear and what have you but curiosity got me going so I downloaded it anyway. Lo and behold when I opened the file, I found this.

Terron Wood

OH. MY. GOD. It’s no other than my former desktop wallpaper of the week and fashion’s hottest zoolander of the moment, Terron Wood!!!!!!! He is soooo the hottest shit right now I swear! FROM BRYANT PARK ALL THE WAY TO MY BEDROOM IN THE THIRD WORLD, MY PUSSY JUST GOT HARDCORE ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY!!!!!!!

Are you also having palpitations? There’s MOAR!!! Click click click!


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London College of Fashion

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London College of Fashion

London College of FashionI just received notice that I was the subject of a class in London College of Fashion. Amazing eh? It’s fascinating how students would pay a ton of money only to talk about my silly third world ass… in a prestigious educational institution of all places! Boy I am *so* flattered. This is just as GOOD as the time the wonderful folks at Chanel USA talked about me in their annual national sales conference/focus group. Oh shit, that was supposed to be confidential. Hay guyz I love Chanel! Hah! Anyhoo, back to LCF:

One of them was talking about you with his friends when his tutor at
our uni heard them. So instead of talking about the class topic they
decided to discuss you BB!

I wonder who that tutor is. Identify yourself! Apparently s/he/it claims that s/he/it is a "friend of a friend", which, I think, is what anyone with suspicious intentions says. 

but knowing my friend’s doing fashion promotion at lcf..the tutor would most likely be in media studies

London College of FashionDid anyone say Indonesia? The last time I went to Indonesia was around 2003! But omg, isn’t that amazing? To be talked about at LCF? As always, you know what they say, geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry!

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Texas Olsson Part 2

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Texas Olsson Part 2

Remember Texas Olsson? He’s in New York for fashion week! I TOTALLY got weak in the knees when I saw this over at COACD.

Texas Olsson

Love, love Texas Olsson. I liked him first before Terron Wood which is before I liked Lawrence Stiers. He’s soo perfect OMG. For realz. I will sell my house just to shake his hand. Wait… what am I talking about. House? What house? LOL!!!

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Keep in Touch

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Keep in Touch

No matter where you are in the world I’d love to hear from you.

Bryanboy in Sweden

Feel free to email me any time and I’ll do my best to respond to it. Send me your comments and/or suggestions. Send me ideas. Send me notes. Send me “I love Bryanboy” pictures. Send me anything! Say hi and don’t be shy. I don’t bite!

My contact information are as follows:


I love you all!


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He moved into the city and now he’s gay.

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He moved into the city and now he’s gay.

Gawwwwd. Gayyyyy?

Who’s hungry? You hungry?

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Online Crack

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Daily Reads

Here are some of my favorite websites that I go to on a regular basis. Check them out!

  • [here] The Bag Snob
  • [here] Vogue Hommes Japan
  • [here] The Moment/New York Times
  • [here] Streetpeeper
  • [here] Swide Magazine
  • [here] Vogue Russia
  • [here] Astro Crack
  • [here] Supreme Models
  • [here] OMG BLOG!
  • [here] Dlisted by Michael K
  • [here] Patty Hungtington, Frockwriter
  • [here] Teen Vogue
  • [here] Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View on Fashion
  • [here] Pink is the new blog by Trent
  • [here] Perez Hilton
  • [here] Fashion Addict Diary
  • [here] IQONS
  • [here] V Magazine
  • [here] COACD/Confessions of a Casting Director
  • [here] Sonny Vandevelde
  • [here] JD Ferguson
  • [here] Concreteloop
  • [here] Fashion Insanity
  • [here] The Bag Hag
  • [here] Frillr
  • [here] Cathy Horyn/New York Times
  • [here] Jezebel
  • [here] Style Bubble
  • [here] Hidden Zipper
  • [here] Fashion Week Daily
  • [here] The Fashioniste
  • [here] Radar Magazine
  • [here] The Look: Adventures in Rock & Pop Fashion
  • [here] Micah Jesse
  • [here] Downtown Memphis Blog
  • [here] Pop Wired

PS. If you would like to trade links, pop me a note via email at

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Fucked up.

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Fucked up.

