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Tokyo Photo Diary

16/12/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

This month’s Tokyo jaunt has got to be the longest time I’ve ever spent in the city that I found myself saying ‘I’m so Tokyo-ed out’ towards the end of the trip. And how can I not be Tokyo-ed out? I maximized my time with meetings, shopping (more like window-shopping because of the sick exchange rates) and of course, culinary indulgences. Tokyo is a city like no other. The energy and the pace here is simply not the same as, say, New York. I love it nonetheless and I look forward to coming back sooner than both you and I think.

Bryanboy in his big bird outfit outside the Prada Tokyo show venue

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Asian Daddywear

12/12/2011, Current Affairs, Tokyo

Behold my first quilted wool pea coat. I’m probably the last person to acquire such banal garment; I often associate it to Asian daddies of the erm, mature kind. However, I couldn’t stop myself fawning over it. I’m gonna spend quite some time in cold weather cities over the next few weeks — I have a feeling this is gonna be a winter staple. Perfectly handy and cozy for those lazy days when I don’t want to wear feathers, fur or exotic skins…

Quilted wool pea coat worn by Bryanboy
Quilted wool pea coat worn by Bryanboy

9:56 am

Season’s Greetings From Tokyo

11/12/2011, Current Affairs, Rumi Neely, Tokyo

We love our readers. We really do. Given the fact that Rumi and I won’t celebrate Christmas together (she’s heading somewhere tropical, I’m heading somewhere cold), we thought it would be nice to treat you guys with a little holiday cheer from Tokyo. I bought the hat and the beard from superstore Loft and my sweater, “SHAME FACED” is from the “Church of Kawaii” also known as the iconic Shibuya 109.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in front of a Christmas Tree at the Cerulean Tower hotel, Tokyo Japan
Bryanboy in Santa Claus costume
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely's 2011 Christmas card
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely Holiday Greeting Card

We both wish you a festive, peaceful, loving and joyous holiday season.

Lots of love,
Bryan and Rumi

10:11 pm

Truffle Rice at Kadowaki

08/12/2011, Food and Drink, Tokyo

Pure indulgence! I had truffle rice last night at two-star Michelin restaurant Kadowaki at Azabu-Juban.

YouTube Preview Image


I’ll share the pics later when I have time. I’m about to be interviewed for Japanese Television!

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Don’t Even Try To Empress Me

08/12/2011, Current Affairs, Tokyo

Chukling aside, the first thing my gurl Rumi asked me after she opened the door was: “is that your Empress outfit? You look very… regal!” I don’t blame her for saying that. I think this is the first time I wore a white look. My friend Mirco gave me this coat in Milan a few months back. I’m so glad I brought it with me because it’s so cold here in Tokyo, it’s not even funny. I know I’m gonna get mileage out of it in the months to come. Real winter (the snowy kind) hasn’t even started yet!

Japanese telephone booth
Bryanboy walking out of Hibiya station in Tokyo

Hat by Adrienne Landau, coat gifted by Mirco Giovannini, socks and shoes by Prada.

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Brother And Sister Act

08/12/2011, Current Affairs, Prada, Tokyo

It’s always awkward asking random strangers to take photos but pride must be swallowed from time to time to get the shot.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in Prada fall/winter 2011

On me: sunglasses, shirt, coat, socks and shoes from Prada
On Rumi: coat and shoes from Prada

3:15 am

Seven Eleven

06/12/2011, Current Affairs, Prada, Tokyo

Rumi and I ventured out of the hotel to take some photos but alas, the afternoon rain curtailed our plans. We ended up taking solace at the nearby 7-11 two blocks down.

Seven Eleven 7-11 Tokyo
Bryanboy at 7-11 Tokyo, Japan

Shirt, socks and shoes from Prada

3:48 pm

Afternoon Tea With Diane Pernet

05/12/2011, Current Affairs, Food and Drink, Tokyo

My friend Diane Pernet took me to CHA GINZA, one of her favourite tea places yesterday morning. For about 8 euros, I had what I thought was the best tea I ever tasted. Tea service, as you know, is a ritual, almost an art form, here in Japan.

Diane Pernet and Bryanboy having tea at CHA Ginza

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Tokyo By Way Of Prada

04/12/2011, Fashion and Style, Prada, Tokyo

Konichiwa! Sorry for the lack of recent updates. Been hopping about once again. I’m back in Tokyo for an amazing project with Prada. The official release will go out tomorrow and you’ll see everything on the website in a few days. I’m very excited to be collaborating with Mama Miuccia.

Ginza 4-chome, Tokyo Japan
Afternoon sunset from Bryanboy's hotel room in Ginza
Prada Tokyo event December 2011
Bryanboy for Prada Tokyo December 2011

I love you all!

3:51 pm

Marc Jacobs Store Tokyo

22/11/2011, Current Affairs, Fashion and Style, Marc Jacobs, Tokyo

Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo isn’t complete without paying the Marc Jacobs (Aoyama) store a visit. Marc’s fall/winter 2011 collection is, hands-down, one of my favourites this season.

Bryanboy at the Marc Jacobs Aoyama store in Tokyo, Japan

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