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Project Runway Philippines Season 1, Episode 1

03/08/2008, Television

Project Runway Philippines Season 1, Episode 1

As some of you might already know, Project Runway Philippines premiered last week. Thank god for YouTube because I’m not really a big fan of TV. It’s funny how I missed the first episode… I was out in the clubs dancing with one of the judges!! LOL!!

So do y’all wanna see what Project Runway is like in my side of the world? Click click click to watch episode 1 in its entirety. Go!


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10/07/2008, Television

Gossip girl

In this day and age of the internet, it’s fair for me to say that I have seen it ALL. Yes! Take my word for it. Think of something disgusting or think of a taboo… chances are, I have probably seen it all online. And then some. This is why IMO, I’m the hardest person to offend in the world. I’m also the first one who will say “so what” or “meh”. Well, not until now.

I just finished reading this recent article from the New York Times (written by Ruth La Ferla) on how people seem to keep track of what the kids at Gossip Girl are wearing versus the actual storyline/show itself.

Grown-up women, too. Leigh Luttrell, 26, who works for an advertising agency in New York, would like to buy a party frock with a plunging back she recently saw on the show. “I loved that style; I’ve actually been looking for it,” Ms. Luttrell said.

Since when did 26-year olds became “grown-up women”? That’s just flat-out rude and downright offensive! We’re talking about 26-year olds not women in their 40s or 50s!

OK FINE WHATEVER. I know I have issues with aging and letting go of youth (WHAT YOUTH?!?!?!) but come on!!! Are people in their mid-twenties a bunch of geriatrics? Ugh!

/rant over

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28/05/2008, Television


Watch these queens werrrrrk!


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14/05/2008, Television


There’s a new TV series coming your way named Stylista. All of the kids you see below are vying for an editorial position at Elle, a lease-free Manhattan apartment for one year AND a clothing allowance at H&M (cheap bitches). I can’t wait to see this show. I love Joe Zee. I love him so much we’d make wonderful babies.

Now. Compare the promotional shot to the real life photo of the contestants. Ugly Betty called and she wants her stylist back!

Photo: CW

Someone just give me a job at a magazine already! I wanna be one of them closet whores so I could play dress up all day. Carine muy preciosa please adopt me, dress me in Alaia and let’s mince around St Honore, you, me, Emmanuelle Alt and Melanie Huynh!

And Emily? That’s all.

Update – 5:30PM: Is Raf Simons trying to send me a sign or something? Ugh! Look at the jacket on the rather rotund woman on the photo above and compare it to Mr. Raf Simons Sandal below.

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Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Promo Video

02/04/2008, Television

Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4

HOOOOOOOOOO-KAYYYYYYYYYYY! OH MY GOD!!! My mangina’s quivering with delight as I’m typing this. From the land down undah and the most chica of all the NTM series comes Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4! Here’s the promo video.

I love AusNTM!!! Seriously. Remember the beautiful Alice Burdeu? Well, we all know she had a breakthrough season during fall 2008 fashion week in NY/London/Milan/Paris. I love Alice!

Now. It seems like a lot of the girls on Cycle 4 look a bit on the heavier side it would be interesting to see if they can produce another Alice. I can’t wait to see this show!

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Wicked – Defying Grafity

07/11/2007, Television

Wicked – Defying Gravity

You know, I’ve never really been one of them theatre/broadway fags. Musicals aren’t really my cup of tea and I know absolutely nothing about them. What do you expect from an uncultured third world fag eh? I once saw Rent in London back in the dark ages and I spent half the time on trips to the bar and get myself drunk on gin tonic. My friend was so pissed cause he worked so hard to get us fantastic seats. But yeah, after watching the latest episode of Ugly Betty, I googled something and next thing you know, Wicked is my new obsession du jour!

Sing after me: Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game. Too late for second-guessing, too late to go back to sleep. It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap. It’s time to try defying gravity… I think I’ll try defyyyyyyyyyyyyyinngggggggg gravity. And you can’t pull me down.

Oh look is that my scrotum falling off? How appropriate for all that aging hoolabaloo crap that’s bogging me down these days. LOL!

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Ugly Betty Season 2

06/11/2007, Television

Ugly Betty Season 2

It’s been quite awhile since I did one of those all-night, non-stop, undisrupted "should I pause and go to the toilets to pee or should I hold it in" marathons but I did it. It’s 9AM, I just spent the entire night watching all the Ugly Betty Season 2 episodes on iTunes. Dammit, I should’ve bought a season pass instead of buying them individually.

Ugly Betty Season 2 on iTunes

I’m turning into one of them disgusting couch potato whores but instead of pigging out in front of the TV, I’m here on my bed, with my laptop, freezing from airconditioning with food crust all over my bedsheets.

QUACK! Gio is *so* my favourite Ugly Betty character. I want to see more of him. You know, Gio and Betty’s chemistry reminds me of my relationships with my ex-cess-es. There’s always the bitching and the fighting and the teasing and the
petty little hoo-ha but in the end, there’s something deeper in there.

Oh who am I kidding. That’s me right there! I’m the nagging bitch and
to be honest, I am sick and tired of meeting all these dull, soft guys
yaddi yaddi yadda. I want to be nagged for a change.

Ugly Betty Season 2 Gio Quack

There’s something attractive with Gio. Not in a physical/sexual
sense but his attitude, personality and aggressiveness. Duh. He’s so
not my type. he’s fat, he’s a midget and I only like guys 5’11 and

One more episode to go (still downloading) and I’m gonna get out of this rut, I promise. I’ll shower, catch up with my beauty sleep and everything should be back to normal because tomorrow I’m going shopping (or get my hair dyed blond… for real), put those sheer pants to good use and I’m gonna camwhore!

Hang in there! I’m a fat old cow and I’m entitled to moments of solitude from time to time. I have gained so much weight these days I’m no longer a skeletor and hopefully, my docs should shut their trap the next time they see m.

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Now kiss me you big crybaby

04/11/2007, Television

Now kiss me you big crybaby

This gets me every time. EVERY TIME! Carrie you’re the one! *cue music*

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Bryanboy’s Review: Fashionista Diaries: Episode 1 – Big Dreams

03/08/2007, Television

Fashionista Diaries: Episode 1 – Big Dreams

Oh. My. God. I finally got hold of Fashionista Diaries and I fucking LOVE it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion! Here’s the preview trailer…

Who knew "Mary Cherry" from Popular was there?????? Remember that show from the 90s? OMG I LOOOVE Popular!

Click click click for a SUPER LONG commentary from me, me, me. You’re in for a treat!


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19/06/2007, Television


Oh my god I feel like vomitting. You know that Swedish reality TV show gay kiss video I posted earlier? Well, one of my buddies sent me a link to the profiles of the contestants and you’re in for a surprise. Apparently the show aired in Sexy Sweden sometime last year but it was a flop so they suspended it halfway. They plan on airing it again this year.

My favourite one is this guy called Michael Neilsen. He’s SOOO hot. I mean, on TV.


So click click click!