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Anna Wintour on David Letterman [video]

25/08/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Television

Anna Wintour on David Letterman

Here’s a sneak preview of Anna Wintour at David Letterman. 

Oh em gee. Y’all please record it cause I wanna watch it later.

Well played Anna, well played.

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24/08/2009, Television


I’m watching Miss Universe 2009 live online now and tweeting my comments. GO!!!!!!!

You’re welcome.

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Andre Leon Talley to Judge Miss Universe 2009!

19/08/2009, Fashion and Style, Sticker Project, Television, Vogue USA

Andre Leon Talley to Judge Miss Universe 2009!

Oh my god I can't breathe. Dontcha just love it? First you've got Anna Wintour appearing on David Letterman… now this. Our beloved Vogue knight in shining armor Andre Leon Talley will judge the Miss Universe 2009 beauty pageant on August 23!

photo of anna wintour and andre leon talley

New York, NY  August 17, 2009  NBC, Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, President, Miss Universe Organization, today announced the celebrity judges for the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC and Telemundo on Sunday, August 23rd (9 PM ET).
The judges are: Dean Cain, actor and producer best known for his TV portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman; Colin Cowie, author/television personality/designer to the stars; Gerry DeVeaux, award-winning producer, songwriter and style guru; Farouk, Founder and Chairman of CHI Hair Care; Heather Kerzner, philanthropist and ambassador for Kerzner International and their resorts, including Atlantis, Paradise Island; Richard LeFrak, Chairman, President and CEO, LeFrak Organization; George Maloof Jr., professional sports mogul and hotelier;  Valeria Mazza, international supermodel; Matthew Rolston, leading photographer and director; Andre Leon Talley, award-winning writer and editor;  Tamara Tunie, actress, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"; and Keisha Whitaker,fashion maven and founder of the Kissable Couture lip gloss line.

Team Vogue is going all out in the media these days aren't they?

Will someone PLEASE give Grace Coddington her own reality TV show? Please?

And please, for the life of god, invite my favourite Edward Enninful and Steven Meisel to Big Brother or something like that.

Thank you.

[Update - 5:14PM: I realized I left out Hamish Bowles who I love very much. But yes, I'd love to see him come out with exercise videos.]

And Emily Sylvana Soto-Ward?

That's all.

Mwah mwah.

photo via nymag

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Yesterday Afternoon

12/06/2009, Current Affairs, Television

Yesterday Afternoon

Here's what I did yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, I was made to sign a confidentiality agreement. I'm gonna have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to the tune of 6 million pesoses (approx. US$130,000) if I squeal anything so my lips are sealed.

I guess you'll find out in a few months. Oooh the hilarity!

As for the rest of the night, let's just say I passed out in the car, got home at 4AM and woke up at 10AM today with a massive hangover. I haven't had a night out in months — I was supposed to be home by 10PM — but I had so much fun. Thanks to all of you! :-)

PS. OMFG I saw Jolina!

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MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

22/05/2009, Television, The Gays

MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

Oh my god you guys why haven’t I seen THIS before? This is the story of my life!

MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

OK maybe not because…

a) I don’t have man boobs.. and

b) I know Iceberg, how can you NOT know Iceberg, thank you very much.

Just kidding.

In all seriousness though, it’s all too familiar. Pluck the little gay boy who tried so hard to fit in from obscurity and put him in the big city.

I tried to embed the videos on my blog but I’m getting an error message. Maybe it’s because they’re a couple of years old. In any case, click the photo above and you should be able to watch them on the MTV website.

Last thing — what’s with Karen Robinovitz giving pronunciation lessons when she pronounced Yves Saint Laurent as Yves SAINT (SAYNT) Laurent? That’s a small boo boo right there. Oops! :-) Curious about designer name pronunciations? Click HERE.

