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Tears and Joy Outside Stockholm Arlanda Airport

30/08/2010, Current Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden

Tears and Joy Outside Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Tears or joy? Happy or sad? Let me know what you feel after watching this video. Don’t you just love my Hello Kitty pillow?


When I saw the trailer of Drew Barrymore’s new film, Going the Distance, I thought to myself, hang on a sec… that’s me! I can’t wait to see it.

Long distance is a bitch but what can one do eh?

The most important thing I guess is that there’s someone out there in the world who makes me complete.

11:06 pm

Swedes are scared of Adina Fohlin!!! Apoliva Apolivareklamen

09/08/2009, Adina Fohlin, Models, Sweden

Swedes are scared of Adina Fohlin!!!

Remember Adina Fohlin, the ferosha Swedish model with killer eyes from many, many years ago? I love her during the Tom Ford for Gucci era. To me she’s THE Gucci girl back then.

Adina Fohlin for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche ad campaign

She has a new commercial in Sweden (Apoliva) for a company called Apoteket, a supermarket chain.

According to the Local, over 100,000 Swedes joined a facebook group called “Jag är rädd för tjejen i Apolivareklamen” or “I am scared of the girl in the Apoliva commercial” when the ad aired in Sweden.


Are you scared of her?

Maybe it’s just me but I actually find her beautiful and enchanting.