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The Sailorialist

21/05/2010, Russia, St. Petersburg, Travel

The Sailorialist

There are several navy cadet academies here in St. Petersburg so all these budding sailors roam free around the city in their spare time. They’re mostly from other parts of Russia and they all go here to study. Look at who I met yesterday.

Russian Navy Cadets

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White Nights in Saint Petersburg

19/05/2010, Russia, St. Petersburg, Travel

White Nights in Saint Petersburg

Can you guess what time it is based on the photo below? Normally it would be pitch black in my neck of the woods, but no…

White Nights St Petersburg, Russia

10:43PM and the sun is still up!

White Nights Saint Petersburg, Russia

It's amazing to experience "summer" way up here in the north.

Now I need a white knight during these cray cray white nights. The $64 million question is…. where to find one?

4:29 pm

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia!

19/05/2010, Aurora Fashion Week, Russia, St. Petersburg, Travel

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia!

After almost two days of traveling, I’m back in my adopted motherland, Russia. 

St Petersburg Airport

To those of you who are new to my site, I started my blog in 2004 because I went to Russia for a vacation.

I know I went to Moscow November last year for the Cycles and Seasons event but this time, I’m in beautiful St. Petersburg for Aurora Fashion Week. It’s my second time herein SPB… can you believe it’s been what, six years since I last went here?

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Plane Spotting

19/05/2010, Travel

Plane Spotting

Some of you knew I got ripped off by a unscrupulous merchant in Singapore earlier this month but you know what, I’ve decided I love my new camera. I *LOVE* the zoom feature.

How many times have you spotted another airplane on the horizon while you’re midair? In my case, not that often… but on this trip, I’ve spotted two planes. Here’s one of them. Is it a bird? Is it superman?

Plane Spotting

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Yotel Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

19/05/2010, Amsterdam, Bryanboy's Room, Current Affairs, Travel, Yotel

Yotel Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Now I’ve stayed at many airport hotels but nothing beats Yotel in Amsterdam Schiphol. I had a very long layover and because I didn’t have a Schengen visa, I couldn’t get out of the airport. So for 76 euros, I got myself a room to bunk in after the fourteen hour flight from Manila instead of wandering around Schiphol for the next sixteen hours.

Yotel Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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2:39 pm

Karmic Retribution by KLM Airlines

18/05/2010, Amsterdam, Travel

Karmic Retribution

At long last, I’ve arrived at my final destination. Houston, we have a, no, Amsterdam, we have a problem.

They say bad luck comes in threes.

- Fourteen hour flight
- Sixteen hour layover

- Amsterdam Schiphol airport closed
- Connecting flight delayed by three hours

and now…

KLM Lost Luggag

KLM LOST MY LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did I do in my previous (I said previous, not present, ok? Haters gonna hate…) life to deserve this shit? Was a I murderer? Did I kill people?

All my clothes, my shoes, my handbags, my accessories, my printed Topman underwear – briefs with printed lips, my precious
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs are now gone. GONE. GONE. GONE WITH THE WIND

The day I used my Prada nylon suitcase (and not the Vuitton trunk) to scrimp on weight because of the bitch ass baggage allowance is also the day the airlines decided to do my head in.

Any chance of the powers that be at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to help me out?

I promise I’ll play nice from now on. No more dirty tricks.

No more “I’ll bring a magazine with me on it and pretend I’m reading the page with my photo on it” to get the check-in counter girl’s attention to give me an upgrade.

What’s the point of “priority baggage handling” as a benefit of Delta Skymiles Platinum Medallion member/SkyTeam Elite Plus when KLM lost my luggage?


1:29 pm

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport CLOSED Due to Ash Cloud

17/05/2010, Amsterdam, Travel

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport CLOSED Due to Ash Cloud

My worst nightmare came true.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is closed today, Monday, from 6AM until 2PM.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Closed due to Ash Cloud

I have a flight that should leave later today. My flight hasn't been canceled, yet, as of the time I posted this entry.

I have my fingers, legs and my nutsack crossed. I need to go to my next destination!

10:43 am

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

17/05/2010, Amsterdam, Travel

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

After sitting behind two geriatrics AND beside a mother and evil spawn satan child who simply could not contain himself thirty four thousand feet up in the air for the duration of our hellish fourteen hour flight, I'm glad to say I finally made it in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

(Airport is empty because I took this photo at 3-something AM!)

For a stopover. I have another flight in…. nine hours!

PS. I didn't get all the hoolabahoola about Avatar last year but omg I cried… as in FULL-ON WATERWORKS!!

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St. Regis Hotel, Singapore [pictures and photos overload]

04/05/2010, Hotels, Singapore, St. Regis, Travel

St. Regis Hotel, Singapore

It doesn’t matter whether I’m staying for a night or a week but I love hotels. I often find them inspiring. I’m usually a big fan of boutique hotels because each property has its own unique style and character unlike massive, multinational hotel chains where they have a cookie-cutter approach. However, it’s also nice to stay at ultra luxxe traditional hotels, like the amazing St. Regis in Singapore for instance. All my whims and desires were catered for during my stay. The level of service and their standards are very high.

St. Regis Hotel Singapore

St. Regis Hotel Singapore

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Greetings From Michigan!

18/12/2009, Current Affairs, Detroit, Travel

Greetings From Michigan!

And this, my friends, is my first ever article published in a magazine in the United States of Barack Obama.

Paper Magazine Mariah Carey Winter 2009-2010: Greetings from Michigan by Bryanboy

Paper recently invited me to contribute a travel story for their Winter 2009-2010 issue. My Editor took notice how I always make a pit stop at some North American airport hub like Minneapolis or Detroit during my trips to New York (you can blame Northwest or Delta for that for not having direct flights from Manila to JFK) this year. I thought it would be fun to write about my first time in Michigan last October.


It’s funny how my feelings about Detroit (or any American city really other that EN-WHY-SEE) have changed from the time I wrote the article to the present. I went back to Michigan ten days ago for an overnight stay and now I feel like it was the biggest mistake I’ve committed this year. As for Travis, the guy I wrote about on my article, well, I didn’t see him this time aroundI went to see somebody else who I met on my last day in Detroit back in October. Arghhhh it’s all too complicated. Oh well. You live and you learn. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the fast lane. In any case, I’ll spare you from my dramatics and let’s save THAT story for another time. This is supposed to be a feel-good blog entry y’all!

For now, click click click to read my article, “Greetings from Michigan”.