OK y’all, just watch it on the MTV website. I’m a complete sucker for shows like this. It’s hysterical! Kudos on Josh for actually going through all that. I wouldn’t know what to do


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Anna Wintour on CBS 60 Minutes Video Watch Online

18/05/2009, Anna Wintour, Fashion and Style, Television

Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes Video

My love for Anna Wintour was reinforced, thanks to her feature on last night’s 60 Minutes. I would love to embed the video but CBS has a bloody problem with autoplay. I tried to modify the code by disabling it but it didn’t work for some strange reason.

Anna Wintour 60 Minutes CBS. Watch video online.

There are two things I dislike about this feature. First, I don’t like how Morley somewhat made a mockery out of the characters in fashion. Was it REALLY necessary to point out the outsider’s view of the fashion world? I found it so offensive how he used terms such as “part rocky horror show” (cue Gareth Pugh), “clothes fit for a cadaver” and “campy followers” (cue the iconic Anna Piaggi). It’s funny alright but I don’t think he’s doing the industry a favour by mocking them. I’m sure he could do a better job making the American public understand what the industry is about: to inspire, to dress outside your comfort zone, to think outside the box, to express ourselves creatively…

Second — I find it so tedious that the media ALWAYS, ALWAYS references The Devil Wears Prada when doing something on Anna. So a former Vogue staffer wrote a book based on her experiences and the movie became a hit, yes. But any Editor, or boss for that matter, could be as (or even be MORE) demanding or hardcore as the character portrayed. Can’t Anna get a reprieve for a change?

Anyway, I think I’m alone in saying this but I really do have this voice at the back of my head that says Anna is truly a nice person. She may look tough on the outside (as part of her job) but in reality, I’m sure she’s a real softie. Again, maybe it’s just me. What do y’all think?

Click click click to watch Anna Wintour at 60 Minutes.


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The Catherine Tate Show [videos, clips]

16/05/2009, Television

The Catherine Tate Show


I can’t for the life of god remember what it was I searched on YouTube earlier this week but lemme tell you, I think I’ve discovered my favourite comedienne of all time. That’s right. Holy Mary Manolo batman, Catherine Tate is the funniest woman EVER! OK fine, she’s up there with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders.

What is it with British television? They always, ALWAYS have the funniest shows EVER! I love the sense of humor. This sort of shit won’t fly in America or in the third world where absolutely everything has to be politically-correct or else you’ll suffer the wrath of the government (FCC/USA) or the masses (Philippines).

I’ve compiled some of my favourite Catherine Tate skits for your viewing pleasure. I love how she plays different characters. Get ready to laugh. You are SO gonna die!!! She even poked fun at the Queen and asked her point-blank “are you disrespecting me? are you calling my mum a prostitute?”.

Click click click!


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Ugly Betty Season 3 – Rabbit Test

03/05/2009, Television

Ugly Betty Season 3 – Rabbit Test

UGH!!! Betty finally hit the jackpot with a lovely (or should I say $lovely$) man and she fucking blew it away!

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The Model Agent Ireland Episode 1 & 2 [VIDEOS]

29/04/2009, Ireland, Television

The Model Agent Ireland Episode 1 & 2

I know at one point a few years back I obsessed about Canada and Australia’s Next Top Model. However, for the most part, I don’t really keep track of these “top model” shows because a) I don’t have a lot of spare time to watch them all and b) those shows give 90% of the girls (and show viewers) false hope and unrealistic expectations of the fashion business. The camp humor, fake hysteria and dramatics all made good television nonetheless. Just ask Tyra!

Anyhooo… there’s another “model” show in town; this time it’s from Ireland called “The Model Agent”. I’m gonna watch this because my favourite British model Erin O’Connor (say whatever you want suckers… you say Kate or Laura Hollins, I say Erin Erin Erin) is there. I love Erin. I really do. To me she’s 104% pure haute couture.

Click click click to watch Episode 1 & 2 of The Model Agent.


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Smack the Pony

28/04/2009, Television

Smack the Pony

In all these years of me thinking Absolutely Fabulous was the best thing that came out of British television, I can’t believe nobody told me about Smack the Pony, an old Brit sitcom featuring hysterical skits. I only found out about it today from a Polish person of all people.