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5:00 pm

The Madness Begins

25/08/2009, Travel

The Madness Begins

Embarking on my first leg later today. I think it's time that I upgrade my personal travel map.

See you tomorrow!

3:29 pm

Day Train from Munich to Milan [part 1]

09/07/2009, Current Affairs, Germany, Italy, Munich, Trains, Travel

Day Train from Munich to Milan [part 1]

I originally thought of flying from Munich to Milan but I’ve never been on a European train before (other than subway systems) so I decided to use the efficient rail system instead. You know, take your average third world city boy and put him in a train to enjoy a bit of countryside scenery yaddi yaddi yadda. I think it’s a nice way to travel — especially when you’re traveling with 40 kilos worth of baggage on you. And I’m not talking about your body weight, Snejana.

Picture of Munich Train Station Hauptbahnhof München
Munich Train Station – Hauptbahnhof München

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11:23 pm

Bryanboy at Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Beijing, China VIDEO

16/01/2009, Beijing, Current Affairs, Travel, Videos

Nanluoguxiang Hutong

I went to Beijing and all I got was a bloody t-shirt. Just kidding. Here’s a video of me mincing around the Nanluoguxiang Hutong district of Beijing. Hutongs are these traditional and ancient Chinese alleyways that are almost very rare to find in this city of enormous buildings.

Funny how my Spanish friend Ate Danica (the one with the green scarf) didn’t bat an eyelash when I walked past him. Hahaha! We were so pressed for time so I didn’t get the chance to check out each and every shop but I did end up buying a t-shirt that says “I <3 BJ”. Hysterical!

1:04 pm

Beijing Subway Video

11/01/2009, Beijing, Current Affairs, Travel, Videos

Beijing Subway

My newfound acquaintances in Beijing made me ride the subway yesterday en route to a housewarming party and boy I had fun. You know, I would like to use the subway more but walking in Beijing is such a bitch. It’s a MASSIVE city and for me, it’s so much easier if I cab it.

Each ride on the subway (you can go ANYWHERE within Beijin) costs 2 Yuan which is like oh bloody hell, thirty US cents? Dang!!!

7:55 pm

Opposite House Beijing

09/01/2009, Beijing, Travel

I popped by Opposite House in Sanlitun for a quick drink and snack after a long day of shopping. Opposite House is such a beautiful 'designer' boutique hotel. I was originally planning to stay here but the price point is out of my league. Hopefully next time when I have money I'll stay here.

Gorgeous, gorgeous hotel :-)


9:19 pm

Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage & Suitcases

21/12/2008, Fashion and Style, Shopping, Travel

Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage

Gone are the days when one could easily charm their way out of paying excess baggage fees at the airport. I remember vividly how back in the day, all I had to do was plead, smile and wink to airline staff just to get away hauling my crap to the plane without paying a single cent. Fast forward to the present and all the airlines now are a bunch of penny-pinching, nickel-and-diming retards who would balk at you to pony up the greenbacks even if you’re a few kilos overweight. I was shocked when I got a copy of my report from my accountant earlier this week. I know I did a bit of traveling this year compared to previous years (which still isn’t a lot compared to other people), but holy Manolo Batman, I cannot believe how much I ended up paying to fly my garbage around!

You know you’re back home in the third world when everything that comes out on the luggage carousel are in boxes!

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10:14 am

The Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03/12/2008, Malaysia, Malaysia International Fashion Week, Travel

The Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Gardens Hotel in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur is where I stayed during Malaysia International Fashion Week.

Bryanboy inside the elevator at The Gardens Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

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2:07 am

Where Next?

21/10/2008, Travel

Where Next?

Y'all know by now that I'm (unfortunately) back in the good ol' cesspit of the third world.

7:30 am

Waiting at the airport…

07/10/2008, Current Affairs, Singapore, Travel, Videos

Waiting at the airport…

Here I am, again, all alone at the airport. It’s 7:30AM and I got here an hour ago. I look like a mess cause I’ve been up ALL NIGHT!

See you in a few hours!

7:01 pm

Singapore, Are You Ready?

06/10/2008, Singapore, Travel

Singapore, Are You Ready?

Someone's about to paint the town red…