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Tom Ford Penis Necklace

19/12/2014, Accessories, Balenciaga, Current Affairs, Jewelry, Proenza Schouler, Tom Ford

Sometime last week, I saw a line item on my Twitter feed that Tom Ford came out with as penis necklace. After clicking a link or two, I immediately called the Tom Ford boutique to inquire about it. I guess it was my lucky day because they had the large one available (don’t hate on size queens, please) so I placed an order and received it via messenger the same afternoon. It felt like I won the lottery of something. I can’t remember the last time I felt so genuinely happy over some fashion item. Kind of like when he came out with the amazing printed canvas and leather condom holder as part of his Spring/Summer 1999 collection for Gucci back in the day. Remember that collection? The hippie-inspired lewks with the red and blue psychedelic prints? That was MAJOR.

I didn’t even question the price tag. I absolutely despise it whenever I try to reason with myself when faced with a trivial problem like whether I should buy something or not. How many of you QUESTION yourself and ANSWER the same bloody questions in your head like an insane person? Can I see a show of hands?

This item was made for especially for me, no doubt about that.

It’s shiny.
It’s gold. (ok, fine, if you want to be technical, it’s gold-plated brass)
It’s a piece of jewelry.
It’s a penis.
It’s Tom Ford.

Best Christmas present to self EVER!!!

Large Tom Ford Penis Necklace worn by fashion blogger Bryanboy
Fashion blogger Bryanboy wears a Tom Ford penis pendant necklace
Tom Ford Penis necklace
Tom Ford Penis necklace and white Proenza Schouler sweater

Large Tom Ford penis necklace (click HERE)
White cashmere sweater by Proenza Schouler (click HERE)
Sunglasses by Balenciaga (click HERE)
Leather trousers by Acne Studios

Shot in Financial District, New York City
Photos via Jeff Thibodeau

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Is That The Indian Ocean?

25/01/2012, Current Affairs, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Tom Ford

My friends will forever tease me about what I asked them — “is that the Indian ocean?” Obviously the answer is no, but my oh my, I totally had a “chicken of the sea” moment yesterday.

Bryanboy tanning while wearing a sequined jacket
Bryanboy wearing Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Tom Ford bow tie

Sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent, bowtie from Tom Ford, jacket from HUGO, shirt from Giorgio Armani x Bryanboy, trousers from Giorgio Armani

Click click click!

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Graduation Day

27/12/2011, Fashion and Style, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford

Feels like graduation day with my new favourite things. A touch of velvet never hurt anyone.

Giorgio Armani for Bryanboy shirt, Tom Ford bow tie, Kurt Geiger shoes

Giorgio Armani for Bryanboy white button-down shirt, velvet bow tie from Tom Ford, velvet shoes from Kurt Geiger

8:27 pm

Tom Ford x CNN Interview

02/06/2011, Fashion and Style, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent

This CNN interview featuring Tom Ford is entertaining. Tom’s a charmer. Hysterical how he shared that Yves Saint Laurent himself wrote him a letter saying “thirteen minutes of runway and you destroyed forty years of my career”. Ouch.

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Beyonce and Liya Kebede for Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

30/11/2010, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion and Style, Spring Summer 2011, Tom Ford

Beyonce and Liya Kebede for Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

Ladies and gentlegays, may I present Beyonce for Tom Ford spring/summer 2011.

Beyonce for Tom Ford spring summer 2011

Beyonce wears embroidered fishnet and python-pattern sequin evening gown and fishnet boots.

I think Liya Kebede's dress is ravishing.

Liya Kebede for Tom Ford spring summer 2011

Liya wears hand-painted silk georgette fringed evening dress, feather and lace heels and gold-dipped feather earrings.

photos: harper's bazaar uk via fashin