There is something fucked up with typepad and I have no idea why my entries aren’t showing up. I went to the doctors yesterday morning and I found out I have mononuclelosis (spelling?)… and I’ve been sleeping the entire day… a lot of people have texted where my entries are.

I sent Typepad a note, hopefully they can fix my blog soon. This is crazy!

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2008 Weblog Awards 2008 Bloggies

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2008 Weblog Awards 2008 Bloggies

It’s award season once again! This time it’s the Weblog Awards — this is totally different from Gay Bloggies; this is the REAL "Oscars" of Blogging. Last year I was a finalist for Best Asian Weblog.

2008 Bloggies

All you need to do is nominate me in the categories as you see fit. I’ll forever be indebted if you do. Nominating shouldn’t take a few seconds/minutes of your time.  Go me!

PS. Don’t forget to follow the validation instructions in your email when you nominate me. Thanks! =)

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M.I.A. for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

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M.I.A. for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

M.I.A for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2008 Ad Campaign
shot by Juergen Teller
scans from: Teen Vogue, February 2008 issue

I love, love, love these ads!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Ad Campaign featuring M.I.A

M.I.A.  for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring - Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

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Hello Dlisted Readers!

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Hello Dlisted Readers!

A big hello to my fellow Michael K addicts! Like you, I’ve been addicted to Dlisted ever since the phrase "NOSE JOB" got invented. Dlisted is definitely one of my daily reads. I check it a couple of times a day — heck, it’s online crack y’all!

Enough arse kissing and let me go straight to the point.

I’m currently one of the few finalists left on this year’s Gay Bloggies and I need your help so I can win the contest. Last year I won three awards: Most Humorous Blog, Best Diva and Best Asian. They changed the game this year and there’s only going to be one winner, chosen by popular vote with eliminations done ala Survivor-style. As a blogger, winning this contest means a lot to me. I’m all for winning! The internet is my life (DON’T LIE TO ME, THE NET IS YOUR LIFE, TOO) and I’m a certified online whore.

People often say I give gays a bad name. I know I camp it up all the time with my flaming tricks and attention-seeking antics FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES but when you think about it, I’m extremely lucky to be surrounded by a very tolerant group of people who usually don’t give a fuck about sexuality. I’m fortunate to live in such environment where most people understand and accept regardless of what you are. However, not all places are like mine. There’s lots of hater, yes, and there are still so many out there who live in restraint simply because society puts them down. Blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda.

We were asked to blog about various topics every few days as part of the challenges. People can then vote for/against our entries and the finalist who received the least number of votes gets eliminated. All you need to do is to click the "thumbs up" button found at the bottom of my latest blog entry every few days until I win/lose.

Challenge #9

Click here to VOTE for Bryanboy on the latest challenge.

Because this is a competition, I also request that you "thumb down" my other fellow contestants. My competition this year is tough because each of them have huge fan bases and their own loyal following. Any help thrown my way is truly and genuinely appreciated.

Click here to thumb down my other fellow contestants, Fausto, Craig and Frank.

Voting is fast, easy and it’s FAT-FREE. Burn those god damn calories and get those wrists moving.

In one of our previous challenges, we were asked to make a video. As a result of my little mini home video, fashion designer Marc Jacobs reached out to me and I got the chance to speak to him on the phone. YES! Marc Jacobs as in Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs! How often do you get to speak to one of the world’s most talented and iconic designers at 4 in the morning? It was surreal but it was amazing. He’s such a doll!


They’re announcing yet another challenge sometime tonight/early tomorrow so if you vote for me today, be sure to vote again tomorrow, December 14, 2007.

Do it for the third world kids.

Do it for the poor.
Do it for the whales.
Do it for the seals.
Do it for the rainforests.
and of course, do it for me.

Vote the wise choice. Vote Team Sissyfication. Team Bryanboy!


If you have any other questions, please let me know. My email address is Be sure to check this page (or the Gay Bloggies page) every so often so you could vote for me and/or against my competition!

The Gay Bloggies Winner is going to be announced on December 20, 2007 so be sure to visit from now… until I win!

Thank YOU so much from the bottom of my heart.

If we don’t get to speak soon, have a wonderful and festive holiday season.

I love you all!!! :-)