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Obsession du Jour: Judge Judy

10/06/2007, Television

Obsession du Jour: Judge Judy

God I fucking love America. Land of the free and home of the brave indeed.

And I fucking love Judge Judy too. How come nobody told me about this TV show? It’s fucking hilarious! Where else could you find crazy dumb ass white boy thugs pair up with Mexican kids (well, he did say his last name is Gonsalves) to steal some poor skinny boy’s earphones, beat his ass up and claim it’s revenge because the skinny boy chased them with a golf club four years ago back in junior high?

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OMG Sonny Vandevelde!!!

14/05/2007, Television

OMG Sonny!!!

Sonny Sunster VVVVVVVVVV omg. I literally shat my pants just now. You see, it’s 4:40AM, I’m currently surfing the net and I have 3 browser windows open (a grand total of 29 tabs on all 3 windows…. I have ADD lol).

So… I went to the Life/Style Television website to watch a few vids and when the audio came up (while browsing another page) I flicked to that particular tab and saw this…

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Protected: Jonathan Pease is my homeboy

03/05/2007, Television

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OMFG. Australia’s Next Top Model

02/05/2007, Television

OMFG. Australia’s Next Top Model

OMFG. Australia’s Next Top Model is my new favourite show. For now!! God. This is even better than Tyra!!! The girls are younger, bitchier and oh so full of drama!

Watch those kangaroo girls go gaga with the Swedish personal trainer. I love it!!!!! I FUCKING love it!!!! I love Swedish guys!!! But most of all, I love horny teenage girls who are practically salivating over a personal trainer. Y’all should see how their jaws dropped when Andreas walked out of the door. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Obsession du Jour: Little Britain/Marjorie Dawes

07/04/2007, Television

Obsession du Jour: Little Britain/Marjorie Dawes

Imagine the delight when my shipment from Amazon arrived — I’ve been searching far and beyond for Little Britain DVDs to no avail. OK, who am I kidding, I did search for pirated dvds locally but nobody had em so I bought Season 1 & 2 at Amazon three weeks ago. It’s the BEST tv series EVAR! Well, Absolutely Fabulous is still the best and Little Britain is second best.

I love Marjorie Dawes! I think she’s fucking fabulous. OH MY GAWWD HE’S GAWWWWGEOUS! Computer says no. Dust, anybody? No? Dust? No? Dust? No? Dust? No? No but yeah but yeah but no but yeah!

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Ola! Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

14/03/2007, Television

Ola! Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

I know this clip is old but you HAVE to add it on your bookmarks. It’s the best thing EVAR!!! You can play it over and over and over and over whenever you need a good laugh. God I love Marc. And Amanda. AND WILHELMINA! So hilarious I love it. I fucking love it! I really do.

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Obsession du Jour: Ugly Betty

13/03/2007, Television

Obsession du Jour: Ugly Betty

I totally take back everything I said about Ugly Betty in the Golden Globes. Yes. For real. Thanks to my sister, a pirated DVD copy of Season 1 somehow landed on my desk and the damn thing killed my productivity.

I was supposed to finish a shitload of tasks today but I ended up spending 6 hours watching 10 episodes, pigging out…


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13/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Music, Television

Does anyone know whether or not Anna Wintour went to the Grammys? With all these bitches in metallics, it would take wayyyy more than her trusty pair of Chanel sunglasses **AND** Andre Leon Talley (enough said) to protect someone’s eyes from this ludicrous and revolting display of SHINE, SHINE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!

#1 culprit? It’s no other than Ms. Vanessa Minnillo. Classic case of
"when bad things happen to good people". Her little silver sequined
number looks like a dress made out of those foldable reflecting sun shields for your car.


Photo credit: Wireimage

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2007 Grammy Awards

12/02/2007, Celebrity Gossip, Music, Television

2007 Grammy Awards

Bloody hell.

Boy do I have a lot in store for you. All these photos from the Grammys are pouring in! I’ll be online for a few hours and I made a little "Celebrity Gossip" section on my site where you can read all my billion dollar thoughts on the beautiful ones.

Be sure to add this link on your bookmarks and/or keep refreshing it every once in a while. I’ll post all my Grammy-related entries there. Just give me some time to get my act together. There’s gonna be a lot and I don’t want to clutter my BEAUTIFUL homepage with photos of badly-dressed, overpaid larks who can sing do re mi fa so la ti do do do better than me.


I love you all!

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Bryanboy Loves: Jenn Hoffman

28/01/2007, Television

012807_jenn3Bryanboy Loves: Jenn Hoffman

Her name is Jenn Hoffman and you’ll find her on the new season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on NBC! She’s also the entertainment reporter for 101.5 FREE FM in Feeeeeenix, Arizooooonahhhhh. My website is one of her favourites and she even references me on-air!! I love love love her because she loves loves loves me so I think you should love love love her too!

My god, I really can’t help but think why oh why oh why am I still in the third world? I’m soo jealous (but happy… for people) that everyone else is PROACTIVELY chasing their dreams whereas I’m still stuck (and helpless) in the third world. I reaaaaalllly need to move somewhere, spread my wings and fly and evolve into a bigger entity. Don’t you agree?

She’s the pretty one (because I said so) on the ladder, not that you can see her amongst the sea of American cows!

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax coming up next.

Y’all better vote for my chubby little prostitute Asian ass on or else I’ll send my goons to "sort" you out.